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Dutch troop transport

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This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Dutch troop transport Dempo.

Aboard Dempo when hit on 17 Mar 1944

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NameAgeRankServed on
DutchAdema, Antonius Sybrandus J.M., Merchant Navy40Second Radio OperatorDempo
DutchAllemans, Willem, Merchant Navy27Cabin StewardDempo
DutchAntheunissen, Alfons Everardus Johannes, Merchant Navy31BarberDempo
DutchApon, Adriaan, Merchant Navy50Boatswain’s MateDempo
DutchBakker, Jan Willem, Merchant Navy30Deck StewardDempo
BritishBallard, William, Merchant NavyAssistant StorekeeperDempo
DutchBarelds, Derk, Merchant Navy54Second CarpenterDempo
BritishBarley, Albert V., Merchant NavyAssistant StorekeeperDempo
BritishBarnes, Raymond F., Merchant NavyOrdinary SeamanDempo
DutchBeck, Hubertus Adrianus, Merchant Navy26Assistant StewardDempo
DutchBeers, Cornelis Lambertus Johannes van, Merchant Navy40Second CookDempo
DutchBekaert, Charles Lodewijk, Merchant Navy47Assistant StorekeeperDempo
DutchBergmans, Theodorus Johannes, Merchant Navy32Second StewardMandalika, Dempo
DutchBlok, Cornelis, Merchant Navy27Able SeamanDempo
BritishBodmer, Claude, Merchant Navy26Assistant StorekeeperDempo
BritishBoland, Victor J., Merchant NavyStewardDempo
DutchBont, Johannes Josephus Eduardus de, Merchant Navy37Pastry CookDempo
DutchBoom, Jan, Merchant Navy36QuartermasterDempo
DutchBoon, Maarten Arie van der, Merchant Navy25Able SeamanDempo
BritishBosworth, David G., RNSignalmanDempo
DutchBoxman, Johannes Bertus, Merchant Navy25Fourth Engineer OfficerKota Tjandi, Dempo
BritishBoyes, Joseph, RNAble Seaman (DEMS gunner)Dempo
BritishBoyle, John, Merchant NavyThird ButcherDempo
BritishBristow, Harold, DEMS gunnerDempo
DutchBrons, Johannes, Merchant Navy38Able SeamanDempo
DutchBruinsma, Fokke, Merchant Navy42Chief Pastry CookVolendam, Dempo
BritishBryant, Harry, RNChief Petty Officer (DEMS gunner)Dempo
BritishBulbrook, George, Merchant NavySecond BakerDempo
DutchBurgerhout, Jan, Merchant Navy33Third Engineer OfficerDempo
BritishBurr, Leonard, RNAble Seaman (DEMS gunner)Dempo
BritishCampbell, James, Merchant NavyUtility StewardDempo
ChineseCheng Ah Chos, , Merchant Navy28FitterDempo
BritishClark, Alan A., British ArmyGunner (DEMS gunner)Dempo
BritishConder, John A., Merchant NavyThird BakerDempo
BritishCook, William, Merchant NavySecond CookDempo
BritishCooper, Thomas H., DEMS gunnerDempo
BritishCorkhill, Gilbert, Merchant NavyStewardDempo
BritishCornell, G.L., RNAble Seaman (DEMS gunner)Dempo
BritishCoyle, Charles, DEMS gunnerDempo
BritishCroft, Frederick J., DEMS gunnerDempo
BritishCupit, Sydney P.W., Merchant Navy36StewardDempo
BritishDavies, Danny, Merchant NavyStewardDempo
BritishDavies, John, Merchant NavyStewardDempo
DutchDecker, Reyer, Merchant Navy23Assistant StewardDempo
BritishDewar, Kenneth, Merchant NavyDeck BoyDempo
BritishDible, John, RNPetty Officer (DEMS gunner)Dempo
DutchDijk, Frans Cornelis van, Merchant Navy31Fourth Engineer OfficerDempo
DutchDijkstra, Hermanus Roelof, Merchant Navy38Second OfficerDempo
