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The light cruiser HMS Neptune (20) of the Royal Navy. She was lost on 19 Dec 1941.

Technical information

TypeLight cruiser
Length554.5 feet (oa) 
Complement550 men 
Armament8 6" guns (4x2)
8 4" AA guns (4x2), 4 4" AA guns (4x1) in Achilles
12 .5" MG AA (3x4)
8 21" torpedo tubes (2x4)
1 aircraft
1 catapult 
Max speed32.5 knots
EnginesGeared turbines, 4 shafts 
Power72000 HP 
Notes on classAchilles retained her single 4" AA guns until late in the war, she was only fitted with twin 4" mountings in 1944. The light Anti-Aircraft armament was gradually increased as the war progressed. 

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HMS Ajax (22)
HMS Leander (75)
HMS Neptune (20) Lost on 19 Dec 1941
HMS Orion (85)

4 Light cruisers of the Leander class. 1 of them was lost.

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