Convoy battles

All convoys hit by U-boats

This page shows the convoy names and number of ships hit from each convoy. You can click on the convoy name to view a detailed page on that convoy battle. You can also go to the convoy route page (like ON, HG or HX).

TRIN-12 (2)OB-330 (4)

AH-9 (1)AP-1 (1)AS-4 (1)AT-6 (1)AT-34 (1)AT-46 (1)
AT-49 (3)AW-22 (2)

14-BS (1)BA-12 (1)BB-80 (1)BC-2 (1)BD-5 (3)BK-3 (2)
BM-71 (1)BRN-3 (1)BS-31 (1)BT-6 (9)BT-14 (3)BT-18 (4)
BTC-10 (1)BTC-65 (1)BTC-76 (2)BTC-78 (1)BTC-81 (1)BTC-103 (1)
BTC-108 (1)BTC-111 (1)BX-23A (2)BX-27 (1)BX-55 (1)BX-65 (1)
BX-141 (3)

CA-11 (1)CB-1 (1)CB-7 (1)CD-20 (3)CG-29 (1)CN-13 (1)
CU-16 (1)CU-17 (1)CU-21 (1)CU-22 (1)CU-36 (1)

DKA-21 (1)DN-21 (6)DN-37 (1)DN-50 (1)DN-53 (1)DN-54 (1)
DN-55 (1)DN-68 (2)

E-5 (1)E-6 (4)E-7 (1)EBC-30 (1)EBC-54 (1)EBC-66 (2)
EBC-72 (2)EBC-82 (1)ECM-17 (4)EN-591 (2)EPL-8 (1)EPM-42 (1)
ET-14 (3)ET-16 (2)ET-22A (2)ETC-70 (1)ETC-72 (2)

FN-20 (1)FN-43 (1)FN-81 (1)FN-100 (1)FS-56 (1)FS-1739 (1)
FS-1753 (1)FS-1756 (1)FS-1784 (1)FTC-27 (1)FTM-22 (1)FTM-47 (1)
FTM-69 (1)FTM-74 (1)FXP-18 (1)

GAT-2 (1)GAT-49 (2)GC-107 (1)Gibr-2 (1)GTMO-83 (1)GTMO-134 (1)
GTX-2 (1)GTX-3 (1)GTX-5 (1)GUS-4 (1)GUS-18 (1)GUS-24 (1)
GUS-31 (2)GUS-38 (3)GUS-39 (2)GUS-63 (1)

HA-11 (1)HA-43 (1)HG-3 (3)HG-9 (1)HG-31F (1)HG-32F (1)
HG-34F (4)HG-46 (2)HG-53 (3)HG-61 (1)HG-70 (1)HG-73 (10)
HG-75 (6)HG-76 (4)HG-84 (5)HN-3 (1)HN-6 (1)HN-12 (1)
HN-23A (1)HX-5A (1)HX-5 (1)HX-14B (1)HX-18 (2)HX-19 (2)
HX-22 (1)HX-47 (3)HX-49 (4)HX-52 (1)HX-53 (1)HX-54 (1)
HX-55A (1)HX-55 (1)HX-60 (3)HX-62 (2)HX-65 (1)HX-65B (1)
HX-65A (5)HX-66A (3)HX-66 (1)HX-70 (1)HX-71 (2)HX-72 (14)
HX-76 (1)HX-77 (6)HX-79 (14)HX-82 (2)HX-83 (1)HX-87 (1)
HX-88 (1)HX-90 (15)HX-92 (4)HX-97 (1)HX-106 (3)HX-107 (4)
HX-109 (4)HX-112 (7)HX-115 (3)HX-117 (2)HX-121 (6)HX-126 (9)
HX-127 (1)HX-128 (1)HX-133 (8)HX-152 (1)HX-156 (1)HX-166 (1)
HX-168 (1)HX-170 (1)HX-173 (1)HX-174 (1)HX-178 (1)HX-181 (1)
HX-194 (1)HX-209 (1)HX-212 (13)HX-216 (1)HX-217 (3)HX-222 (4)
HX-223 (3)HX-224 (3)HX-227 (4)HX-228 (8)HX-229 (16)HX-230 (1)
HX-231 (9)HX-232 (5)HX-233 (2)HX-234 (3)HX-237 (3)HX-278 (1)
HX-305 (2)HX-327 (1)HX-332 (2)HX-337 (1)HX-346 (1)HX-348 (2)

JT-2 (1)JW-56B (1)JW-56A (7)JW-57 (1)JW-59 (1)JW-64 (1)
JW-65 (3)

20-K (1)65-KS (1)56-KS (2)KB-1 (1)KB-35 (1)KB-37 (1)
KG-123 (2)KJ-2 (1)KJF-3 (2)KMF-4 (1)KMF-5 (1)KMS-2 (1)
KMS-3 (2)KMS-7 (1)KMS-8 (2)KMS-10 (4)KMS-14 (2)KMS-18B (6)
KMS-27 (1)KMS-30 (1)KMS-34 (3)KMS-76 (1)KN-109 (4)KN-280 (1)
KP-1 (1)KP-24 (1)KS-511 (1)KS-514 (1)KS-520 (3)