DutchDoelder, Daniel Jan de, Merchant Navy57QuartermasterDempo
BritishDraper, Robert Th., Merchant NavyAssistant StewardDempo
DutchDroppert, Emanuel, Merchant Navy42WorkmanDempo
BritishDwyer, Joseph H., Merchant NavyAssistant StorekeeperDempo
DutchEnde, Jacob Aart van den, Merchant Navy42QuartermasterDempo
BritishEvans, John Vernon, Merchant NavyUtility StewardDempo
DutchFaber, Hugo Arnold, Merchant Navy30Second OfficerDempo
BritishFagan, George P., Merchant Navy33StewardDempo
BritishFarrin, Ronald E., Merchant Navy24StewardDempo
BritishFelgate, Samuel, Merchant NavyThird CookDempo
DutchFenijn, Adriaan, Merchant Navy52Boatswain (Bosun)Dempo
BritishFieldhouse, Lawrence, Merchant NavyPantry StewardDempo
BritishFord, Leonard A., DEMS gunnerDempo
DutchFraterman, Edouard Alexander, Merchant Navy28Fourth Engineer OfficerTerkoelei, Dempo
BritishFullford, Albert E., Merchant NavyPantry StewardDempo
DutchGerretse, Dirk Steven, Merchant Navy46Second Engineer OfficerDempo
DutchGoeij, Hendrikus Casper de, Merchant Navy56First BakerDempo
BritishGreen, Hugh, DEMS gunnerDempo
BritishGrunhill, Stanley J., Merchant NavyPastry CookDempo
DutchGuijt, Willem, Merchant Navy26Able SeamanDempo
DutchHaan, Cornelis Hendrik Willem den, Merchant Navy49Chief StewardDempo
DutchHaan, Teko Samuel de, Merchant Navy32CookDempo
DutchHaarlem, Nicolaas, Merchant Navy35Chief CookDempo
BritishHall, James F.B., Merchant NavyPrinterDempo
BritishHamilton, Thomas, DEMS gunnerDempo
DutchHarms, Arie, Merchant Navy24Able SeamanDempo
BritishHarper, Cecil C., Merchant NavyAssistant PantrymanDempo
BritishHarrison, Stanley F., RNAble Seaman (DEMS gunner)Dempo
DutchHarst, Willem Johannes van der, Merchant Navy45QuartermasterDempo
DutchHaspel, Laurens Leendert van den, Merchant Navy57GreaserDempo
BritishHeath, Albert Ch., Merchant NavyStewardDempo
DutchHecke, Frederikus Hermanus van, Merchant Navy49ElectricianDempo
DutchHeijmann, Theodorus Franciscus, Merchant Navy36BarkeeperDempo
DutchHell, Bernard Theodoor Jozef Louis, Merchant Navy34FireguardDempo
DutchHerwijnen, Karel van, Merchant Navy41Third CookDempo
DutchHeuvelhorst, Jan Herman Bertus, Merchant Navy37Third Engineer OfficerDempo
DutchHirdes, Constant Johan Emile, Merchant Navy24Able SeamanDempo
DutchHooff, Johannes van, Merchant Navy31GreaserDempo
DutchHooghuis, Philippus, Merchant Navy29FiremanDempo
DutchHopman, Abraham, Merchant Navy30Able SeamanDempo
DutchHorst, Jacobus Adrianus van der, Merchant Navy25Fourth Engineer OfficerMandalika, Dempo
DutchHouwen, Arie Johannes van der, Merchant Navy38Lamp TrimmerDempo
BritishHowarth, Joseph, RNAble Seaman (DEMS gunner)Dempo
BritishHowell, Frank, RNAble Seaman (DEMS gunner)Dempo
DutchHuisman, Fokke, Merchant Navy39Saloon StewardColombia, Dempo
BritishHunt, A.O., RNPetty Officer (DEMS gunner)Dempo
BritishIrving, Walter E., Merchant NavyThird Radio OperatorDempo
DutchJaburg, Willem Cornelis, Royal Dutch Navy33GunnerDempo
BritishJames, George, Merchant NavyAssistant StewardDempo
DutchJansen, Francois, Merchant Navy29BarberDempo
DutchJansen, Jan, Merchant Navy29QuartermasterDempo
DutchJansen, Willem, Merchant Navy56MasterDempo
