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Dutch steam merchant

Photo courtesy of Maritiem Museum, Rotterdam

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Dutch steam merchant Terkoelei.

Aboard Terkoelei when hit on 17 Mar 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
DutchAang, , Merchant Navy20LaundrymanTerkoelei
DutchAdjie, , Merchant Navy22ServantTerkoelei
ChineseAh Hong, , Merchant Navy36CarpenterTerkoelei
IndianAllafdeen, Gulam Mohamed, Merchant Navy24TrimmerTerkoelei +
DutchAmat, , Merchant Navy35PantrymanTerkoelei +
IndianAmeerbay, Fathey Mohammad, Merchant Navy22TrimmerTerkoelei
BritishArmes, Charles, RN26DEMS gunnerTerkoelei
IndianAtta, Mohamed Alli Ghair, Merchant Navy48FiremanTerkoelei +
DutchBaan, Johan Christiaan Heinrich Loberecht, Merchant Navy47MasterTerkoelei
IndianBagalli, Sumari, Merchant Navy41Third TindalTerkoelei +
IndianBarkat, Moontoo, Merchant Navy37TopassTerkoelei +
IndianBhana, Hansji, Merchant Navy36SeamanTerkoelei
IndianBhana, Ranchord, Merchant Navy25SeamanTerkoelei +
IndianBoodoo, Tajoo, Merchant Navy43FiremanTerkoelei
IndianBugga, Nawab, Merchant Navy40GreaserTerkoelei +
DutchBut, Pieter Marinus, Merchant Navy38Second OfficerTerkoelei +
IndianDayal, Baber, Merchant Navy22SeamanTerkoelei
IndianDayal, Soun, Merchant Navy37SeacunnyTerkoelei +
IndianDeewanallee, Nadir, Merchant Navy26GreaserTerkoelei +
DutchDjoemadin, , Merchant Navy28ServantTerkoelei
IndianEsmail, Roshan, Merchant Navy43Second TindalTerkoelei +
DutchFaassen, Hubertus Dirk, Merchant Navy33Radio OperatorTerkoelei
PortugueseFalleiro, Menino, Merchant Navy37ServantTerkoelei
IndianFathey, Shair Nawab, Merchant Navy28TrimmerTerkoelei +
IndianFathey Bay, Moolla, Merchant Navy60Fireman SerangTerkoelei
IndianFazal, Sattar Muhammad, Merchant Navy25FiremanTerkoelei +
IndianFazeel, Rohman, Merchant Navy55FiremanTerkoelei
IndianFeerosha, Bawalsha, Merchant Navy53GreaserTerkoelei
PortugueseFernandes, John Peter, Merchant Navy35LaundrymanTerkoelei +
IndianFeroz, Fatch Baz, Merchant Navy28FiremanTerkoelei
BritishFoulser, Norman Charles, British Army33DEMS gunnerTerkoelei
DutchFraterman, Edouard Alexander, Merchant Navy27Fourth Engineer OfficerTerkoelei, Dempo
IndianFuthey, Mohammad Shair, Merchant Navy56First TindalTerkoelei +
DutchGaneva, , Merchant Navy31ServantTerkoelei
DutchGerritsen, Teunis, Merchant Navy25Fourth Engineer OfficerMarken, Koenjit, Terkoelei
IndianGopal, Dhers, Merchant Navy47SeacunnyTerkoelei +
IndianGopal, Goviud, Merchant Navy27First TindalTerkoelei
IndianGoven, Dettia, Merchant Navy55SeacunnyTerkoelei
IndianGoviud, Jamsoo, Merchant Navy35SeacunnyTerkoelei
DutchGroot, Simon, Merchant Navy25Fourth OfficerTerkoelei +
IndianHamidulla, , Merchant Navy27FiremanTerkoelei +
IndianHayatallee, Calla, Merchant Navy43FiremanTerkoelei
DutchHeul, Jan van der, Merchant Navy48Boatswain/GunnerEibergen, Sitoebondo, Terkoelei
DutchHorst, Johannes Baptist Mari van der, Merchant Navy37Chief StewardTerkoelei
IndianJalal, Mohammad Allum, Merchant Navy46CassabTerkoelei
IndianJarootsha, , Merchant Navy42FiremanTerkoelei +
IrishJordan, Henry, British Army30DEMS gunnerTerkoelei
