Ships hit by U-boats

Crew lists from ships hit by U-boats


American Troop transport

Photo courtesy of Naval History and Heritage Command

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American Troop transport Dorchester.

Aboard Dorchester when hit on 3 Feb 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
Ace, Walter H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Ackermann, Ira Emil, Merchant Marine28Chief CookDorchester +
Adams, Earl L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Adkins, Leonard E., US ArmyPassengerDorchester +
Adrian, Joseph, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Albach, Thomas J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Albert, Leonard S., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Alejandro, Juan R., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
Alesi, Alfred H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Aliano, George N., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Allen, William E., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Alvarez, Abraham, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Alvarez, Alejandro M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Andersen, Alex C., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Anderson, Albert L., US Army24Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Anderson, Bruce, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Anderson, Odis Herman, USN25Passenger (Boatswain)Dorchester +
Andreasen, Holger H., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Angel, Bertie F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Angerman, Herbert G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Anzur, Frank G., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Appleton, Wilfred E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Aragona, John S., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Archer, Joseph G., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Dorchester
Archer, Robert, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Argyro, James B., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Dorchester +
Armijo, Ermilo T., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Arnett, Henry H., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Arpaia, William Howard, USNRLieutenant (junior grade)Dorchester
Ashby, Theodore F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Ayres, Elijah Hanes, US Army30Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Bailey, John W., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Bailey, Thomas J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Ballard, Fred, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Barbara, Pasquale, Merchant Marine42WaiterDorchester +
Barends, Arnulfo Ottmar Alberto, Merchant MarineMessmanDorchester +
Barlow, Joel R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Barrios, Alejandro, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
Barron, Harry, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Barry, John D., Merchant Marine41Fire WatchmanDorchester
Bartrug, Ralph J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Basaly, John, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Bates, John B., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Baylis, Graham Whitney, Merchant MarineWiperDorchester +
Beach, Harold W., Merchant Marine31Third MateDorchester
Beam, Otto, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Bebber, Fred F., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
Becerra, Angelo, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Beckman, Harold F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Bednar, William B., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Dorchester
Beevers, Dewitt E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Belisle, Henry R., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Belli, Joseph Bartholomew, USCGRPassenger (Chief Yeoman)Dorchester +
Benkler, Frank A., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
Bennett, Donald M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Berentsen, Arnfelth E., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Bernstetter, Mike, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Bertolotti, Joseph, Merchant MarineBakerDorchester +
Bevelacque, John F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Beyer, Louis C., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Bidgood, Frederick, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
Bird, Lafayette L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Birmingham, Thomas J., USCGPassengerDorchester
Bisconti, Francis J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Bisgaard, Tony, CivilianPassengerDorchester
Bitter, Herny H., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Blackwood, John, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Blakely, Robert L., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Blalock, Fred H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Blick, Gustaf A., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Bodeen, Gilbert W., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Boeckholt, Walter, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Bojesen, Knut, CivilianPassengerDorchester
Bokal, Edward R., US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Bon, Michael, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Bones, John W., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Bonlie, Melvin O., US ArmyPassengerDorchester +
Bontjes, Andy, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Booth, Paul H., USNPassengerDorchester
Borkowitz, Wladyslaw Joseph, Merchant MarineWiperDorchester +
Boyd, Melvin T., US Army20Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Boyle, Hugh J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Bradley, William M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Brady, Kenneth, Merchant MarineAble SeamanDorchester +
Brandt, Mervin H., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Braniff, Willard J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Brennan, John W., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Bricker, Norman, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Brighton, Emmett J., US Army21Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Brinsky, William John, US Army25Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Broadwell, William A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Broderick, Nicholas, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Brodsky, Harry M., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Brohm, Norbert M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Brookshire, David C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Brown, Eldon R., US Army21Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Brown, Gilbert Francis, Merchant Marine24Fireman/WiperDorchester +
Brown, Hansel, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Brown, Harold M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Brown, McIntosh, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Browne, Hiram, Merchant MarinePantrymanDorchester +
Brubaker, Harry, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Brush, Edward, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Buckhahn, Leroy F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Buckheit, Jacob A., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Buckingham, Arthur J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Budner, Walter C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Buerdsell, Joseph Disbury, USCGPassenger (Storekeeper Second Class)Dorchester +
Buhn, Frank A., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
