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January 1915

The British Battleship HMS Formidable. She was hit by U 24 on 1 Jan 1915.

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Ships hit by U-boats during January 1915

DateU-boat Commander Name of shipType of shipTonsNat.
1 Jan 1915 U 24Rudolf Schneider  FormidableBattleship15,000br
21 Jan 1915 U 19Constantin Kolbe DurwardSteamer1,301br
30 Jan 1915 U 20Walther Schwieger IkariaSteamer4,335br
30 Jan 1915 U 20Walther Schwieger OrioleSteamer1,489br
30 Jan 1915 U 20Walther Schwieger TokomaruSteamer6,084br
30 Jan 1915 U 21Otto Hersing Ben CruachanSteamer3,092br
30 Jan 1915 U 21Otto Hersing KilcoanSteamer456br
30 Jan 1915 U 21Otto Hersing Linda BlancheSteamer369br
8 ships sunk (32,126 tons).

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