WWI U-boat War


Bremer Vulkan, Vegesack

8 commissioned U-boats

Located in Vegesack the shipyard made a few Ms Type submarines under a licence from the Germaniawerft yard. However Bremer Vulkan is better know for the fact that they constructed the second ship to raise U-boats, the Cyklop. Originally it was planned to have this one constructed at the Kaiserliche Werft at Danzig.

The order for U 160-163 was completed and all U-boats ready before the end of the war. Concerning the series U 164-172 only the first two ships were ready. The U 166 and 167 were finished in 1919; the others were still in construction and finished for about 75%.

The series U 210-212 were started; the U 247-262 series were ordered in June 1918 but never started.

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U-boats built by Bremer Vulkan, Vegesack

TypeBoats WerkBuilt during
U 93U 160 - U 1634 boats1917 - 1918
U 93U 164 - U 1674 boats651- 6541917 - 1919

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