Bulgrin, Billy N., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Bunkelman, William G., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Burd, Raymond V., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Burge, Jay L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Burgos, Louis, Merchant MarineGalleymanDorchester +
Burke, Francis J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Burke, William F., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Burns, Clinton F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Burris, Norman W., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Bush, Charles R., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Bye, Anthony E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Calandriello, Michael A., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Cannon, William Thomas, US Army27Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Caradeuc, Raymond Joseph, Merchant MarineCookDorchester +
Carlson, Carl G., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Carriero, Samuel J., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Carrow, Norman F., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Carson, Edward P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Carter, Charles A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Carter, Hubert W., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Carter, James H., US ArmyPassenger (2nd Lt)Dorchester +
Caruso, Joseph P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Cashen, John T., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Casper, Ralph N., US Army24Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Caulley, James F., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
Cavaliere, Raymond A., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Centanni, Angelo, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Charbhneau, Joseph C., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Chechile, Michael, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Christian, Norman L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Ciccia, Charles Benny, USNPassenger (Torpedoman’s Mate Third Class)Dorchester
Clark, Arthur K., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Clark, Grady L., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Clark, Wilbur M., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
Clarno, Malcolm W., US Army41Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Clayton, Albert L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Clemmons, John V., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Cline, Charles W., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Clute, Willis A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Cochran, Ernest W., US ArmyPassenger (Sgt)Dorchester +
Colin, Henry H., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Collins, George A., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Collins, John A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Colon, Adolph, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
Colwill, Leo L., US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Commentz, Richard Arthur, US Army21Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Corcoran, James E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Cornell, Gosta V., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Cornett, Vernal L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Corrales, Thomas, Merchant MarineOilerDorchester +
Cottrell, Joseph Frederick, Merchant MarineGalleymanDorchester +
Coughlin, Robert R., US Army35Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Courtney, Philip Michael, USCGRPassenger (Apprentice Seaman)Dorchester +
Cox, Charles M., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Crane, William C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Crater, Lloyd L., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Crockett, Homer L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Crossland, William H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Crotty, Bill B., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Crouch, Warren C., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Crump, Columbus G., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Cundy, John L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Cunning, George D., US Army28Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Cunningham, John F., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Currey, Charles William, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Dalrymple, George H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Daly, Eugene A., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Dametsch, Anton, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Damm, Richard P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Daniels, Lester W.J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Daniels, Vincent J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Danielsen, Hans Jorgen, Merchant MarineMasterDorchester +
Danjou, Emile L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Darnell, Nace F., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Davies, Charles, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
Davila, Daniel, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
Davis, Ralph F., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Day, Emmette Charles, Merchant MarineOrdinary SeamanDorchester +
De Crow, Joseph C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
De Mack, Anthony J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
De Meo, Pasquale A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
De Munck, Virgil J., US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
De Rosa, Jerry, Merchant MarineGalleymanDorchester +
De Vuono, Carl J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Dedomenico, Ralph W., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Deeds, Jerome W., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Dekeyser, Albert, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Del Llano, Santiago, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
Dembofsky, Nathan, Merchant MarinePorterDorchester +
Dembofsky, William, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
Denmark, Harry T., US Army28Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Di Meo, Frank G., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Diaz, Anthony, Merchant Marine36Officers MessmanDorchester +
Diaz, John N., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Dickel, Charles W., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Dickman, Charles, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Dierkes, Henry H., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Digiantommaso, Thomas John, USNSignalman Second ClassDorchester +
Dionne, Edward J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Dix, Samuel W., Merchant Marine52Second MateDorchester
Dobies, Theodore R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Doering, Charles I., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Domanski, Frank, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Dooner, John J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Dore, Eugene N., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
Dorn, William H., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Dorrington, James, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Dowell, William R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Doyle, James E., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Dudley, Joseph E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Duffy, George Francis, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