BritishJohnson, Bernard, Merchant NavyBoyDempo
BritishJones, Herbert P., RNSignalmanDempo
BritishJones, Ronald J., Merchant NavyAssistant StewardDempo
DutchJong, Marten de, Merchant Navy42GreaserDempo
BritishJordan, Lawrence A., RNAble Seaman (DEMS gunner)Dempo
BritishJoyce, Sydney, Merchant NavyAssistant StorekeeperDempo
BritishJudge, William, Merchant NavySecond BakerDempo
BritishKeeley-Callan, Charles W., Merchant NavyThird CookDempo
BritishKeenan, Gerald, Merchant NavyUtility StewardDempo
DutchKessel, Pieter Hubertus van, Merchant Navy44Second ButcherDempo
BritishKimble, Charles F., Merchant Navy37Assistant StewardDempo
BritishKing, Keith, RNAble Seaman (DEMS gunner)Dempo
DutchKlaasen, Hendrikus, Merchant Navy25Assistant PurserDempo
DutchKloe, Izaak de, Merchant Navy37StorekeeperDempo
BritishKnibbs, Herbert H., Merchant Navy40Assistant StewardDempo
DutchKnook, Adriaan, Merchant Navy46Chief OfficerKota Tjandi, Dempo
DutchKooij, Hermanus Johannes, Merchant Navy52Chief Engineer OfficerDempo
DutchKruit, Aaldert Huibert, Merchant Navy23Able SeamanDempo
DutchKurvink, Marinus, Merchant Navy50GreaserDempo
BritishLaity, Roy P., Merchant NavyStewardDempo
BritishLane, Paul, RN21Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Dempo
BritishLawrence, Albert, RNAble Seaman (DEMS gunner)Dempo
BritishLewis, Sydney G., Merchant NavyUtility StewardDempo
DutchLiebrechts, Petrus, Merchant Navy35Able SeamanFlensburg, Dempo
DutchLigthart, Arie, Merchant Navy31Able SeamanDempo
DutchMaats a Stuling, Pieter Jacobus, Merchant Navy51SurgeonDempo
DutchMade, Hendrik Hermanus van der, Merchant Navy42Able SeamanDempo
BritishMaher, John, DEMS gunnerDempo
DutchManen, Jan van, Merchant Navy23Assistant StewardVolendam, Dempo
DutchMartin, Jan Heiko, Merchant Navy47Assistant StewardDempo
BritishMartin, Michael, Merchant NavyFiremanDempo
BritishMason, Gerard, British ArmySergeant (DEMS gunner)Dempo
BritishMason, William, Merchant NavyStewardDempo
BritishMcArdle, John, Merchant NavyThird ButcherDempo
BritishMcCabe, Joseph Edward, Merchant NavyAssistant StorekeeperDempo
BritishMcDonald, Alexander, Merchant NavyFiremanDempo
BritishMcMullan, William, RNAble Seaman (DEMS gunner)Dempo
BritishMcNeese, John, Merchant NavyAssistant StewardDempo
DutchMeily, Jacobus Johannes Maria, Merchant Navy22Fourth OfficerDempo
BritishMeldrum, Robert, Merchant Navy53Second BakerDempo
DutchMeyer, Benjamin, Merchant Navy45Pastry CookDempo
DutchMillecam, Hendrikus, Merchant Navy42Assistant StewardDempo
DutchMohr, Petrus Maria, Merchant Navy36First CookDempo
DutchMorrien, Albertus Marinus, Merchant Navy46Third CookDempo
BritishMorton, William, Merchant NavyThird CookDempo
DutchMunnik, Arie, Merchant Navy31GreaserDempo
HungarianNagy, Ferenc, Merchant Navy52Able SeamanDempo
DutchNijboer, Lucas, Merchant Navy59First CookDempo
DutchNijenhuis, Jan Dirk Laurens, Merchant Navy41FireguardDempo
DutchNijgh, Arie, Merchant Navy38GreaserDempo
BritishNolan, Eric, British ArmyGunner (DEMS gunner)Dempo
DutchOdemaere, Pierre Jean Antonius, Merchant Navy43First ButcherDempo
DutchOever, Petrus Jacobus van den, Merchant Navy56First BakerDempo
DutchOomkes, Gerardus Nicolaas, Merchant Navy49First Radio OperatorDempo