LMD-17 (1)LN-7 (1)LW-38 (1)

MB-50 (1)ME-8 (1)MH-1 (1)MH-44 (1)MKF-1X (1)MKF-1Y (3)
MKF-3 (1)MKS-1X (1)MKS-3Y (1)MKS-5 (1)MKS-7 (3)MKS-8 (2)
MKS-10 (1)MKS-26 (2)MKS-27 (1)MKS-30 (1)MKS-40 (1)MKS-71 (1)
MW-8B (1)MW-11 (2)MWS-36 (1)

NA-2 (1)NC-9 (1)NC-18 (2)NG-385 (1)NK-538 (1)NL-9 (2)
NSS-3 (1)

OA-7 (1)OA-17 (1)OA-80G (2)OA-84 (1)OA-102 (1)OA-172 (2)
OA-175 (2)OA-180 (1)OA-184 (1)OA-199 (1)OA-200 (3)OA-204 (5)
OA-207 (1)OA-210 (2)OA-222 (1)OA-228 (2)OB-17 (2)OB-25 (1)
OB-46 (1)OB-48 (2)OB-72 (1)OB-74 (1)OB-176 (1)OB-188 (4)
OB-191 (4)OB-193 (1)OB-197 (3)OB-198 (1)OB-201 (1)OB-202 (3)
OB-205 (6)OB-206 (1)OB-213 (2)OB-216 (5)OB-217 (6)OB-218 (6)
OB-219 (1)OB-220 (1)OB-221 (1)OB-222 (1)OB-225 (1)OB-228 (5)
OB-229 (2)OB-234 (1)OB-235 (1)OB-240 (1)OB-244 (6)OB-248 (4)
OB-249 (1)OB-251 (3)OB-252 (3)OB-256 (2)OB-257 (1)OB-259 (1)
OB-260 (1)OB-261 (1)OB-269 (1)OB-276 (1)OB-279 (2)OB-280 (2)
OB-284 (1)OB-287 (1)OB-288 (9)OB-289 (4)OB-290 (4)OB-292 (1)
OB-293 (7)OB-296 (1)OB-302 (2)OB-304 (1)OB-306 (1)OB-309 (2)
OB-310 (2)OB-312 (1)OB-313 (2)OB-314 (1)OB-317 (3)OB-318 (11)
OB-319 (1)OB-320 (2)OB-322 (2)OB-323 (1)OB-324 (2)OB-327 (5)
OB-328 (4)OB-329 (5)OB-336 (3)OB-337 (2)OB-341 (2)OG-16 (1)
OG-18 (1)OG-33F (1)OG-34 (1)OG-43 (1)OG-46 (4)OG-52 (1)
OG-56 (2)OG-57 (3)OG-58 (1)OG-59 (1)OG-63 (1)OG-64 (4)
OG-65 (1)OG-67 (1)OG-69 (7)OG-71 (10)OG-74 (5)OG-75 (1)
OG-80 (1)OGF-19 (1)ON-4 (1)ON-14 (3)ON-16 (1)ON-19 (3)
ON-19A (1)ON-27 (1)ON-28 (1)ON-52 (4)ON-53 (5)ON-55 (5)
ON-56 (5)ON-60 (4)ON-62 (2)ON-63 (2)ON-65 (1)ON-66 (2)
ON-68 (1)ON-70 (1)ON-75 (1)ON-77 (1)ON-80 (1)ON-87 (2)
ON-89 (1)ON-93 (2)ON-113 (5)ON-115 (5)ON-127 (15)ON-131 (1)
ON-137 (2)ON-138 (1)ON-139 (3)ON-141 (2)ON-142 (2)ON-145 (5)
ON-146 (1)ON-149 (4)ON-152 (2)ON-153 (5)ON-165 (2)ON-166 (21)
ON-168 (3)ON-169 (1)ON-176 (2)ON-178 (1)ON-202 (12)ON-217 (2)
ON-219 (1)ON-224 (1)ON-277 (1)ONA-289 (1)ONF-251 (1)ONM-234 (1)
ONS-2 (1)ONS-3 (3)ONS-5 (13)ONS-7 (1)ONS-20 (1)ONS-33G (1)
ONS-33 (1)ONS-67 (10)ONS-92 (8)ONS-100 (6)ONS-102 (1)ONS-122 (4)
ONS-136 (4)ONS-144 (7)ONS-146 (1)ONS-154 (26)ONS-156 (1)ONS-165 (2)
ONS-167 (2)OS-1 (4)OS-4 (5)OS-7 (2)OS-10 (1)OS-12 (2)
OS-25 (1)OS-28 (3)OS-33 (7)OS-34 (2)OS-36 (1)OS-37 (1)
OS-38 (1)OS-44 (4)OS-45 (2)OS-49 (1)OS-51 (1)OS-52 (1)
OS-62 (1)OS-64 (1)OS-71 (1)OT-1 (1)

