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Empire Heritage

British steam tanker

Empire Heritage under her former name Tafelberg

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British steam tanker Empire Heritage.

Aboard Empire Heritage when hit on 8 Sep 1944

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NameAgeRankServed on
Aitken, Charles Forrester, Merchant Navy33Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Aitken, Robert Thomson, Merchant Navy19Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Allen, John, Merchant Navy51Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Anderson, Edward Douglas, Merchant Navy29Second Radio OfficerEmpire Heritage +
Award Umar Muhammad, , Merchant Navy55Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Baker, Alan John, Merchant Navy18Mess Room BoyEmpire Heritage +
Banks, John Johnston, Merchant Navy22Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Barbour, Thomas Crawford, Merchant Navy18Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Boardman, Ronald, Merchant Navy23Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Bowen, Ornan Jones, RN23Convoy SignalmanEmpire Heritage +
Bradley, Leslie Norman Frederick, Merchant Navy24Assistant StewardEmpire Heritage +
Brown, Eric John Wallis, Merchant Navy38Chief StewardEmpire Heritage +
Brown, Eric Ritson, Merchant Navy31Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Chalmers, John Shiels, Merchant Navy20Seventh Engineer OfficerEmpire Heritage +
Cherrie, John McConnell, Merchant Navy34GreaserEmpire Heritage +
Church, John, Merchant Navy38Second StewardEmpire Heritage +
Clark, Ralph, Merchant Navy28Third OfficerEmpire Heritage +
Colebourne, Henry, Merchant Navy30Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Colebourne, Stanley, Merchant Navy26Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Coleman, Thomas, Merchant Navy56Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Connolly, James, Merchant Navy20Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Cordingley, Edward Hulmes, RNAble Seaman (DEMS gunner)Empire Heritage +
Corfield, Edward, Merchant Navy30Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Coutts, Norman, Merchant Navy18Senior Ordinary SeamanEmpire Heritage +
Crawshaw, George Henry Collinson, Merchant Navy22Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Devins, John, Merchant Navy26PumpmanEmpire Heritage +
Dewar, John Buchanan, Merchant Navy30FiremanEmpire Heritage +
Donovan, Joseph, British Army29Gunner (DEMS gunner)Empire Heritage +
Drummond, Gordon Murray, Merchant Navy17CadetEmpire Heritage +
Easton, William Norman, Merchant Navy17CadetEmpire Heritage +
Faith, Thomas Coundon, Merchant Navy26CookEmpire Heritage +
Flight, James, Merchant Navy24Sixth Engineer OfficerEmpire Heritage +
Forsyth, George, Merchant Navy22Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Friend, Henry, Merchant Navy32Second Cook and BakerEmpire Heritage +
Gallagher, John, Merchant Navy17Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Garbe, John, RN20Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Empire Heritage +
Gardner, James, Merchant Navy24DonkeymanEmpire Heritage +
Gillian, George, Merchant Navy17Galley BoyEmpire Heritage +
Goring, Harry, Merchant Navy23Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Hadfield, Joseph, British Army47Bombardier (DEMS gunner)Empire Heritage +
Hallett, John Henry, Merchant Navy43Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Haswell, George, Merchant Navy48FiremanEmpire Heritage +
Haymes, Albert Charles, Merchant Navy19Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Henderson, Enoch, British Army37Gunner (DEMS gunner)Empire Heritage +
Hilton, Harold, Merchant Navy44Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Hulley, Thomas Evan, Merchant Navy48FiremanEmpire Heritage +
Hyde, William John, Merchant Navy52FiremanEmpire Heritage +
Jamieson, James, Merchant Navy49MasterEmpire Heritage +
Jarvis, Richard, RN21Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Empire Heritage +
Johnson, Peter Fraser, Merchant Navy18Junior Ordinary SeamanEmpire Heritage +
Jones, Joshua, Merchant Navy30Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Joyce, David John, Merchant Navy18Mess Room BoyEmpire Heritage +
Kelleher, Jeremiah, Merchant Navy18Mess Room BoyEmpire Heritage +
Loughery, James, British Army30Gunner (DEMS gunner)Empire Heritage +
