List of all boats in the Mediterrean

Below are all the U-boats that successfully made it to the Mediterranean.

U-73  U-74  U-75  U-77  U-79  U-81  U-83  U-95  U-97  
U-133  U-205  U-223  U-224  U-230  U-259  U-301  U-303  U-331  
U-343  U-371  U-372  U-374  U-375  U-380  U-407  U-409  U-410  
U-414  U-421  U-431  U-433  U-443  U-450  U-453  U-455  U-458  
U-466  U-471  U-557  U-559  U-561  U-562  U-565  U-568  U-573  
U-577  U-586  U-593  U-595  U-596  U-602  U-605  U-616  U-617  
U-642  U-652  U-660  U-755  U-952  U-960  U-967  U-969  

All the U-boats operating in the Mediterrean were type VIIC except for U-73, U-74, U-75 and U-83 which were all of type VIIB.

U-573 was interned in Spain (Cartagena). Later became the Spanish submarine G 7.

U-boats in the Mediterranean