Dufort, Latimer G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Duhl, Joseph A., US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Dupray, Hubert F., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Dorchester +
Dusseau, Lawrence D., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Eardley, James, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Edmunds, William E., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Eichwald, Howard W., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Eliopoulous, George E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Ellsworth, Harold John, USCGRPassenger (Mess Attendant Third Class)Dorchester +
Elmaleh, Jacob David A., US Army25Passenger (2nd Lt)Dorchester +
England, Arnold Wain, Merchant MarineFireman/WiperDorchester +
Enquist, Henrik J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Epstein, Benjamin, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Estell, Garold R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Estes, Don, USNRSeaman First ClassDorchester +
Ethier, Leo R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Evans, George L., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Evans, Oswald R., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Evelyn, Louis V., Merchant Marine25Able SeamanDorchester
Everett, Donald J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Evers, Huston N., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Fagerlie, Johannes, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Farbstein, Joseph, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Fass, Marcus, USCGRPassenger (Chief Aviation Radioman)Dorchester +
Feeley, Joseph F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Ferrara, John G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Ferrary, William Valentino, Civilian42PassengerDorchester
Fiedler, Daniel G., US Army21Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Figueroa, Enrique, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
Finnegan, Thomas J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Fischer, Claude E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Fisher, John W., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Fishman, Morris Simon, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
Fitt, John R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Fitzgerald, Ray A., US ArmyPassenger (Sgt)Dorchester +
Flink, Gunnar A., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Flores, Mariano Torres, Merchant MarineGalleymanDorchester +
Florez, Luis, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
Foot, Arthur F., US Army23Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Forley, Arvin, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Forsmark, Harold G., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Foster, William E., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Fox, Rev. George Lansing, US Army42Passenger (1st Lt)Dorchester +
Fox, Thomas W., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Franceschi, Germano, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Frederiksen, Aksel G., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Freed, Irwin, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Freeman, Joseph, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Frese, Fred J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Fricke, Glenn H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Fromm, Dan F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Frucelli, Vincent, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Fyfe, Thomas, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Gaff, Homer F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Gagliardi, Joseph P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Gallagher, John F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Gamboa, Cruz, Merchant MarineQuartermasterDorchester +
Gannon, Thomas M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Garafano, Michael, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Garey, John F., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Garlich, Edwin G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Garrido, Victoriano Borja, USNPassenger (Cook Third Class)Dorchester +
Garris, George C., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Gassdorf, William K., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Gavin, Edward James, Merchant Marine19Engine CadetDorchester +
Gennrich, Frederick J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Geoguen, Joseph Henry, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Geschwind, David, CivilianPassengerDorchester
Getz, William, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Gifford, Elliott Temple, USNPassenger (Aviation Metalsmith First Class)Dorchester +
Gill, Charles W., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Gillette, Donald E., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Gillihet, Frank, US Army25Passenger (Pfc)Dorchester +
Giltner, Robert P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Girton, Orville P., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Globnik, Louis, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Gohl, Walter, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Goldman, Harry A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Goldsmith, Anvaha L., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Gonos, William, US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Dorchester +
Goode, Rabbi Alexander David, US Army31Passenger (1st Lt)Dorchester +
Goodridge, Irvine C., Merchant Marine37Crew memberDorchester
Goodwin, Robert L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Gordon, T.J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Gormley, James R., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Gorton, Milan G., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Goss, William P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Gott, Charles M., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Govorchin, John L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Graham, Gordon, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Graham, William R., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Grandinetti, George V., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Gray, Ernest L., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Greenwood, Lee Roy, US Army24Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Gregg, Johnnie B., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Griesmann, Frank Paul, Merchant MarineOilerDorchester +
Grimes, Denzle B., US Army25Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Grimshaw, James R., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Grubman, Charles S., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Guidice, Jerome V., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Guissa, Antonio Delgado, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
Gunther, Emilio, Merchant MarineMessmanDorchester +
Gunthner, Emil G., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Gusmerotti, Joseph P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Gux, Bruno J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Haahti, Wilja, Merchant Marine55Fire WatchmanDorchester +
Hadan, Lee, CivilianPassengerDorchester
Hagans, Albert C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hagelberg, Otto A., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Hagewood, Henry H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Haggerty, John L., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Haij, Carl L., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Hallmark, Orville E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Halsey, Samuel Harry, Merchant MarineOilerDorchester +
