Ships hit by U-boats

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HMCS Guysborough (J 52)

Canadian Fleet minesweeper

Photo from Imperial War Museum (IWM), FL-13703

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Canadian Fleet minesweeper HMCS Guysborough (J 52).

Aboard HMCS Guysborough (J 52) when hit on 17 Mar 1945

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NameAgeRankServed on
CanadianAdam, George Frank, RCN33Mechanician 1st ClassHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianAndrews, Joseph Charles, RCNVR27Leading StokerHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianBallantyne, Roswell Alexander, RCNVR19StokerHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianBarnett, Charles Austin, RCNVR24Able SeamanHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianBell-Irving, Richard Morris, RCNVR28Lieutenant (E)HMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianBerryman, Jack Gardner, RCNVR21Leading StokerHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianBesso, Clifford, RCNLeading SeamanHMCS Guysborough (J 52)
CanadianBishop, Robert John, RCNVR20SignalmanHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
BritishBoddier, , RNLieutenantHMCS Guysborough (J 52)
CanadianBodeux, Joseph Marcel, RCNVR27SignalmanHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianBouchard, Joseph Eugene Paul Emile, RCNVR21Able SeamanHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianBourbonnais, Joseph Jean Guy, RCNVR20Petty Officer StokerHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianBrumpton, Asa Gordon, RCNVR21Engine Room ArtificerHMCS Guysborough (J 52)
CanadianBury, James Edward, RCNVR24StokerHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianChalmers, Robert James, RCNVR20TelegraphistHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianClarke, James Peter, RCNVR20Ordinary SeamanHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
BritishColeman, Irving, RNVRPassenger (Sub-Lieutenant)HMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianCox, John Daniel, RCNVR33Engine Room ArtificerHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianCrosson, Abraham Bullard, RCNVR31Leading CoderHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
BritishDavis, E.M., FAAPassenger (Lieutenant (A))HMCS Guysborough (J 52)
CanadianDensmore, Wilfred Harding, RCNVR19CookHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianDicks, George Ronald, RCNVR22Petty OfficerHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianDonnett, James, RCN23StokerHMCS Guysborough (J 52)
CanadianDowney, Dale George, RCNVR21StokerHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianEddy, Donald Cecil, RCNVR21Sick Berth AttendantHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianGair, Alexander Mowat, RCNVR25Leading SignalmanHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianGarvey, William, RCNVR22SignalmanHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianGeddes, Frederick Elmo, RCN27Petty Officer StokerHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianGibson, Alvon Robert, RCNVR19Ordinary SeamanHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianGohier, Joseph Victor Maurice, RCNVR20Able SeamanHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianGray, Gordon Tilford, RCNVR25Leading StokerHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianHamilton, William Ainslie, RCNVR22Engine Room ArtificerHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianHolland, Thomas Vincent, RCNVR26LieutenantHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
BritishHorton, Albert Edwin, RNPassenger (Able Seaman)HMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianHunter, William Alexander, RCNVR20Able SeamanHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianKonsmo, Ole Burnett, RCNVR35CookHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianLapp, John Raymond, RCNVR28Petty Officer StokerHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianMallette, Joseph Adelard Maurice, RCNVR23StewardHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianMatthews, Paul Joseph, RCNVR21StokerHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianMcCluskey, Henry, RCNVR21Able SeamanHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
BritishMcCormack, , RNSub-LieutenantHMCS Guysborough (J 52)
CanadianMcCutcheon, William Albert, RCNVR24Leading WriterHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianMcGregor, Gordon, RCN23Able SeamanHMCS Guysborough (J 52)
CanadianMcGuigan, John Donald, RCNVR37Leading StewardHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianMitchell, George Thomas, RCNVR28StokerHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianMountain, William Tudor, RCNVR20Able SeamanHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianMutcheson, John Edwin, RCNVR19Ordinary SeamanHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianNeufeld, Arthur, RCNVR20StokerHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianPaul, Kenneth Boyd, RCNVR32Leading StokerHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianPayne, Harry Alvin, RCNVR22Leading SeamanHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianRenaud, Maurice Joseph, RCNVR23Petty Officer StokerHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianRobertson, Robert Gordon, RCNVR25TelegraphistHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianRumpel, Oscar Hedley, RCNVR33LieutenantHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianRussell, Benjamin Thomas Robert, RCNRLieutenantHMCS Guysborough (J 52)
CanadianSchmidt, Alfred Hugo, RCNVR35StokerHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianShinewald, Sydney James, RCNVR20TelegraphistHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianSlade, Richard Stanley, RCNVR23LieutenantHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianSmardon, Walter Edwin, RCNVR24Leading TelegraphistHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianSorrell, William Wallace, RCNVR19Able SeamanHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianStevenson, Robert Gordon, RCNVR20StokerHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +
CanadianWalker, Dennis Gerald, RCNVR31StokerHMCS Guysborough (J 52)
CanadianWilliams, Roland George, RCNVR24Leading Stores AssistantHMCS Guysborough (J 52) +

62 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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