German Midget submarines

A Seehund midget submarine, on display at Verkehrsmuseum in Speyer, Germany.

Seehund (Seal)

The most successful of the midget boats, 285 built and 138 commissioned.

Hecht (Pike)

All of the 53 boats of this type were used for training only.

Biber (Beaver)

324 of these small craft were built and many saw action.

Molch (Salamander)

393 of these all-electric midget boats were produced.

Manned Torpedoes What is a manned torpedo?

Neger (Negro)

Just about 200 boats of this type were built.

Marder (Pine Marten)

About 500 of these boats were constructed until May 1945.

Hai (Shark)

Designed as super-Marder but only the prototype of this vessel was ever built.

Other midget boats

Delphin (Dolphin)

Designed as fast midget boat. 3 prototypes were built.

Seeteufel (Sea Devil)

Only the prototype was ever built of this boat which had tracks under its hull.

Schwertwal (Grampus)

Designed as super-fast Walter-type midget boat, but the prototype was not complete when scuttled in May 1945.

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