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British motor merchant

Photo from City of Vancouver Archives, CVA 447-1928

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British motor merchant Amerika.

Aboard Amerika when hit on 22 Apr 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
DanishAndersen, J.J., Merchant NavySecond Engineer OfficerAmerika
DanishAndersen, Kjeld Peter Johannes, Merchant Navy39Second Radio OfficerAmerika +
DanishAndersen, Nils Ejvin, Merchant Navy63Boatswain (Bosun)Amerika +
DanishAndersen, Poul Ludvig, Merchant Navy26Able SeamanAmerika +
IcelandicÁrnason, Geir, Merchant Navy18Ordinary SeamanAmerika +
DanishBeldring, Mogens Jonas Alexander, Merchant Navy22Able SeamanAmerika +
BritishBell, John, Merchant Navy18Assistant StorekeeperAmerika +
CanadianBorum, John William, RCAF30Passenger (Flying Officer)Amerika +
CanadianBradley, Lloyd Latimer, RCAF19Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
CanadianBray, Eric William, RCAF31Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
BritishCalvert, Gordon Clifford, Merchant Navy28Saloon StewardAmerika +
BritishCameron, John, British Army22Gunner (DEMS gunner)Amerika +
DanishChristensen, Walther Henry, Merchant Navy22Second CookAmerika +
DanishChristiansen, Henry Bisgaard, Merchant Navy29Assistant EngineerAmerika +
CanadianClarke, Donald Mason, RCAF22Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
CanadianClarke, Russell Beverley, RCAF19Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
CanadianClipsham, Archibald Charles, RCAF24Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
BritishDaw, Bernard Augustine, Merchant Navy21Mess Room StewardAmerika +
CanadianDean, Stanley William, RCAF19Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
BritishDevlin, Joseph, Merchant Navy28Saloon StewardAmerika +
BritishDonovan, Charles Patrick, Merchant Navy21Saloon StewardAmerika +
BritishDrury, Dennis Frederick, RN20Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Amerika +
CanadianFife, Benjamin Gordon, RCAF19Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
DanishFrederiksen, Jens Karl Rhode, Merchant Navy21GreaserAmerika +
DanishGantzel, Else Kirsten Ruth, Merchant Navy38StewardessAmerika +
BritishGatherum, David Francis, RNAble Seaman (DEMS gunner)Amerika +
DanishGerdawischke, Henriette Hansine, Merchant Navy29LaundressAmerika +
CanadianGibson, Frank George, RCAF31Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
BritishGoran, Jack, Merchant Navy29Saloon StewardAmerika +
DanishGregersen, Evald Lyttichau, Merchant Navy24Assistant CookAmerika +
BritishGriffiths, Alfred James, Merchant Navy29Third Radio OfficerAmerika +
CanadianHarding, Clifford Alexander, RCAF27Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
CanadianHealey, Henry Harold, RCAF31Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
CanadianHetherington, John Hugh Lyndon, RCAF21Passenger (Flying Officer)Amerika +
DanishHorn, Anker, Merchant Navy20Bedroom StewardAmerika +
CanadianJackson, Donald Victor, RCAF21Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
CanadianJardine, Robert Stewart, RCAF29Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
DanishJensen, Carlo Arnfred, Merchant Navy31Assistant EngineerAmerika +
DanishJensen, Gunni Edv. Robert, Merchant Navy19Saloon StewardAmerika +
DanishJohansen, Jens, Merchant Navy26Able SeamanAmerika +
DanishJohnsen, Emil E., Merchant Navy39Assistant EngineerAmerika +
CanadianJohnson, Merle, RCAF26Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
CanadianKeys, Frederick Bennett, RCAF22Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
CanadianKidd, Terence William, RCAF19Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
BritishKing, Harold Gelderd, Merchant Navy34Assistant LaundrymanAmerika +
DanishKristensen, Karl Marius, Merchant Navy43Assistant EngineerAmerika +
CanadianLamont, Douglas Peter, RCAF25Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
DanishLarsen, Edmund Oluf, Merchant Navy51Senior PurserAmerika +
BritishLevy, Joe, Merchant Navy37Bedroom StewardAmerika +
CanadianMacDonald, Alan Stuart, RCAF19Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
CanadianMacDonald, Ernest Mills, RCAF21Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
IrishMaher, Patrick, Merchant Navy38BartenderAmerika +
CanadianMartin, John Joseph Bernard, RCAF24Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
CanadianMcCloskey, Richard Scott, RCAF21Passenger (Flying Officer)Amerika +
DanishMogensen, Svend Aage, Merchant Navy42ElectricianAmerika +
CanadianMoore, James Edward, RCAF19Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
CanadianMosser, Andrew James, RCAF19Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
CanadianMosser, Robert William, RCAF19Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
DanishMühring, Ernst Georg Peter, Merchant Navy46Chief Engineer OfficerAmerika +
DanishMühring, Johan Carl Frederik Wismar, Merchant Navy31Senior Third Engineer OfficerAmerika +
DanishNielsen, Christian, Merchant NavyMasterAmerika
CanadianO'Connell, Howard Ferguson, RCAF24Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
CanadianOllis, Reginald Keith, RCAF20Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
CanadianPearson, Arthur Henry, RCAF30Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
DanishPedersen, Leo Herman Bjørn, Merchant Navy37GreaserAmerika +
DanishPetersen, Georg, Merchant Navy28Officer Cabin StewardAmerika +
CanadianPidduck, George William, RCAF23Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
DanishPuge, Knud Aage, Merchant Navy34Junior Third Engineer OfficerAmerika +
DanishRasmussen, Karl Johan, Merchant Navy33GreaserAmerika +
DanishRichardt, Carl Chr., Merchant Navy37BakerAmerika +
CanadianRitchie, Thomas James, RCAF19Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
CanadianRombough, John Noble, RCAF21Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
DanishSchlichter, Tommy Ove, Merchant Navy19Assistant CookAmerika +
CanadianScott, William Alfred Dean, RCAF19Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
BritishSelmer, Herschel Henry, Merchant Navy29Assistant CookAmerika +
CanadianSlack, Warren Oliver, RCAF21Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
BritishStainthorpe, Arthur, Merchant Navy22Assistant CookAmerika +
BritishStone, Frederick Harold, RM38Sergeant (DEMS gunner)Amerika +
DanishStrøe-Nielsen, Ejnar, Merchant Navy37CarpenterAmerika +
DanishSørensen, Knud Bauer, Merchant Navy24Able SeamanAmerika +
DanishSørensen, Sofus William Christian, Merchant Navy48Chief CookAmerika +
BritishTansey, Dennis, RN19Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Amerika +
CanadianThompson, Edward Blake, RCAF25Passenger (Flight Lieutenant)Amerika +
BritishTurner, Raymond, British Army28Gunner (DEMS gunner)Amerika +
CanadianTyler, John, RCAF19Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
BritishWallis, Roy, RN20Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Amerika +
CanadianWarren, Joseph Howard, RCAF20Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +
CanadianWoods, Kenneth Beverley, RCAF19Passenger (Pilot Officer)Amerika +

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Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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