Hamilton, Anthony J., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Hamilton, Charles F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hanafin, William Francis, Merchant Marine37First Assistant EngineerDorchester +
Handler, Lawrence C., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Hansen, Olaf, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Haran, Patrick J., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Harmon, William E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Harper, Frank N., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Harraadon, Alden F., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Harris, Charles F., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Harrison, Archibald J., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Harslerode, Wilmet E., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Hart, Gordon Standish, US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hartensveld, Orie J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hartzheim, William M., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Dorchester +
Hassler, George F., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Hayes, Robert K., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hayman, Alfred C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Haymore, Joseph D., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Heaten, Ernest Leroy, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Heavel, Roland G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hector, Philip, Merchant MarineCookDorchester +
Hederman, William Edward, Merchant Marine60LinenkeeperDorchester +
Hegg, Harry L., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Hensley, Jack V., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Henson, Robert H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Herr, John E., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Hickey, Richard T., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hicks, Harvie G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hightree, Randall G., US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hill, Carl Gibson, Merchant MarinePantrymanDorchester +
Hilliard, Daniel F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hillman, Kenneth L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hinchey, Thomas J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hinkle, Edmund B., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hitson, Charles A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hoatson, James, CivilianPassengerDorchester
Hochsprung, Norman C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hogan, Loy C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Holden, Thomas E., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Holland, Delmer D., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Holle, Edward E., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Hollers, Donald P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hollister, Kingsley S., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Holt, Albert L., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Hommes, Walter, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Honaker, Thomas H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hope, Paul Emile, USCGRPassenger (Radioman Second Class)Dorchester +
Horton, Louie C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hoslar, Wilbur E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Howard, Herbert W., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hudson, John P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hughston, William M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hull, Rovello S., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hull, William E., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Humble, Willard C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hunter, Albert T., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Hunter, John T., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hutchinson, John H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Hutchinson, Walter W., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Inks, Arthur E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Irvin, Thomas A., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Jackson, Jack J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Jackson, John M., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Jackson, Reuben, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Jacobs, Errol M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Jacobsen, Finn, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Jacobson, Donald H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Jandura, Caml C., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Janes, Nicholas N., Merchant Marine28Crew memberDorchester
Jann, William L., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
Jatz, Fred P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Jennings, Roy L., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Johnson, Francis L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Johnson, Hoyt H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Johnson, Russell E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Johnson, Vilus C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Joines, Presley S., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Jones, Albert T., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Jones, Arnold G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Jones, John L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Jones, Joseph P., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Jones, Ralph L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Jorgensen, Gunnar, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Jorgensen, Paul, CivilianPassengerDorchester
Josytwo, Roy, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Joyce, William J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Juvinall, Leslie E., US Army20Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Kaar, Hagor W., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Kagy, Fred L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Kalman, Israel I., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Kaminski, Constanti, Merchant Marine58OilerDorchester +
Kane, Frank, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Kant, Donald C., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Kappers, Cornelius, CivilianPassengerDorchester
Karg, Harold J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Katzoff, Sidney H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Kay, Arnold C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Keenan, George, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Keller, Russell E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Kelley, George B., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Kelley, William Joseph, USCGRPassenger (Storekeeper First Class)Dorchester +
Kelly, George N., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Kelly, William B., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Kerr, Robert H., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Kilroy, Thomas F., CivilianPassengerDorchester
King, George L., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Kirkpatrick, Weldon F., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Kistler, Robert, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Kleberg, Knud B., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Klein, Gerald Henry, Merchant MarineGalleymanDorchester +
