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TypeAuxiliary patrol vessel
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Royal Indian Navy Royal Indian Navy ships of the class

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HMIS Badora (FY 079)
HMIS Bhadravati (FY 065)
HMIS Chandravati
HMIS Dhumra
HMIS Dipavati (4.109)
HMIS Ganga
HMIS Guthie
HMIS Haideri Lost on 2 Apr 1943
HMIS Hashemi
HMIS Hiravati (4.215)
HMIS Irrawadi (4.186)
HMIS Jamnagar
HMIS Kalavati (4.158)
HMIS Kutubtari (FY 086) Lost on 10 Aug 1944
HMIS Lady Craddock Lost on 16 Oct 1942
HMIS Laxmi (FY 090)
HMIS Lilavati
HMIS Netravati (4.123)
HMIS Nulchira
HMIS Oostcapelle
HMIS Padmavati
HMIS Pangkor
HMIS Parvati (4.179) Lost on 30 Apr 1941
HMIS Pathfinder
HMIS Prabhavati Lost on 8 Dec 1941
HMIS Ramdas (4.111)
HMIS Ratnagiri (4.198)
HMIS Rukmavati (FY 075)
HMIS Sandip
HMIS Sandoway
HMIS Satyavati (FY 073)
HMIS Selama
HMIS Sir Francis Hood
HMIS Sitakhoond
HMIS Sohpie Marie Lost on 1 Mar 1942
HMIS Sonavati (4.206)
HMIS Sonvard
HMIS St. Anthony (4.149)
HMIS Victoria Marie
HMIS Zulfaquar

26 Auxiliary patrol vessels (41 names) of the class. 6 of them were lost.

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