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William Eustis

American steam merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam merchant William Eustis.

Aboard William Eustis when hit on 17 Mar 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
LatvianAbele, Jekabs Alfreds, Merchant Marine31Able SeamanWilliam Eustis
AmericanAltner, Louis Michael, Merchant Marine32MessmanWilliam Eustis
AmericanArrindell, Edmund Elbert, Merchant Marine44Second CookWilliam Eustis
Puerto RicanArture, Lucas, Merchant Marine31MessmanWilliam Eustis
AmericanBardwell, Russell Sherman, Merchant Marine31Second MateWilliam Eustis
AmericanBissette, Norman Robert, Merchant Marine24Deck MaintainerWilliam Eustis
AmericanBonham, William, Merchant Marine23Chief CookWilliam Eustis
AmericanBowdon, Louis Benton, Merchant Marine19Able SeamanWilliam Eustis
AmericanBrown, Frank Irving, Merchant Marine60CarpenterWilliam Eustis
AmericanBrown, Thomas Mark, Merchant Marine19Fireman/WatertenderWilliam Eustis
AmericanBussey, Charles Seafers, Merchant Marine23Second Assistant EngineerWilliam Eustis
AmericanCardwell, Arthur Brauer, USNR24Seaman First ClassWilliam Eustis
AmericanChaney, Kenneth Lloyd, USN25CoxswainWilliam Eustis
AmericanCharter, Harold William, USNR38Lieutenant (junior grade)William Eustis
SpanishCorral, Jose Tejeiro, Merchant Marine40Deck EngineerWilliam Eustis
AmericanCunningham, Thomas Eafey, Merchant Marine32OilerWilliam Eustis
AmericanDavis, James Peeler, Merchant Marine21WriterWilliam Eustis
AmericanDesmond, Cecil, Merchant Marine43MasterNicarao, William Eustis
AmericanDonovan, Eugene William, USN20Seaman First ClassWilliam Eustis
AmericanDowning, John James, USN22Seaman First ClassWilliam Eustis
AmericanDunn, John Gordon, Merchant Marine21Deck CadetWilliam Eustis
AmericanEdgar, Lauren Freemont, Merchant Marine20Engine CadetWilliam Eustis
AmericanFlashner, Milton, Merchant Marine21WiperWilliam Eustis
PhilippineFlores, Jose Cruz, Merchant Marine34MessmanWilliam Eustis
AmericanFreecuf, Rudolph Joseph, USN20Seaman First ClassWilliam Eustis
AmericanFrench, George Franklin, USNR21Seaman First ClassWilliam Eustis
AmericanFrey, Charles Abram Lewis, Merchant Marine29OilerWilliam Eustis
AmericanFriedman, Milton Jack, USN19Seaman First ClassWilliam Eustis
AmericanFriswold, Frank, Merchant Marine47Chief StewardWilliam Eustis
AmericanFurlong, Donald, USN19Seaman First ClassWilliam Eustis
AmericanGabbard, Clifton, USNR17Seaman First ClassWilliam Eustis
AmericanGalla, John Stephen, USN22Seaman First ClassWilliam Eustis
AmericanGoldsmith, Jasper Lee, Merchant Marine18Ordinary SeamanWilliam Eustis
AmericanGrant, Charles Edbert, Merchant Marine33OilerWilliam Eustis
EgyptianHassan, Mahmoud Abdel Razek, Merchant Marine20Fireman/WatertenderWilliam Eustis
AmericanHeischober, Lester, USNR21Seaman First ClassWilliam Eustis
AmericanHimmelman, Charles Albert, USN29Seaman First ClassWilliam Eustis
AmericanHorton, Argus John, USN20Seaman First ClassWilliam Eustis
AmericanHozey, James Barrow, USNR19Seaman First ClassWilliam Eustis
AmericanInnantuoni, Joseph Philip, Merchant Marine22Third CookWilliam Eustis
AmericanJones, J.C., USN20Seaman First ClassWilliam Eustis
AmericanJudge, Edward A., Merchant Marine41Fireman/WatertenderWilliam Eustis
GreekKangadis, Gerasimos Andreou, Merchant Marine42Able SeamanWilliam Eustis
AmericanKenoi, Samuel, Merchant Marine41Boatswain (Bosun)William Eustis
AmericanKohut, Joseph Peter, USNR23Seaman First ClassWilliam Eustis
AmericanLassiter, Charles Russell, USN18Seaman First ClassWilliam Eustis
AmericanLiotta, Paul Dominic, Merchant Marine28Able SeamanWilliam Eustis
AmericanLurding, John Benjamin, USNR21Seaman First ClassWilliam Eustis
AmericanMiller, William Wilder, Merchant Marine37Able SeamanWilliam Eustis
AmericanMurphy, James John, USN18Seaman First ClassWilliam Eustis
AmericanPaskin, Franklin Frederick, USN22Seaman First ClassWilliam Eustis
AmericanPedersen, Peder O., Merchant Marine35Chief MateWilliam Eustis
EstonianPeikel, John, Merchant Marine43Able SeamanWilliam Eustis
PhilippinePeralta, John Apostol, Merchant Marine39UtilityWilliam Eustis
AmericanPeters, Myron Walter, Merchant Marine19Ordinary SeamanWilliam Eustis
AmericanPressley, Morris Estace, USNR22Signalman Third ClassWilliam Eustis
AmericanRadecki, Francis, Merchant Marine24MessmanWilliam Eustis
AmericanSchultz, Kenneth C., Merchant Marine33Third Assistant EngineerWilliam Eustis
AmericanScott, Peter, Merchant Marine20Radio OperatorWilliam Eustis
AmericanWalsh, Robert, Merchant Marine42Chief EngineerWilliam Eustis
AmericanWalton, Donald Frederick, USN22Seaman First ClassWilliam Eustis
AmericanWard, Robert Junior, USNR18Seaman First ClassWilliam Eustis
AmericanWauschek, William Francis, USNR34Seaman First ClassWilliam Eustis
NorwegianWelle, Andreas, Merchant Marine43First Assistant EngineerWilliam Eustis
AmericanWilliams, Roy R., Merchant Marine22Third MateWilliam Eustis
AmericanWilson, George Emmett, USN21Gunner's Mate Third ClassWilliam Eustis
AmericanWright, Zelma Hudson, Merchant Marine20OilerWilliam Eustis
AmericanZehnder, Frank, Merchant Marine42MessmanWilliam Eustis

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