Klein, Thomas H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Kline, Charles F., US Army20Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Klogetvedt, John C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Knowles, McColley W.F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Knudsen, Knut, CivilianPassengerDorchester
Knutsen, Knut A., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Knutsen, Knute, Merchant MarineBoatswain (Bosun)Dorchester +
Kock, Johannes D., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Kohn, Joe, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Kolody, Paul, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Kormos, Charles, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Kostoff, Herman H., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Kozub, John A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Kramer, Morris, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Kramer, William W., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Kranson, Laurence A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Krecker, Preston S., US Army37Passenger (Capt)Dorchester +
Kretz, William Henry, USNPassenger (Electrician’s Mate Second Class)Dorchester +
Ksenyak, Stefan, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Kuchavick, Victor Joseph, Merchant Marine23Deck Engineer and PlumberDorchester +
Kunickas, Chester F., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
Kupinski, Walter J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Labadie, David J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Labux, Joseph J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Lafferty, Lee M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Laird, Truman R., US Army23Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Lallier, John A., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Dorchester +
Lambert, William Neal, USNRSeaman Second ClassDorchester +
Lamey, Frank L., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
Landolina, Alexander, CivilianPassengerDorchester
Landrum, Robert, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Landscoot, Lloyd F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Lang, Charles Godfrey, Merchant MarineChief StewardDorchester +
Lang, Edward H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Larey, Weldon C., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Larsen, Richard B., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Lassiter, Ernest C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Laurenanti, Joseph M., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Lawrence, William J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Ledford, William G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Lee, Robert Everett, USNRPassenger (Machinist’s Mate First Class)Dorchester +
Leeka, Keith Lloyd, USN36Passenger (Boatswain)Dorchester +
Lehman, Raymond J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Lehr, Lawrence W., US Army27Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Lemanski, Casimir F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Lemmer, Richard L., US Army40Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Lemoine, Victor G., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Lewis, Albert F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Lewis, Carl, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Lewis, George H., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Lewis, Irvin, US Army23Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Linaweaver, Kenzel L., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Lindstrom, Walter Erick, Merchant Marine31Third Radio OfficerDorchester +
Lisk, Cecil Woodrow, Merchant MarineMessmanDorchester +
Locacono, Armando, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Loeble, Charles Immanuel, Merchant MarineSurgeonDorchester +
Logan, John Henry, Merchant MarineWiperDorchester +
Logan, William A., US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Lohr, Charles F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Long, William Lyndon, US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Looney, Arthur J., USCGPassengerDorchester
Lopes, Antonio Jose, Merchant Marine39Assistant CookDorchester +
Lopes, Diamantino Moreira, Merchant Marine28Ordinary SeamanDorchester +
Lopes, Miguel Antonio, Merchant Marine52GalleymanDorchester +
Lopes, Ramon Emilio, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
Lord, Jesse M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Loucks, William K., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Ludwig, Frank J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Luisi, Rocco, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Lumsden, Charles E., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Luning, Alexander, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Luning, Henry J.C., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Luthy, David M., US Army28Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Lutkiewicz, Frank L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
MacDonald, George James, USNRPassenger (Motor Machinist’s Mate Second Class)Dorchester +
MacEwen, Wellington A., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Macfarlane, Hubert Wayne, US Army25Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Macli, Charles, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
MacNeill, Charles A., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
MacPherson, Roy Charles, Merchant MarineOilerDorchester +
Mahoney, Everett C., US Army21Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Mahoney, William R., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Maier, John C., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Majofsky, Edward M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Majsztrik, Andrew J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Malecki, Albert J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Malinowski, Edwin, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Malone, Fred B., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Mangafreda, Joseph, USNRRadioman Third ClassDorchester +
Manning, John W., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Marin, Arturo, Merchant Marine45StewardDorchester +
Marino, John G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Markowski, Benjamin, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Marshall, Richard J., US Army20Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Marstal, Johannes Sofus Boye, Merchant Marine29Able SeamanDorchester +
Martin, Guy H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Mascia, Frank, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Matias, Catalino, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
Matson, Samuel A., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Matthews, William C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Mauk, Raymond H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Maxwell, John Francis, Merchant Marine25UtilityDorchester +
May, Paul, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Maycrovich, John S., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Maye, Paul R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Mayer, Erwin K., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
McAlister, Edgar L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
McAtamney, James W., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
McAteer, Newell C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
McCaffrey, Francis E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
McCann, Wilburn, US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
McCanty, Oliver D., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
McCarthy, William N., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
