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Ernest Reyer

NameErnest Reyer
TypeSailing vessel
GRT2,708 tons
Country  French
BuilderChant. & Atel. de Saint Nazaire, Grand Quevilly, Rouen
OperatorSociété Nouvelle d’Armement, Nantes
HistorySteel-hulled ship-rigged sailing vessel.

U-boat attacks on Sailing vessel Ernest Reyer

DateU-boatLoss typePositionLocationRouteCargoCasualties
117 Apr 1916U 69 (Ernst Wilhelms)SunkStopped and sunk by torpedo NW of Ushant. Crew not recovered from the lifeboats. Vessel posted as missing.
49° 07'N, 7° 49'W
Seattle - Capetown - Falmouth (for orders)
3500 t. of maize

Ernest Reyer, Capt. Rioual had left Capetown on Feb. 22, 1916 for Falmouth. On April 17th, after 55 days at sea, she was sighted by U 69 in heavy seas and shelled to stop. By signals, crew was given one hour to leave the ship. After that time the submarine fired a torpedo to sink the vessel as the rough sea did not allow her to sink it with her gun only. None of the 29 crew survived the encounter; an empty boat belonging to the vessel was found 13 miles NNW of Ushant on May 13th.

Position of attack on Ernest Reyer

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