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Royal Hellenic Navy

The Royal Hellenic Navy

The Greek Navy was consisted of 1 old battleship (built in 1940, disarmed and turned to training duties in 1932), 1 minelayer, 10 destroyers and 6 submarines when Greece entered the war. The Greek Navy participated in a lot of operations in the Mediterranean and also in some convoys in the Atlantic Sea. The Greek merchant navy also contributed a lot during WWII.

The Greek vessels had big successes during whole war, fought bravely and contributed a lot in that war. The Greek Navy sank 2 Italian subs (the Uarsciek was captured by Greek and British destroyers on 15 Dec, 1942 in the Mediterranean but sank while in tow and the Neghelli) and 1 U-boat.

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Ships of the Royal Hellenic Navy

   Torpedo boats (13)
   Destroyers (12)
   Minesweepers (9)
   Submarines (9)
   Escort destroyers (8)
   Minelayers (8)
   Motor Launchs (5)
   Corvettes (4)
   Harbour Defence Motor Launchs (3)
   Coastal defence ships (2)
   Minelaying cruiser (1)
   Patrol craft (1)
   Armoured cruiser (1)

76 warships of 13 types.

War losses
According to our files the Royal Hellenic Navy lost 26 warships during WWII (34.21%). See them all here.