McClain, James Albert, USNRRadioman Second ClassDorchester +
McCloud, Linwood B., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
McClure, Roscoe, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
McCoy, Ernest G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
McCoy, Winfield, USNRSeaman First ClassDorchester
McCrosson, John, CivilianPassengerDorchester
McDonnal, William Henry, USNR17Seaman Second ClassDorchester +
McDowell, Hillory L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
McEachron, Willie, Merchant Marine42StorekeeperDorchester +
McGill, William Joseph, Merchant Marine43Chief Radio OfficerDorchester +
McGivney, J.P., CivilianPassengerDorchester
McHale, Richard T., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
McHugh, Walter Francis, USCGRPassenger (Yeoman Third Class)Dorchester +
McIntyre, Alvin E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
McIntyre, Clarence E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
McLean, Marshall B., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
McManus, Charles A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
McMinn, William J., USNRSeaman First ClassDorchester
McTeague, Neil Francis, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
McVey, Edward J., USNRSeaman First ClassDorchester
Mearns, Robert, Merchant Marine39Chief ButcherDorchester +
Medina, Antonio, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
Mensch, Andrew G., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Merritt, Charles Hubert, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
Mershon, George N., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Mertes, John G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Metzger, Frederick, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Meyerhoffer, Matthew J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Michaud, Rosaire R., US Army37Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Mido, J.R., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester +
Mikolosko, George, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Miles, David S., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Miller, Clifford, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Miller, Walter, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Miller, William P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Mills, John Edward, Merchant MarineAble SeamanDorchester +
Mincieli, Nicholas F., US ArmyPassenger (SSgt)Dorchester +
Mizak, Joseph A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Moeller, Ernst J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Moffett, Hugh, Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
Molino, Charles, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Monaghan, Aloysius A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Monge, Alejandro, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
Montalbano, James S., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Moran, Glenn J., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Dorchester +
Moran, Louis, Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
Morehead, Emmett H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Morley, James J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Morton, John D., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Dorchester +
Mount, Willard Harvey, USCGRPassenger (Radioman Third Class)Dorchester +
Mullin, Charles L., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Dorchester +
Murphy, Kerney R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Mursch, Eugene A., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Myers, Thomas W., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Nash, James M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Nau, Harold L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Naydyhor, Anthony J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Nebel, Ralph, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Neese, Charles B., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Nehl, August H., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
Neuses, Joseph F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Newman, Edward, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
Nichols, William S., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Nicolaus, Marvin C., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Niehaus, Bernhard E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Nieman, Fred G., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Nilsson, Bonde, Merchant MarineSecond Assistant EngineerDorchester +
Nimmo, Glenys C., US Army29Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Nitti, Daniel Donato, Merchant MarineAble SeamanDorchester +
Nix, William E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Nolen, Thomas E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Novello, Charles L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Nowinski, Michael J., USNRSoundman Third ClassDorchester
Nussear, Lawrence R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
O'Connor, Daniel E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
O'Donnell, John J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
O'Keeffe, Daniel J., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
O'Rourke, James John, Merchant MarineAble SeamanDorchester +
Obee, Eugene C., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Oberg, Harold E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Obst, Harold L., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Ocasio, Thomas, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
Ochse, Warren R., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Olmo, Jose Antonio, Merchant MarineGalleymanDorchester +
Olsen, Joseph W., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Olszewski, Joseph Stanley, USCGPassenger (Storekeeper Second Class)Dorchester +
Oppenheimer, Morton, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Oren, Clifford J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Orlomoski, William E., US Army26Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Ostrow, Edgar J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Outten, Alvin G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Overdick, Walter, Merchant Marine33Chief PantrymanDorchester +
Overvag, Alfred, CivilianPassengerDorchester
O’Brien, John P., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Pack, Charles L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Paczosa, Harold C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Paine, James R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Palm, Stanley Victor, US Army23Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Pantall, William J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Panter, Roy E., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Parent, William W., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Dorchester +
Parks, Edward, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
Parsons, George W., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Patalive, Frank Joseph, Merchant Marine22Second Radio OfficerDorchester +
Paterson, William Gordon, USNPassenger (Aviation Metalsmith Third Class)Dorchester +
Patteson, Daniel Fletcher, USNR19Gunner’s Mate Third ClassDorchester +
Paul, David, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Paulsen, Frederick Harry, Merchant MarineStewardDorchester +
Pazitka, Joseph, Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
Pearsall, Richard H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Pearson, Sven, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Peffers, William K., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Pegram, Homer L., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Peiser, Budd, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Pella, Juan, Merchant Marine25YeomanDorchester +