PA-8 (1)PA-69 (3)PG-6 (3)PK-9 (2)PK-20 (1)PQ-7A (1)
PQ-8 (2)PQ-13 (3)PQ-14 (1)PQ-15 (1)PQ-16 (1)PQ-17 (16)
PQ-18 (4)

QP-10 (3)QP-11 (2)QP-14 (6)QP-15 (2)QS-15 (3)QS-19 (1)
QS-33 (5)

RA-52 (1)RA-53 (3)RA-57 (1)RA-59 (1)RA-60 (2)RA-61 (1)
RA-62 (1)RA-64 (3)RA-66 (1)RB-1 (5)RS-3 (3)RU-71 (1)
RU-156 (1)RU-161 (1)

SC-1 (4)SC-2 (5)SC-3 (6)SC-6 (4)SC-7 (26)SC-11 (7)
SC-13 (1)SC-19 (6)SC-20 (3)SC-21 (1)SC-25 (1)SC-26 (13)
SC-30 (2)SC-41 (1)SC-42 (20)SC-44 (5)SC-48 (12)SC-50 (1)
SC-52 (4)SC-53 (2)SC-56 (1)SC-57 (3)SC-62 (1)SC-63 (2)
SC-64 (1)SC-66 (1)SC-67 (2)SC-94 (13)SC-95 (2)SC-97 (2)
SC-100 (5)SC-101 (1)SC-103 (1)SC-104 (19)SC-107 (19)SC-109 (1)
SC-110 (1)SC-115 (1)SC-117 (2)SC-118 (13)SC-121 (15)SC-122 (11)
SC-129 (2)SC-143 (2)SC-156 (2)SC-157 (1)SC-159 (1)SC-167 (2)
SG-6F (1)SG-6 (3)SG-19 (1)SH-125 (1)SH-194 (2)SL-7A (1)
SL-8B (1)SL-34 (2)SL-36 (4)SL-38 (1)SL-40 (1)SL-41 (1)
SL-43 (1)SL-53 (1)SL-64 (1)SL-67 (5)SL-68 (9)SL-76 (2)
SL-78 (8)SL-81 (5)SL-87 (7)SL-89 (3)SL-98 (1)SL-109 (1)
SL-111 (1)SL-118 (5)SL-119 (3)SL-125 (19)SL-126 (5)SL-128 (1)
SL-133 (1)SL-138 (1)SL-150 (1)SLS-53 (1)SLS-56 (2)SLS-60 (1)
SLS-61 (1)SLS-64 (1)SNF-17 (2)SpecCon-12 (2)SQ-35 (1)SQ-36 (5)
ST-18 (1)ST-40 (2)ST-71 (2)STL-8 (1)STL-12 (1)

TA-5 (2)TA-21 (1)TA-36 (1)TAG-5 (3)TAG-18 (6)TAG-19 (2)
TAG-20 (1)TAM-71 (1)TAM-142 (2)TAW-4J (1)TAW-7 (1)TAW-12 (2)
TAW-12J (3)TAW-13 (3)TAW-15 (3)TB-1 (4)TBC-21 (2)TBC-43 (1)
TBC-60 (1)TBC-102 (1)TBC-103 (1)TBC-135 (1)TE-9 (1)TE-16 (2)
TE-20 (1)TE-22 (1)TJ-1 (3)TJ-2 (1)TJ-30 (1)TM-1 (9)
TMC-44 (1)TO-5 (2)TRIN-1 (1)TRIN-3 (1)TRIN-14 (1)TRIN-15 (1)
TRIN-16 (2)TRIN-19 (2)TRIN-20 (1)TRIN-24 (1)TRIN-27 (1)TS-37 (7)
TS-38 (1)TS-41 (1)TS-42 (1)

UC-1 (7)UGF-1 (7)UGS-3 (2)UGS-4 (3)UGS-6 (5)UGS-6A (1)
UGS-7 (3)UGS-10 (1)UGS-14 (2)UGS-17 (1)UGS-37 (2)UGS-72 (2)
UR-42 (1)UR-59 (1)UR-108 (1)UR-142 (2)UR-155 (2)

VA-18 (3)VD-1 (2)VWP-116 (1)

WAT-13 (1)WAT-15 (2)WB-65 (2)WEP-3 (1)WS-15 (1)WS-21S (1)

65-X (1)60-XF (1)XB-25 (2)XB-139 (1)XK-2 (4)XT-4 (1)
XT-7 (1)XTG-2 (1)

ZG-36 (1)

Specially named convoys

AppFlt Q (1)Cultivate (2)Elastic (2)IFC (1)Metril (2)MP (1)
Ropsley (1)Shingle (5)TAW(S) (3)Torch (8)

1742 ships hit from 686 convoys.

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