Mack, Henry Vincent, Merchant Navy31Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Mahoney, Cornelius, Merchant Navy40Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Mansell, William, Merchant Navy40Second Cook and BakerEmpire Heritage +
Marks, David Chapman, Merchant Navy29SailorEmpire Heritage +
Matheson, John Anderson, Merchant Navy24Able SeamanEmpire Heritage +
McCaghey, Patrick Joseph, Merchant Navy31Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
McDermott, Alfred Thomas, Merchant Navy29Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
McDevitt, Richard Sharpe, Merchant Navy41GreaserEmpire Heritage +
McDonald, Lawrence John, Merchant Navy24Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
McGrath, Patrick Joseph, Merchant Navy24Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
McKenzie, Angus, Merchant Navy21Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
McKeown, James Coates, Merchant Navy31Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
McNeillage, Reuben, Merchant Navy20FiremanEmpire Heritage +
Medlock, Charles Sidney, RN33Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Empire Heritage +
Miller, John Vincent, Merchant Navy23Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Muirden, Hector, Merchant Navy34Able SeamanEmpire Heritage +
Mullen, Joseph, Merchant Navy21Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Murdoch, William Christie, Merchant Navy29DonkeymanEmpire Heritage +
Murray, John George, Merchant Navy24Fifth Engineer OfficerEmpire Heritage +
Nelhams, Percy John, Merchant Navy29Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Nelson, Stewart, Merchant Navy19SailorEmpire Heritage +
Newton, Dennis, Merchant Navy20Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Nicoll, James Stanley, Merchant Navy19Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Niven, Duncan, Merchant Navy41Leading Fireman and StorekeeperEmpire Heritage +
O'Sullivan, Patrick, Merchant Navy30FiremanEmpire Heritage +
Olsen, Sigvald Anton, Merchant Navy57Second Engineer OfficerEmpire Heritage +
Ottolangui, George, Merchant Navy22Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Reynolds, Cecil, Merchant Navy20Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Richards, John William, Merchant Navy20Mess Room StewardEmpire Heritage +
Robertson, George Fraser Jamieson, Merchant Navy25Able SeamanEmpire Heritage +
Root, William Thomas, Merchant Navy41Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Rothwell, Bernard Eric, Merchant Navy38Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Ryan, Harold Edward, Merchant Navy18Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Sankey, Allan, Merchant Navy19Mess Room BoyEmpire Heritage +
Sharp, Joseph Wilkinson, Merchant Navy18Senior Ordinary SeamanEmpire Heritage +
Sheldrake, Douglas Haig, Merchant Navy25CarpenterEmpire Heritage +
Simister, Eric, Merchant Navy20Assistant StewardEmpire Heritage +
Sisay Alhaseine, , Merchant Navy22Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Smith, John, Merchant Navy42Deck StorekeeperEmpire Heritage +
Soutar, William Carnegie, Merchant Navy24Fourth Engineer OfficerEmpire Heritage +
Stant, William Alfred, Merchant Navy67Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Stapleton, James Harold, Merchant Navy26Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Tattersall, William, Merchant Navy54Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Taylor, John Henry, Merchant Navy34Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Thomson, Charles, Merchant Navy17Third Radio OfficerEmpire Heritage +
Thornton, James Robert, Merchant Navy20Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Togneri, Luigi Francisco, Merchant Navy30SurgeonEmpire Heritage +
Trotter, Charles Robert Pinkerton, Merchant Navy24Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Tveitan, Johan Olsen, Merchant Navy50PumpmanEmpire Heritage +
Tyson, Stephen James Mortimer, Merchant Navy42Third Engineer OfficerEmpire Heritage +
Voase, Francis Edward, Merchant Navy21Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Wilson, Garner, Merchant Navy37Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Wilson, George Lister, Merchant Navy22Passenger (DBS)Empire Heritage +
Winstanley, Donald Albert, Merchant Navy18Assistant CookEmpire Heritage +

108 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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