Pennepacker, James E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Peno, John O., USCGPassengerDorchester
Percy, Francis B., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Perdue, Robert S., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Dorchester +
Perez, Robert F., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Perkins, James E., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Peters, Arthur E., US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Peters, Charles E., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Petersen, Ejnar Reinholdt, Merchant Marine57CarpenterDorchester +
Peterson, William A., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Petri, James E., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Petricca, Norbert J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Pettit, Albert, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Pfohlman, Thomas G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Phelps, Homer L., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Phelps, Lloyd E., US ArmyPassenger (TSgt)Dorchester +
Phillips, James W., USCGPassengerDorchester
Phillips, Robert J., USNPassenger (Aviation Machinist’s Mate First Class)Dorchester +
Phillips, Roland Z., USCGPassengerDorchester
Phillips, Walter E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Pittman, Robert Morris, US Army21Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Pitts, John Arthur, USCGRPassenger (Mess Attendant First Class)Dorchester +
Plemons, George Dewey, US Army28Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Poche, Felix A., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Polachino, Dante, CivilianPassengerDorchester
Poling, Rev. Clark Vandersall, US Army32Passenger (1st Lt)Dorchester +
Pomelek, Leo J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Ponath, Leonard W., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Potts, Charles P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Povlak, Anthony J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Prellwitz, Harold G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Quinn, James J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Raffe, Sam, Civilian29PassengerDorchester +
Rankin, Paul L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Rasche, Silas P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Rasmaita, Raymond J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Rathbone, Jack, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Raymond, Richard Thornton, Merchant Marine28Second StewardDorchester +
Rayner, Louis Eugene, Merchant Marine60Chief MateDorchester +
Reed, J.S., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Reed, William P., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Reeder, Martin L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Rees, William G., US Army27Passenger (2nd Lt)Dorchester +
Reilly, John J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Reilly, Philip, CivilianPassengerDorchester
Reinosa, Ignacio, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
Reynolds, Edward B., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Reynolds, William C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Ricks, Carson L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Riggs, John Henry, USN19Gunner’s Mate Third ClassDorchester +
Ritchie, Edward G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Ritter, James Archibald, Merchant MarineChief EngineerDorchester +
Rivera, Francisco, Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
Roberts, Guy T., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Roberts, Melvin E., Merchant MarineCookDorchester +
Robinette, Mervin M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Robins, George, Merchant Marine42StewardDorchester +
Robinson, Joseph, CivilianPassengerDorchester
Robinson, Marshall K., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Roccuzzo, Salvatore R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Rodman, William, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Rolita, Manuel P., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
Rooney, Philip H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Rosario, Lorenzo Elias, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
Ross, Andrew L., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Roum, William, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Rowdon, James A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Rowe, Joseph F., US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Rude, Vernon E., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Russell, Robert O., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Ryan, James M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Sabin, Walter R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Sack, Ervin R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Sanders, Theodore J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Sanford, Ralph H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Savant, John, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Savidge, Elwood D., US Army34Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Schefbauer, Joseph S., US ArmyPassenger (2nd Lt)Dorchester +
Scheibel, Joseph A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Schiavone, Martin, CivilianPassengerDorchester
Schmoker, Richard Joseph, Merchant Marine21StewardDorchester +
Schnauder, Ferdinand, Merchant MarineFourth Assistant EngineerDorchester +
Schreibman, Harry, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Schutz, Richard W., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Scott, Russell L., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Seeger, Eugene, Merchant MarineBakerDorchester +
Seibel, John Anthony, Merchant Marine22PantrymanDorchester +
Seiler, Ernest H., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Seni, James J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Sepers, Leonard, USCGPassengerDorchester
Serby, William A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Shackley, Leo R., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Shaw, Robert K., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Shea, James J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Sheiffele, Kenneth F., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Sherbondy, Harry J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Sherman, Jacob, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Sherman, Robert H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Shornak, Joseph F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Sienkiewicz, Henry, CivilianPassengerDorchester
Silberg, Martin, Merchant MarineWiperDorchester +
Silkey, Leonard F., US ArmyPassengerDorchester +
Silver, Henry, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Silzle, Richard W., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Sitkowski, Chester E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Slanker, Merle D., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Slawson, Paul Earl, Merchant Marine51Chief PurserDorchester +
Smith, Alvin Alfred, USCGRPassenger (Apprentice Seaman)Dorchester +
Smith, Ernest A., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Smith, Raymond W., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Snoek, Johannes W., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Soto, Nicolas Bonilla, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
Spoonamore, William E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
