Order of the Crown (Siam)

Order of the Crown (Siam)

Eight-pointed silver and silver-gilt star imposed on a circlet of diamond-shapes, on seven-tiered umbrella suspension; the face with a tear-shaped gilt-edged red enamel medallion bearing a blue enamel medallion with the gilt Crown of Thai (Crown of Siam); the reverse with a circular central blue enamel medallion inscribed in gilt letters ‘Mor Por Ror’, the cipher of H.M. King Mongkut Rama V, founder of the Order, within a beaded border encircled by a gilt-edged red enamel ring; on original ribbon with rosette. The Order was established as long ago as 29 December 1869 by King Mongkut Rama IV as a reward for service to the state and may be awarded to both Thai (Siamese) citizens and foreigners.

CommanderDate  Command
Ltn. Berger, Gerhard1 May 1905  

Kptlt. Koopmann, Karl10 Aug 1915  

Ltn. Saalwächter, Alfred1 Nov 1905  

3 officers decorated with Order of the Crown (Siam) located.

Note: This listing is still being compiled and some recipients might be missing.

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