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British troop transport

Photo courtesy of the Allen Collection

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British troop transport Yoma.

Aboard Yoma when hit on 17 Jun 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
FrenchAlabert, Jacques, Free French Navy20Passenger (Matelot)Yoma +
IndianAlfonso, Victor, Merchant Navy24General ServantYoma +
IndianAntao, C.P., Merchant Navy46General ServantYoma +
IndianAnwar Ahmad, , Merchant Navy32TrimmerYoma +
BritishBell, Hector Adam, Merchant Navy41Second Engineer OfficerYoma +
BritishCadwell, Douglas Maurice, Merchant Navy19Third Radio OfficerYoma +
FrenchCalvel, Léonce Edmond Auguste, Free French Navy37Passenger (Lieutenant De Vaisseau)Yoma +
FrenchCaudron, Olivier Joseph, Free French Navy20Passenger (Matelot)Yoma +
FrenchChauveau, Lucien Jules Auguste, Free French Navy17Passenger (Matelot)Yoma +
FrenchCombalat, Marcel Julien Ernest Emile, Free French Navy23Passenger (Matelot Canonnier)Yoma +
FrenchCourtine, Norbert, Free French Navy24Passenger (Matelot Mécanicien)Yoma +
BritishCox, Terence Rhoades, Merchant Navy19Second Radio OfficerYoma +
BritishCritchell, Harold Edward, Merchant Navy40Fifth Engineer OfficerYoma +
BritishD'Arcy, James, British Army23PassengerYoma
IndianD'Souza, Manoel Carlos, Merchant Navy55General ServantYoma +
BritishDavies, George Eli Herbert, British Army29GunnerYoma +
IndianDe Costa, John, Merchant Navy22ScullionYoma +
FrenchDelage, Henri Jacques François, Free French Navy48Passenger (Capitaine De Corvette)Yoma +
BritishDevlin, Roderick Henry, Merchant Navy23Fourth Engineer OfficerYoma +
IndianDias, Manuel Carlos, Merchant Navy26General ServantYoma +
IndianDourado, C., Merchant Navy27Assistant BakerYoma +
IndianErrah Pema, , Merchant Navy51SeamanYoma +
IndianFalcao, Bernard F., Merchant Navy22ScullionYoma +
IndianFernandes, Peter, Merchant Navy28General ServantYoma +
FrenchFloch, Hervé René Marie, Free French Navy30Passenger (Quartier Maître Chauffeur)Yoma +
FrenchFoussier, Olivier René Louis Auguste, Free French Navy36Passenger (Ingénieur Mécanicien)Yoma +
FrenchGazo, Paul, Free French Navy22Passenger (Matelot)Yoma +
FrenchGoudchaux, Jean, Free French Navy29Passenger (Enseigne De Vaisseau)Yoma +
BritishGough, Patrick, British Army32Passenger (Lance Corporal)Yoma +
FrenchGrimat, Louis Ernest, Free French Navy28Passenger (Quartier Maître Timonier)Yoma +
FrenchGuerineau, Rémy Régine Hubert, Free French Navy21Passenger (Matelot)Yoma +
BritishGuy, William, Merchant Navy55Chief Engineer OfficerYoma +
FrenchHumbersot, Luc Henri Antoine, Free French Navy21Passenger (Matelot)Yoma +
IndianImrath Ali, , Merchant Navy45FiremanYoma +
FrenchJacob, Jean, Free French Navy21Passenger (Quartier Maître Mécanicien)Yoma +
FrenchJaouen, Jean Louis, Free French Navy32Passenger (Maître Mécanicien)Yoma +
FrenchKerleguer, Jean Pierre, Free French Navy29Passenger (Quartier Maître Canonnier)Yoma +
FrenchKerscaven, Jean Yves Marie, Free French Navy20Passenger (Matelot)Yoma +
IndianKhurshid Alam, , Merchant Navy26TrimmerYoma +
FrenchLar, François Eugène Marcel, Free French Navy28Passenger (Enseigne De Vaisseau)Yoma +
FrenchLe Cann, François Marie, Free French Navy39Passenger (Maître Fourrier)Yoma +
