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Peter Silvester

American steam merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam merchant Peter Silvester.

Aboard Peter Silvester when hit on 6 Feb 1945

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NameAgeRankServed on
Anderson, Fred Elmer, USNSeaman First ClassPeter Silvester
Buccino, Joseph W., Merchant Marine22Third MatePeter Silvester
Butler, Donald Richard, USNSeaman First ClassPeter Silvester
Cain, Joe Boone, USNRSeaman First ClassPeter Silvester +
Cain, Max Leland, USNSeaman First ClassPeter Silvester +
Capella, Frank G., USNSeaman First ClassPeter Silvester
Carter, Ross E., USNRSeaman First ClassPeter Silvester +
Caselli, Lawrence, USNSeaman First ClassPeter Silvester
Cieslak, Henry Casemere, US Army19Passenger (Private)Peter Silvester
Claycomb, James Doyle, USNRSeaman First ClassPeter Silvester +
Conyers, Orby E., USNRSeaman First ClassPeter Silvester +
Copeland, M.D., USNSeaman First ClassPeter Silvester
Corbitt, Darrell H., USNRSeaman First ClassPeter Silvester +
Cox, Jack, Merchant MarineCrew memberPeter Silvester
Cromwell, Marvin Larvey, USNRSeaman First ClassPeter Silvester +
Dennis, Bernard C., Merchant MarineMasterPeter Silvester
DuFour, Louis, Merchant MarineCrew memberPeter Silvester
Eiselstein, James E., US ArmyPassenger (Lieutenant)Peter Silvester
Folden, James, Merchant MarineCrew memberPeter Silvester
Funk, Jack, Merchant MarineAble SeamanPeter Silvester +
Garubo, Vito, Merchant MarineCrew memberPeter Silvester
Graham, Walter, US ArmyPassenger (Private)Peter Silvester
Kamertz, Joseph John, US Army19Passenger (Private)Peter Silvester
Kemmer, Charles Paul, US Army19Passenger (Private)Peter Silvester
Laenen, Remie, US Army19Passenger (Private)Peter Silvester
Larsen, Eugene, Merchant MarineCrew memberPeter Silvester
Martinelli, Mario Carl, US Army19Passenger (Private)Peter Silvester
Morawski, Thomas Stephen, US Army19Passenger (Private)Peter Silvester
Nauslar, James, Merchant MarineCrew memberPeter Silvester
Peffier, Carl, Merchant MarineCrew memberPeter Silvester
Penn, Kenneth R., Merchant MarineCrew memberPeter Silvester
Saucier, James Anthony, USNRGunner's Mate Second ClassPeter Silvester
Sproul, Richard, Merchant MarineCrew memberPeter Silvester
Tschirhart, Thomas William, US Army19Passenger (Private)Peter Silvester
Tuthill, Donald Edward, US Army19Passenger (Private)Peter Silvester
Zajaczkowski, Ernest J., US Army19Passenger (Private)Peter Silvester

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