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MS Trawlers

Tree class

20 ships

Technical information

TypeMS Trawler
Displacement530 BRT 
Length164 feet 
Complement35 men 
Armament1 12pdr AA gun
2 .5" AA (1x2)
4 MG AA (2x2) 
Max speed11.5 knots
EnginesReciprocating engine, 1 shaft 
Notes on class 

Royal Navy Royal Navy ships of the Tree class

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HMS Acacia (T 02)
HMS Almond (T 14) Lost on 2 Feb 1941
HMS Ash (T 39) Lost on 5 Jun 1941
HMS Bay (T 77)
HMS Birch (T 93)
HMS Blackthorn (T 100)
HMS Chestnut (T 110) Lost on 30 Nov 1940
HMS Deodar (T 124)
HMS Elm (T 105)
HMS Fir (T 129)
HMS Hazel (T 108)
HMS Hickory (T 116) Lost on 22 Oct 1940
HMS Juniper (T 123) Lost on 8 Jun 1940
HMS Mangrove (T 112)
HMS Olive (T 126)
HMS Pine (T 101) Lost on 31 Jan 1944
HMS Rowan (T 119)
HMS Walnut (T 103)
HMS Whitethorn (T 127)
HMS Wistaria (T 113)

20 MS Trawlers of the Tree class. 6 of them were lost.

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