FrenchLe Goff, Roger Louis Marie, Free French Navy21Passenger (Quartier Maître Radiotélégraphiste)Yoma +
FrenchLe Guen, René Marie, Free French Navy35Passenger (Second Maître Canonnier)Yoma +
BritishLe May, Dennis Emerson Mcgrady, Merchant Navy18WriterYoma +
IndianLeitao, Jose Minguel, Merchant Navy49General ServantYoma +
BritishLinin, Harry, British Army29GunnerYoma +
BritishLuxford, Dennis Harold T., British Army33GunnerYoma +
FrenchMagnier, René, Free French Navy19Passenger (Matelot)Yoma +
IndianMartin, L., Merchant Navy24CookYoma +
FrenchMercier, Jean, Free French Navy26Passenger (Matelot)Yoma +
FrenchMerckel, Robert, Free French Navy19Passenger (Matelot Timonier)Yoma +
FrenchMerret, Jacques Louis Gabriel, Free French Navy23Passenger (Second Maître Timonier)Yoma +
FrenchMeudic, Georges Roger, Free French Navy33Passenger (Quartier Maître Radiotélégraphiste)Yoma +
FrenchMorin, François, Free French Navy22Passenger (Matelot)Yoma +
IndianMuhammad Ishaq, , Merchant Navy26TrimmerYoma +
BritishMuir, William Livingstone, Merchant NavyFourth OfficerYoma
IndianMuklesh Rahman, , Merchant Navy54Fireman's SerangYoma +
FrenchNade, René, Free French Navy18Passenger (Matelot)Yoma +
IndianNadir-Uz-Zaman, , Merchant Navy32FiremanYoma +
IndianNoronha, Jose Phillip, Merchant Navy22General ServantYoma +
IndianNur Muhammad, , Merchant Navy47CassabYoma +
BritishPaterson, George, Merchant Navy55MasterYoma +
BritishPearce, George Henry, RN31DEMS gunnerYoma
IndianPereira, Jose, Merchant Navy54General ServantYoma +
FrenchPetit, Georges Désiré, Free French Navy28Passenger (Quartier Maître Torpilleur)Yoma +
FrenchPinel, André Jacques Baptiste, Free French Navy20Passenger (Matelot Mécanicien)Yoma +
FrenchPlessis, Charles Léon, Free French Navy23Passenger (Enseigne De Vaisseau)Yoma +
FrenchPrioul, Francis René Jean Marie, Free French Navy22Passenger (Quartier Maître Fusilier)Yoma +
FrenchQuinquis, Marius François, Free French Navy35Passenger (Second Maître Canonnier)Yoma +
IndianRebello, Remedio, Merchant NavyGeneral ServantYoma +
IndianRodrigues, Pedro M., Merchant Navy47BoyYoma +
FrenchRouanet, Pierre Auguste, Free French Navy21Passenger (Matelot Mécanicien)Yoma +
FrenchRuiz, Roland Antoine, Free French Navy34Passenger (Ingénieur Mécanicien)Yoma +
FrenchSaliou, Jean François Marie, Free French Navy33Passenger (Second Maître Canonnier)Yoma +
FrenchSarfati, André Georges, Free French Navy25Passenger (Ingénieur Mécanicien)Yoma +
FrenchSautiere, Paul Eugène, Free French Navy21Passenger (Quartier Maître Canonnier)Yoma +
FrenchSeigne, Maurice, Free French Navy18Passenger (Matelot)Yoma +
FrenchSorrentino, Michel, Free French Navy22Passenger (Matelot)Yoma +
FrenchThuillier, Jean, Free French Navy22Passenger (Enseigne De Vaisseau)Yoma +
FrenchTourneur, Narcisse Alfred, Free French Navy20Passenger (Matelot)Yoma +
FrenchTreuvil, François Marie, Free French Navy21Passenger (Matelot)Yoma +
FrenchVarache, Jorès Georges Camille, Free French Navy23Passenger (Matelot Chauffeur)Yoma +
FrenchYven, Alain Nicolas, Free French Navy22Passenger (Matelot Canonnier)Yoma +

83 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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