AG Weser, Bremen

Deutsche Schiff und Maschinenbau

162 commissioned U-boats

TypeBoats WerkBuilt during
IAU-25 - U-262 boats903- 9041934
IXU-37 - U-448 boats942- 9491936
IXBU-64 - U-652 boats952- 9531937
IXBU-103 - U-1108 boats966- 9731938
IXBU-122 - U-1243 boats954- 9561937
IXCU-66 - U-683 boats985- 9871939
IXCU-125 - U-1317 boats988- 9941939
IXCU-153 - U-1586 boats995- 10001939
IXCU-159 - U-1602 boats1009- 10101939
IXCU-171 - U-1766 boats1011- 10161939
IXC/40U-183 - U-1886 boats1023- 10281940
IXC/40U-189 - U-1946 boats1035- 10401940
IXC/40U-841 - U-8466 boats1047- 10521941
IXC/40U-853 - U-8586 boats1059- 10641941
IXC/40U-865 - U-8706 boats1073- 10781941
IXC/40U-877 - U-8815 boats1085- 10891942
IXD2U-177 - U-1793 boats1017- 10191940
IXD2U-181 - U-1822 boats1021- 10221940
IXD2U-196 - U-2005 boats1042- 10461940
IXD2U-847 - U-8526 boats1053- 10581941
IXD2U-859 - U-8646 boats1065- 10701941
IXD2U-871 - U-8766 boats1079- 10841941
VIIAU-27 - U-326 boats908- 9131935
XXIU-3001 - U-303535 boats1160- 11941943
XXIU-3037 - U-30415 boats1196- 12001943

The first U-boat launched by AG Weser in Bremen was the U-25 on 14 Feb 1936, but the last U-boat launched was the U-3044 on 1 Mar 1945. This refers to U-boats that were actually commissioned into the Kriegsmarine.

The last actual launch was U-3051 on 20 Apr 1945. That boat was not commissioned however.

U-boats that had been laid down

The following boats were laid down but not finished by the yard:
U-882, U-884, U-890, U-891, U-892, U-3036, U-3042 , U-3043, U-3045, U-3046, U-3047, U-3048, U-3049, U-3050 , U-3051, U-3052, U-3053, U-3054, U-3055, U-3056, U-3057 , U-3058, U-3059, U-3060, U-3061, U-3062, U-3063

U-boat ordered but not laid down by this yard

TypeBoats WerkOrderedNotes
IXC/40U-893 - U-8997 boats1101- 11071943 
IXC/40U-1501 - U-154242 boats1115- 11561943 
IXD/42U-885 - U-8884 boats1093- 10961942These boats (U-885 - U-888) had not been laid down. 
IXD/42U-90011081943Keel had not been laid down when cancelled. 
XIBU-112 - U-1154 boats977- 9801939These 4 large U-cruisers were probably not laid down but one of them, U-112, possibly went a bit further than the rest. Information on those is very limited. Cancelled in May 1940.

Some claim the U-112 was not only completed but sailed on a mysterious journey against the US in 1945 where she was sunk with all hands. A project known as CA-35 was founded to proof a group of divers had found the wreck but no evidence has been found to confirm the story and no evidence has either been found she was ever completed.

XXIU-3064 - U-310037 boats1223- 12591943Keel not laid, prefabricated sections partially completed. 


Of those 122 contracts not finished by AG Weser in Bremen, 27 had been laid down and 10 of those had been launched before the war ended.

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