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HMCS Shawinigan (K 136)

Canadian corvette

Photo from Department of National Defence of Canada #MC-2921

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Canadian corvette HMCS Shawinigan (K 136).

Aboard HMCS Shawinigan (K 136) when hit on 25 Nov 1944

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NameAgeRankServed on
CanadianAgar, Robert James, RCNVR28Leading CookHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianAnderson, Stewart William, RCNVR19Ordinary SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianAnderson, William John, RCNVR23Leading CoderHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianArmstrong, Robert Oliver, RCNVR31Leading TelegraphistHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianBaird, Haddow Frederick, RCNVR26Sub-LieutenantHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianBarlow, Howard Cliffe, RCNVR19TelegraphistHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianBeauchamp, Joseph Florida Andre, RCNVR20Able SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianBenoit, Joseph Bertrand Alphonse, RCNVR30CookHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianBernst, Ronald William, RCNVR19Able SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianBlaylock, Douglas John, RCNVR19Able SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianBrett, Robert Arthur, RCNVR20Ordinary SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianBreux, Joseph Yvon Paul, RCNVR18Able SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianBrown, Gordon, RCNVR19Ordinary SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianButler, Arthur Herbert, RCNVR20Ordinary SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianCallan, William Edward, RCNVR30LieutenantHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianCampbell, Alexander Hutton, RCNVR24StokerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianCampbell, James, RCNVR23Engine Room ArtificerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianChalmers, George Anderson, RCNVR29Leading SignalmanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianChisholm, Eric Miles, RCN21Leading SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianClayton, Alfred Ernest Joseph, RCNVR24Supply AssistantHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianCole, Harry Charles Beverley, RCNVR20Ordinary SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianConners, Cyril Winfield, RCN23Chief Petty OfficerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianDupuis, Ronald Joseph, RCNVR20Able SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianDuval, Alfred Henri, RCNVR39StewardHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianEarp, Ralph Neil, RCNVR18Able SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianEppler, Clifford, RCNVR19Ordinary SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianEvans, David Mierion, RCNVR27Petty OfficerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianEvans, John James, RCNVR20Able SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianEvans, Lewis Brychan, RCNVR18Ordinary SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianFiander, Edgar Lincoln, RCNR35Petty Officer StokerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianFougere, Leo Henry, RCNR29Petty Officer StokerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianFrench, Donald Frederick, RCNVR25LieutenantHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianGarrett, Dudley Morine, RCNVR20Able SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianGrant, Robert Grierson, RCNVR23SignalmanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianHibbard, Arnold Ashley, RCNVR18Ordinary SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianHodgson, John William, RCNVR26Able SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianHughes, William, RCNVR21Able SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianHunter, Roy Scott, RCNVR19Ordinary TelegraphistHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianHurd, Harold John, RCNVR28Leading Sick Berth AttendantHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianJames, John Lloyd, RCNVR22StokerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianJohnson, Maurice Walter, RCNVR21CoderHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianJones, William James, RCNR30CaptainHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianKemp, Arthur Eugene, RCNVR27CoderHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianKendall, Robin Dirk Harding, RCNVR19StokerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianKennah, Willette Roy, RCNVR23SignalmanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianLa Barre, Joseph Adrien, RCNVR27StokerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianLangfeld, Leslie Bruce, RCNVR21Leading SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianLawrence, John Campbell, RCNVR28LieutenantHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianLawrence, Thomas Edward, RCNVR27Able SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianLloyd, Walter John, RCNVR23Able SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianMacarthur, David Alexander, RCNVR18Ordinary SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianMaceachern, William Campbell, RCNVR19Able SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianMaclanders, Vernon Earl, RCNVR21Able SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianMacwilliam, Jack, RCNVR20Able SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianMcDougall, Donald Thompson Corran, RCNVR23SignalmanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianMcNeil, Donald Bertrand, RCNVR28Warrant EngineerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianMitchell, Patrick Allen, RCN23Leading SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianMorrison, Ewen, RCNVR22Leading SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianMorrow, David James, RCNVR28LieutenantHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianMoss, Cecil Richard, RCNVR18Ordinary SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianMurray, Glenn Stewart, RCNVR19StokerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianO'Gorman, Michael Bernard, RCNVR23Engine Room ArtificerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianOssachuk, John, RCNVR25StokerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianPaithowski, Michael Joseph, RCNVR26Petty Officer StokerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianParsons, Howard Norman, RCN20Petty OfficerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianPhillips, James George, RCNVR20Ordinary SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianRayner, Robert Frank, RCNVR20Able SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianRea, Clifford Laureano, RCNVR23StokerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianRigby, John Joseph, RCNVR19Ordinary SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianRitzer, Edward Ralph, RCNVR29StokerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianRoy, Frank Norrie, RCNVR19StewardHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianSavoy, Alfred Theodore, RCNVR22Able SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianSealey, Walter Bertie, RCNVR23Able SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianSmith, Gerald John, RCNVR20StokerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianSmith, William Roy, RCNVR19Ordinary SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianSmithson, Stanley Lawrence, RCNVR22StokerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianSmrke, Anthony, RCNVR21Ordinary SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianSnyder, Arthur Douglas, RCNR25Petty OfficerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianStefiuk, George, RCNR26Leading SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianSwart, Dirk Cornelius, RCNVR23Petty Officer StokerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianThomas, Roger Charles, RCNVR21TelegraphistHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianTodd, Hugh Lamour, RCNVR23Able SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianTrenholm, Frank Robert, RCNVR21Ordinary SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianVincent, Eldon Gilbert, RCNVR21Leading StokerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianWallington, Spencer, RCNVR31Leading StokerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianWatson, Wilfred, RCNVR23Electrical ArtificerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianWatt, Conway James, RCNVR21Engine Room ArtificerHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianWhite, Clayton Leonard, RCNVR19Able SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianWhitehead, Arthur John, RCNVR22Able SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianWhymark, Milton Elwood, RCNVR22Able SeamanHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +
CanadianWoods, Harold George, RCNVR21TelegraphistHMCS Shawinigan (K 136) +

91 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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