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HMS Laurentic (F 51)

British Armed Merchant Cruiser

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British Armed Merchant Cruiser HMS Laurentic (F 51).

Aboard HMS Laurentic (F 51) when hit on 3 Nov 1940

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NameAgeRankServed on
BritishAustin, Walter Henry, RN43Leading SeamanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishBaker, Austen, NAP24TrimmerHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishBaker, Jack, NAP29TrimmerHMS Laurentic (F 51)
BritishBarr, Kenneth Schollar, RNR39Paymaster Sub-LieutenantHMS Laurentic (F 51), HMS Patroclus
BritishBaxter, William, NAP33StewardHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishBennett, Arthur, NAP20TrimmerHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishBramwell, Albert, RN33Able SeamanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishByrne, Anthony, NAP17TrimmerHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishCarr, Charles Frederick, NAP32Assistant StorekeeperHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishClarke, Ernest, RNR31Petty OfficerHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishClifford, Leonard Charles, RNVR27Able SeamanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishConnerty, James, NAP38FiremanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishCosgrove, Thomas, RNR24SeamanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishCroft, Harry Frederick, RFR41Able SeamanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishCrosby, Basil Dunville, NAP46StewardHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishFisher, Colin Douglas, RNR17MidshipmanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishHand, Frederick William, RFR31Able SeamanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishHendon, Victor Arthur, RNVR24Able SeamanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishHines, Christopher, NAP50FiremanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishHodgson, Joseph, RNRSeamanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishHoward, John Samuel, RFRLeading SeamanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishHowgate, Robert Joseph, RNR26Leading SeamanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishJohnson, Peter William, NAP36FiremanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishKenny, Henry, RN21Able SeamanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishLewis, Edward John, RFR38Able SeamanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishLightfoot, Jonathan, RNR51Lieutenant Commander (E)HMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishLundrigan, William, RN19Able SeamanHMS Laurentic (F 51)
BritishMason, Edwin, NAP20TrimmerHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishMcLeod, Murdo, RNRSeamanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishMcLeod, Roy Beverley, RN34Able SeamanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishMcNally, James, NAP20TrimmerHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishMonaghan, John Isaac, NAPStewardHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishMonaghan, Thomas, NAP25FiremanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishMontague, Richard James, NAP23Assistant StewardHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishMullin, Peter, NAP40FiremanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishPearson, Cyril, RFR41Able SeamanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishPerry, John Henry, NAP45GreaserHMS Laurentic (F 51)
BritishPhoenix, Joseph, NAP38StewardHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishPritchard, David, RNR29SeamanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishQuinn, Joseph, NAP27TrimmerHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishReynolds, John Charles, NAP40Second StewardHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishRoach, John, NAP21FiremanHMS Laurentic (F 51)
BritishRoberts, Francis George Edward, NAP40GreaserHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishRobinson, Sydney, NAP21Sixth EngineerHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishRoche, Francis Joseph, RNAble SeamanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishShaw, Albert Ernest John, RN21Able SeamanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishShirley, John, NAP20TrimmerHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishSmith, Ernest, NAP41PantrymanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishStallard, Wilfred Arnold, NAP53JoinerHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishStanley, John, NAP49Ship’s CookHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishStanton, Jack August, NAP26WriterHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishSummers, John, RNVR20Able SeamanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishTimmings, Frederick, RN42Able SeamanHMS Laurentic (F 51) +
BritishVivian, Eric Paul, RN49Captain (retired)HMS Laurentic (F 51)
BritishWhalen, James F., RN22Able SeamanHMS Laurentic (F 51)
BritishWorsley, John Godfrey Bernard, RN21MidshipmanHMS Laurentic (F 51)
BritishYoung, Maurice Joseph, RNPetty OfficerHMS Laurentic (F 51) +

57 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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