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Cleveland class

27 ships

The light cruiser USS Portsmouth (CL 102) of the US Navy.

Technical information

TypeLight cruiser
Displacement10000 BRT 
Length608 feet 
Complement1255 men 
Armament12 x 6"/47 (4x3).
12 x 5"/38 DP (6x2).
28 x 40mm.
10 x 20mm.
4 Aircraft, 2 catapults. 
Max speed32.5 knots
EnginesGeared turbines, 4 shafts 
Notes on class

9 more ships were laid down as Cleveland class light cruisers but converted into Independence class light fleet carriers.


All ships of the Cleveland class

US Navy US Navy (more on US Navy)

USS Youngstown (CL 94)
USS Amsterdam (CL 101)
USS Astoria (ii) (CL 90)
USS Atlanta (ii) (CL 104)
USS Biloxi (CL 80)
USS Birmingham (CL 62)
USS Cleveland (CL 55)
USS Columbia (CL 56)
USS Dayton (CL 105)
USS Denver (CL 58)
USS Duluth (CL 87)
USS Galveston (CL 93)
USS Houston (ii) (CL 81)
USS Little Rock (CL 92)
USS Manchester (CL 83)
USS Miami (CL 89)
USS Mobile (CL 63)
USS Montpelier (CL 57)
USS Oklahoma City (CL 91)
USS Pasadena (CL 65)
USS Portsmouth (CL 102)
USS Providence (CL 82)
USS Santa Fe (CL 60)
USS Springfield (CL 66)
USS Topeka (CL 67)
USS Vicksburg (CL 86)
USS Vincennes (ii) (CL 64)
USS Wilkes-Barre (CL 103)

27 Light cruisers of the Cleveland class.

Strikeout means that ship was cancelled (not finished) - not counted in class figures.

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