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Swedish motor merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Swedish motor merchant Venezuela.

Aboard Venezuela when hit on 17 Apr 1941

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NameAgeRankServed on
SwedishAndersson, Folke Gustaf Herbert, Merchant Navy27Galley BoyVenezuela +
SwedishAndersson, Per, Merchant Navy42ElectricianVenezuela +
SwedishBauer, Björn Josef Martin, Merchant Navy18Deck BoyVenezuela +
SwedishBergdahl, Per Gösta Bertil, Merchant Navy22Ordinary SeamanVenezuela +
SwedishBergsten, H. Stig, Merchant Navy28Third OfficerVenezuela +
SwedishBlomqvist, Uno Albinus, Merchant Navy49Leading MechanicVenezuela +
SwedishBraunstein, Tore B.G., Merchant Navy31Second OfficerVenezuela +
SwedishChristiansson, Johan Arthur, Merchant Navy56Chief Engineer OfficerVenezuela +
SwedishEriksson, Sven Arvid, Merchant Navy33Chief CookVenezuela +
SwedishGranlund, Knut B., Merchant Navy28Able SeamanVenezuela +
SwedishGrundberg, Per Å.V., Merchant Navy19Ordinary SeamanVenezuela +
SwedishGustavsson, Ivar Fredrik, Merchant Navy42Assistant EngineerVenezuela +
SwedishHallehn, Edvin Ragnar Valdemar, Merchant Navy45Chief OfficerVenezuela +
SwedishHallenborg, Helge R., Merchant Navy24Able SeamanVenezuela +
SwedishHansson, Emil August, Merchant Navy48Leading MechanicVenezuela +
SwedishHenningsson, Karl Henning, Merchant Navy26Ordinary SeamanVenezuela +
SwedishHenriksson, Gustav H., Merchant Navy34MechanicVenezuela +
SwedishHolmström, Thor V., Merchant Navy18Mess Room WaiterVenezuela +
SwedishIsaksson, Evert Leif, Merchant Navy24Saloon WaiterVenezuela +
SwedishJohnsson, Hjalmar, Merchant Navy39First Assistant EngineerVenezuela +
SwedishJuliusson, Gustav F., Merchant Navy25Able SeamanVenezuela +
SwedishJönsberg, Cato S., Merchant Navy49Leading MechanicVenezuela +
SwedishKlintberg, Morgan G., Merchant Navy20Assistant StewardVenezuela +
SwedishLarsson, John B., Merchant Navy30Able SeamanVenezuela +
SwedishLönn, Klas Sigfrid, Merchant Navy53Boatswain (Bosun)Venezuela +
FinnishManninen, Armas Olavi, Civilian9PassengerVenezuela +
SwedishMatsson, Mats B., Merchant Navy23Saloon WaiterVenezuela +
SwedishMolin, Karl S., Merchant Navy23Leading MechanicVenezuela +
SwedishNilsson, Bertil C., Merchant Navy25Second CookVenezuela +
SwedishNilsson, Nils Oscar Ludvig, Merchant Navy41Refrigerator EngineerVenezuela +
SwedishNordenberg, John E.M., Merchant Navy28Able SeamanVenezuela +
SwedishOhlsson, Harry M., Merchant Navy20MechanicVenezuela +
FinnishOlsson, Marta Regina, CivilianPassengerVenezuela +
SwedishPettersson, Rune Sigfrid, Merchant Navy20Deck BoyVenezuela +
SwedishRöhr, Olof Hilding, Merchant Navy31StewardVenezuela +
FinnishSalminen, Frans Uno, CivilianPassengerVenezuela +
FinnishSalminen, Johan Magnus, Civilian6PassengerVenezuela +
FinnishSalminen, Kai Uno, Civilian11PassengerVenezuela +
FinnishSalminen, Kate Maria, Civilian10PassengerVenezuela +
FinnishSalminen, Saga Linnea Miranda, CivilianPassengerVenezuela +
SwedishSalomonsson, Gustaf Adolf, Merchant Navy54MasterVenezuela +
SwedishSandin, Nils Fritiof, Merchant Navy38MechanicVenezuela +
FinnishSarin, Nanny Virginia, CivilianPassengerVenezuela +
SwedishScotting, Karl C.F., Merchant Navy23MechanicVenezuela +
SwedishSjöberg, Axel Folke, Merchant Navy29Second Assistant EngineerVenezuela +
SwedishSvensson, Gösta Martin, Merchant Navy20Deck BoyVenezuela +
SwedishSvensson, Sture Patrik, Merchant Navy45Radio OperatorVenezuela +
SwedishSäverström, John H., Merchant Navy45CarpenterVenezuela +
SwedishThorell, Nils B.F., Merchant Navy28Engine BoyVenezuela +

49 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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