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Panamanian motor tanker

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Panamanian motor tanker Winkler.

Aboard Winkler when hit on 23 Feb 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
AmericanAlston, William James, USNRSeaman First ClassWinkler +
AmericanBelanger, Francis Paul, USNR25Boatswain's Mate Second ClassWinkler
AmericanBurden, Nick Barksdale, USNR21Seaman First ClassWinkler +
AmericanBurdette, Melvin, USN22Gunner's Mate Third ClassWinkler
DutchBurg, Hendrik Pieter, Merchant Marine28MessmanWinkler +
NorwegianByberg, Gustav, Merchant Marine23OilerWinkler +
AmericanChapman, Edison J., Merchant Marine25Able SeamanWinkler
AmericanCharlton, Randolph S., USN32Lieutenant (junior grade)Winkler
AmericanClouse, William Cedric, USNRSeaman First ClassWinkler
AmericanDe Witt, Charles L., USNRSeaman Second ClassWinkler
AmericanDias, Mark Anthony, USNRSeaman Second ClassWinkler +
DanishDressler, Evald, Merchant MarineWiperWinkler +
AmericanDriscoll, John A., USNRSeaman First ClassWinkler
NorwegianEid, Hans, Merchant Marine30Chief MateWinkler +
AmericanFontenot, Lee Joseph, Merchant Marine21Able SeamanWinkler +
AmericanFortuna, Edward, USNRSeaman First ClassWinkler +
AmericanFrey, Samuel Arthur, USNRSeaman First ClassWinkler
AmericanFrieling, Charles, Merchant Marine45MessmanWinkler +
NorwegianGaaso, Arthur, Merchant Marine52MasterWinkler
NorwegianHenriksen, Kolbjørn Holm, Merchant Marine34Third MateWinkler
AmericanHudyma, Arthur Norman, USNRSeaman Second ClassWinkler
AmericanImhoff, George Harold, USNRSeaman Second ClassWinkler
IcelandicJohannsson, Simon, Merchant Marine31Ordinary SeamanWinkler
SwedishJohansen, Anders, Merchant Marine19OilerWinkler +
AmericanLagemann, Robert, Merchant MarineWiperWinkler
AmericanLavoie, Joseph R., USNRSeaman Second ClassWinkler
BritishMcRae, John, Merchant Marine21Able SeamanWinkler +
AmericanNewton, Hubert, Merchant Marine21First Radio OperatorWinkler
SwedishOlsson, Svante, Merchant MarineSecond Assistant EngineerWinkler +
AmericanParsons, Frank Edgar, USNRSeaman First ClassWinkler
AmericanPeterson, Cecil Vernell, USNRSeaman First ClassWinkler
AmericanPrettyman, Clifford, Merchant Marine51Second Radio OperatorWinkler
AmericanSantiago, Felix, Merchant MarineMessmanWinkler
SwedishSjoberg, Bror Axel, Merchant Marine32OilerWinkler +
AmericanSkinner, James, Merchant Marine20OilerWinkler
BritishSmith, Hugh J., Merchant Marine19Ordinary SeamanWinkler +
NorwegianSønstevold, Erling Karsten, Merchant Marine35Second MateWinkler +
AmericanTucker, Harold Burton, USNRSeaman First ClassWinkler
AmericanValdez, Francisco, Merchant MarineSecond CookWinkler +
BelgianVan Gansen, Frans, Merchant Marine42Able SeamanWinkler +
AmericanWalker, Oran Ovay, USNRSeaman First ClassWinkler +

41 persons found - for all attacks on this ship (2).

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
If you wish to add a crewmember to the listing we would need most of this information: ship name, nationality, name, dob, place of birth, service (merchant marine, ...), rank or job on board. We have place for a photo as well if provided. You can e-mail us the information here.