WWI U-boats

UB 103

ShipyardBlohm & Voss, Hamburg (Werk 309)
Ordered 23 Sep 1916
Launched 7 Jul 1917
Commissioned 5 Dec 1917
18 Dec 1917 - 14 Aug 1918 Kptlt. Paul Hundius (Pour le Mérite)
Career 6 patrols
8 Mar 1918 - 14 Aug 1918 Flandern I Flotilla
Successes15 ships sunk with a total of 25,999 tons. (View ships hit by UB 103)
Fate 14 Aug 1918 - Mined off the Flanders coast after sailing from Zeebrugge on August 14, 1918.. 37 dead (all hands lost).

The location of known UBIII wrecks and minefields off the Belgian coast leaves little doubt about UB 103's fate.

Previously recorded fate
Mined off Griz Nez on Sept. 16, 1918. An extensive search of the area, contrary to what is often reported, did not find a wreck. Given that the Sept. 16 claim required a excessively long patrol, the claim fails without this support.

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