St. Johns, Emile, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Stack, Charles R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Stamlen, Joseph F., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Statler, Maynard W., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Stelzman, Conrad J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Stenman, Eiler E., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Stewart, Harold Halbert, USNRSeaman First ClassDorchester +
Stiner, Woodward P., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Stokes, Franklin Le Rey, USNPassenger (Ship’s Cook First Class)Dorchester +
Stonage, Charles H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Stonebanks, John, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Stray, Arthur S., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Streicher, Richard Bernard, USNRSeaman First ClassDorchester +
Stricklin, Willie F., USNRSeaman First ClassDorchester
Struder, James Albert, USCGPassenger (Apprentice Seaman)Dorchester +
Strzyzykowski, John, USNRSeaman First ClassDorchester +
Suder, Harold R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Summers, Roy N., USNRSeaman First ClassChatham, Dorchester
Sutton, Garland Alcot, USNR18Seaman Second ClassDorchester +
Sutton, William J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Swanson, Carl Bertil, USN17Seaman First ClassDorchester +
Swanwick, William E., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Swogger, Herman William, Merchant Marine21Able SeamanDorchester +
Sytsma, Jack, CivilianPassengerDorchester
Sørensen, Andy Martin Kr., Merchant Marine39Assistant EngineerDorchester +
Talvitie, Theodore Toivo, US Army34PassengerDorchester
Tarbet, Thomas Dee, US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Taylor, Blair J., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Taylor, Ralph Leslie, USNRSeaman First ClassDorchester +
Taylor, William, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Telck, John F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Tessler, Martin, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
Tetreault, Donat E., Merchant Marine20Second ButcherDorchester
Thomaen, Helge K., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Thomas, Leander P., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Thomas, Paul Harold, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
Thompson, Milford H., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Thuren, Henry G., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Titsworth, A.C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Todd, Vernon, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Toledo, Jose, Merchant MarinePantrymanDorchester +
Tonali, Ernest P., US ArmyPassengerDorchester +
Torres, Henry, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
Towlen, Leonard J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Townsend, Canniff, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Travieso, Guillermo, Merchant MarineBakerDorchester +
Trobaugh, George D., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Tuckett, George, Merchant MarineGalleymanDorchester +
Turney, Kenneth E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Turpin, George D., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Tyler, Samuel Thomas, Merchant Marine18Deck CadetDorchester +
Van Clief, Allaire W., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
Van Etten, George E., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Van Naular, Ralph E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Vanderlaan, Richard, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Vegas, Lawrence F., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Veidenheimer, Pete P., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Vernalis, Anthony, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Vickers, Ralph A., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Vintera, Charles M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Visconti, Febo, US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Voce, Frank W., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Vona, Joseph J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Vosse, John W., US Army28Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Vreeland, George L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Wachtel, Louis, CivilianPassengerDorchester
Wagner, George B., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Walker, Fred W., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Wall, Hollis, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Walsh, Michael P., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Dorchester +
Walter, Thomas L., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Walton, Charles, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Ward, James A., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Warish, Michael, US Army30Passenger (Sgt)Dorchester
Washington, Father John Patrick, US Army34Passenger (1st Lt)Dorchester +
Weaver, George William, USNRRadioman Third ClassDorchester +
Weaver, Nevin C., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Weaver, Walter L., CivilianPassengerDorchester
Webb, Asher B., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Webb, Burton D., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Weber, Frederick, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Weinmann, Arthur, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Wells, William S., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Westbrook, Huey M., US Army20Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Whipple, Malcolm E., US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
White, Irwin Jr., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
Wicks, Eugene, USCGPassenger (Boatswain’s Mate Second Class)Dorchester +
Wiener, Marcus, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Wilczenski, Cester T., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Williams, Charles, Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
Williams, Clarence Vernon, USCGRPassenger (Carpenter’s Mate Second Class)Dorchester +
Williams, Robert C., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Williams, Robert R., USNRPassenger (Boatswain’s Mate First Class)Dorchester +
Willis, Aubrey C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Wilson, Earl W., US Army26Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Wright, Norris Linkfield, Merchant MarineCookDorchester +
Wright, Virgil, US ArmyPassengerDorchester +
Wuestenberg, Clarence J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Wynne, Bernard T., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Yakonis, Anthony Charles, Merchant MarineOrdinary SeamanDorchester +
Yarbrough, Glenn D., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Yee, Sam M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Yingling, James W., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Young, Lowell H., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
Youngman, Samuel, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
Zechini, Peter Tom, USCGPassenger (Yeoman Third Class)Dorchester +
Zelmanowitz, Milton, US ArmyPassenger (2nd Lt)Dorchester +
Zerdeen, Glenn, US Army25Passenger (2nd Lt)Dorchester +
Ziverk, Johnnie, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Zogg, Edward, CivilianPassengerDorchester
Zuniga, Timothy P., Merchant Marine20Crew memberDorchester

897 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
If you wish to add a crewmember to the listing we would need most of this information: ship name, nationality, name, dob, place of birth, service (merchant marine, ...), rank or job on board. We have place for a photo as well if provided. You can e-mail us the information here.