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American motor tanker

Photo courtesy of Sun Refining & Marketing Co

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American motor tanker Sunoil.

Aboard Sunoil when hit on 5 Apr 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
Akers, Aubrey H., Merchant MarineRadio Operator Sunoil +
Bassett, Edward A., Merchant MarineOrdinary Seaman Sunoil +
Buckner, John S., Merchant MarineMessman Sunoil +
Caffrey, Edward Joseph, USNGunner's Mate Third Class Sunoil +
Cline, Paul D., Merchant MarineMessman Sunoil +
Cook, Dean H., Merchant MarineRadio Operator Sunoil +
Cosby, James A., USNGunner's Mate Third Class Sunoil +
Craddock, Hunter N., Merchant MarineAble Seaman Sunoil +
Crile, Charles W., Merchant MarineSecond Assistant Engineer Sunoil +
DaConda, August, Merchant MarineChief Engineer Sunoil +
Decker, Franklin J., Merchant MarineOiler Sunoil +
Dingle, Edward A., USNRSeaman First Class Sunoil +
Dittman, John E., Merchant MarineOiler Sunoil +
Dubois, Joseph E., Merchant MarineMessman Sunoil +
Dumbeck, Edward A., Merchant MarineThird Assistant Engineer Sunoil +
Foster, George H., Merchant MarineAble Seaman Sunoil +
Gardner, Harvey, Merchant MarineWiper Sunoil +
Gorman, Eugene J., Merchant MarineAble Seaman Sunoil +
Gross, George E., Merchant MarineOrdinary Seaman Sunoil +
Halvorsen, Charles W., Merchant MarineThird Assistant Engineer Sunoil +
Heggelund, Sedolf Berg, Merchant MarineMaster Bidwell, Sunoil +
Hill, John Edward, USNRGunner's Mate Third Class Sunoil +
Hughes, Murrill E., Merchant MarineRadio Operator Sunoil +
Johnson, Daniel P., USNRLieutenant (junior grade) Sunoil +
Jones, Edwin B., USNSeaman First Class Sunoil +
Kander, Victor F., Merchant MarineWiper Sunoil +
Karpin, John, Merchant MarineMessman Sunoil +
Lee, Arthur F., USNRSeaman First Class Sunoil +
Levers, Theodore E., Merchant MarineDeck Maintainer Sunoil +
Lloyd, Clarence A., USNRSeaman First Class Sunoil +
Lockwood, Wayne L., Merchant MarineWiper Sunoil +
Logue, Harry W., Merchant MarineWiper Sunoil +
Loucks, William E., Merchant MarineWiper Sunoil +
Luft, Henry C., USNRSeaman First Class Sunoil +
Madden, Herman A., USNRSeaman First Class Sunoil +
Maher, Frank Bernard, USNRSeaman First Class Sunoil +
Mann, Howard Q., USNRSeaman First Class Sunoil +
Massarelli, Armand, USNRSeaman First Class Sunoil +
Mateyko, George, Merchant MarineWiper Sunoil +
McCray, Roy K., USNRSeaman First Class Sunoil +
McLeod, James E., USNRSeaman First Class Sunoil +
Mitchell, Marion R., USNRSeaman First Class Sunoil +
Mori, Cesare, Merchant MarineCook Sunoil +
Moylan, Robert W., Merchant MarineDeck Maintainer Sunoil +
Mullen, Jesse E., Merchant MarineAble Seaman Sunoil +
Neil, Fredrick Joe, USNSeaman First Class Sunoil +
Nyhoff, Herman, USNRSeaman First Class Sunoil +
Olar, Benjamin Joseph, USNSeaman First Class Sunoil +
Peterson, Curtis J., USNSeaman First Class Sunoil +
Ptak, Charles, Merchant MarineMessman Sunoil +
Riddle, Harry E., Merchant MarineWiper Sunoil +
Samowski, Charles C., Merchant MarineAble Seaman Sunoil +
Sandberg, Frank J., Merchant MarineSteward Sunoil +
Sanders, Van R., Merchant MarineCook Sunoil +
Short, William R., USNRSeaman First Class Sunoil +
Sillstrom, Carl A., Merchant MarineChief Mate Sunoil +
Sims, Frank E., Merchant MarineAble Seaman Sunoil +
Skeens, Dennis Junior, USNRSeaman First Class Sunoil +
Stasio, Robert J., Merchant MarineWiper Sunoil +
Stone, Roy E., Merchant MarineSecond Mate Sunoil +
Szoke, Frederick, USNRSeaman First Class Sunoil +
Tolle, Leroy, Merchant MarineMachinist Sunoil +
Valentine, Kenneth C., USNRSeaman First Class Sunoil +
Vanvelson, Charles M., USNRSignalman Third Class Sunoil +
Walsh, David, Merchant MarineFirst Assistant Engineer Sunoil +
Wilson, Clifford L., Merchant MarineFourth Mate Sunoil +
Wujcicki, Walter, Merchant MarineGalleyman Sunoil +
Zacheis, Otwell T., Merchant MarineThird Mate Sunoil +

68 persons found - for all attacks on this ship (2).

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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