IndianKessow, Lalla, Merchant Navy25SeacunnyTerkoelei
IndianKewa, Muhammad Khan, Merchant Navy32WinchmanTerkoelei +
IndianKhewaz, Ahmed, Merchant Navy34FiremanTerkoelei
IndianLudda, Gama, Merchant Navy52FiremanTerkoelei +
IndianManga, Foinoo, Merchant Navy46TrimmerTerkoelei +
IndianMangal, Nana, Merchant Navy43SeamanTerkoelei +
DutchMarkoewat, , Merchant Navy35ServantTerkoelei
PortugueseMartines, Joaquim, Merchant Navy50PantrymanTerkoelei
IndianMeera, Mohammad Jaman, Merchant Navy32FiremanTerkoelei
IndianMobaser, Ali, Merchant Navy22FiremanTerkoelei
DutchMooij, Arend Jochem, Merchant Navy33Assistant Chief StewardTerkoelei +
IndianMoses, G. William, Merchant Navy26TopassTerkoelei
IndianMosid, Ali, Merchant Navy25FiremanTerkoelei
IndianMungal, Kanna, Merchant Navy32SeamanTerkoelei
IndianNaron, Bana, Merchant Navy37SeamanTerkoelei
IndianNatia, Dittia, Merchant Navy43SeamanTerkoelei +
IndianNattia, Ashmat, Merchant Navy44DonkeymanTerkoelei +
IndianNawab, Farmanallee, Merchant Navy27FiremanTerkoelei
DutchNijs, Jan, Merchant Navy21BakerTerkoelei
DutchPalm, Francois Rudolph van der, Merchant Navy45PurserTerkoelei
IndianPema, Dayal, Merchant Navy25BhandaryTerkoelei +
IndianPinnoo, Kasam, Merchant Navy23FiremanTerkoelei +
IndianPinoo, Faraldoon, Merchant Navy42FiremanTerkoelei
IndianPurbhoo, Prag, Merchant Navy42CassabTerkoelei +
IndianRamjee, Nunga, Merchant Navy45SeamanTerkoelei
IndianRamjee, Soma, Merchant Navy38SeamanTerkoelei
IndianRamjee, Sooka, Merchant Navy30SeamanTerkoelei +
IndianRamjee, Sunker, Merchant Navy47SeacunnyTerkoelei
DutchRoebawie, , Merchant Navy21ServantTerkoelei +
IndianSadik, Yulam Nabi, Merchant Navy20Bhandary MateTerkoelei +
DutchSchaap, Samuel Izak, Merchant Navy36CookMandalika, Soekaboemi, Terkoelei +
DutchSchults, Leendert Hendrikus, Merchant Navy41Second Engineer OfficerSitoebondo, Terkoelei
IndianSha, Mahomed, Merchant Navy23GreaserTerkoelei
IndianShookur, Muhammad, Merchant Navy35FiremanTerkoelei +
DutchSissingh, Libbe, Merchant Navy42Chief Engineer OfficerTerkoelei
IndianSoma, Prag, Merchant Navy49Deck SerangTerkoelei
BritishSullivan, Thomas, British Army26DEMS gunnerTerkoelei
IndianValla, Boodhia, Merchant Navy52SeamanTerkoelei
IndianValla, Nana, Merchant Navy21SeamanTerkoelei
DutchVeenendaal, Hendrikus Willibrordus Cornelis van, Merchant Navy35Third Engineer OfficerTerkoelei
DutchVegter, Willem, Merchant Navy30Able SeamanTerkoelei +
DutchVermeulen, Adriaan Rokus, Merchant Navy47Chief OfficerTerkoelei +
DutchWaard, Pieter Elle de, Merchant Navy22Fifth Engineer OfficerTerkoelei
BritishWarburton, Francis James, RN31Petty Officer (DEMS gunner)Terkoelei +
BritishWard, Harry, British Army20Gunner (DEMS gunner)Terkoelei +
DutchWijsmuller, Antonie Berardinus, Merchant Navy26Third OfficerTerkoelei
BritishWilliams, Tommy, British Army24DEMS gunnerTerkoelei
BritishWilson, Thomas Henry, British Army35DEMS gunnerTerkoelei
IndianZaman, Farmanalla, Merchant Navy22TrimmerTerkoelei
IndianZaman, Muhammad, Merchant Navy22TrimmerTerkoelei +

97 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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