DutchOtten, Petrus Johannes, Merchant Navy37Assistant StewardColombia, Dempo
DutchOverbeek, Cornelis Gerardus van, Merchant Navy25Assistant StewardDempo
BritishPankhurst, Harold V., Merchant Navy32Assistant StewardDempo
BritishParsons, Arthur L., Merchant NavyStewardDempo
DutchPetrejus, Take Luitje, Merchant Navy35CookDempo
DutchPijleman, Jan Joop Anton, Merchant Navy28Third CookDempo
BritishPodguszer, Stephen, Merchant NavyAssistant StorekeeperDempo
BritishPollington, Matthew H., Merchant Navy25Pantry StewardDempo
DutchPostma, Herman Willem, Merchant Navy29Fourth Engineer OfficerDempo
BritishPottinger, Alfred G., Merchant NavyAssistant BakerDempo
DutchPuijl, Bernardus Gerrit van der, Merchant Navy23Fifth Engineer OfficerDempo
DutchPuijpe, Cornelis Pieter, Merchant Navy45CarpenterDempo
BritishQuinlan, Francis P., Merchant NavyUtility StewardDempo
DutchRavenswaaij, Franciscus Peter van, Merchant Navy43PurserDempo
DutchReek, Leendert van, Merchant Navy34LinenkeeperDempo
BritishRemmers, Peter, British ArmyGunner (DEMS gunner)Dempo
DutchRingelenstein, Leendert van, Merchant Navy29Able SeamanDempo
DutchRoeleveld, Matthijs, Merchant Navy23Fifth Engineer OfficerSoekaboemi, Dempo
BritishRoss, Thomas, RNAble Seaman (DEMS gunner)Dempo
BritishRowe, John G., British ArmyGunner (DEMS gunner)Dempo
BritishRozario, John S., Merchant NavyThird CookDempo
DutchRuhaak, Thomas Gerrit Hendrik, Merchant Navy29Third OfficerTapanoeli, Dempo
BritishSaunders, George, Merchant NavySecond CookDempo
DutchSchaefer, Johan Lodewijk, Merchant Navy48Second CookVolendam, Dempo
DutchSchenk, Izaak, Merchant Navy34GreaserDempo
DutchSchoof, Gerardus Hendrikus, Merchant Navy29Assistant StorekeeperDempo
BritishSellers, Joseph, British ArmyGunner (DEMS gunner)Dempo
DutchSlieker, Johan, Merchant Navy35StorekeeperDempo
DutchSlik, Maarten Jacob van der, Merchant Navy31Able SeamanTapanoeli, Dempo
BritishSmart, Jack, RNAble Seaman (DEMS gunner)Dempo
DutchSmid, Bote Jan, Merchant Navy26Fourth Engineer OfficerDempo
DutchSmit, Cornelis Johannes, Merchant Navy23Second ButcherVolendam, Dempo
BritishSmith, Joseph W., Merchant NavyCookDempo
BritishSmith, Reginald J., Merchant NavyStewardDempo
BritishSmith, Thomas E., Merchant NavySecond ElectricianDempo
DutchSmits, Cornelis Johannes, Merchant Navy47First StewardDempo
DutchSmits, Hendrikus Franciscus Albertus, Merchant Navy47Assistant StewardDempo
DutchSnijders, Johannes Jacobus, Merchant Navy36Second CookDempo
DutchSpa, Imko Harm, Merchant Navy38Second Engineer OfficerDempo
DutchSpaans, Cornelis, Merchant Navy27Able SeamanDempo
DutchSpierenburg, Christiaan Frederik Everdinus, Merchant Navy49Assistant StewardDempo
DutchSpronsen, Jacobus Antonius van, Merchant Navy44GreaserDempo
DutchStolk, Jacob, Merchant Navy42GreaserDempo
DutchTans, Bernardus, Merchant Navy33Third Engineer OfficerDempo
BritishThackray, Thomas, Merchant NavySecond CookDempo
BritishThomas, Harry, DEMS gunnerDempo
BritishTree, Percy, Merchant NavyLaundrymanDempo
BritishTrezise, Bertie J., Merchant Navy39StewardDempo
BritishVaughan, Thomas, Merchant NavyFiremanDempo
DutchVeldt, Laurentius Godefridus, Merchant Navy30Deck StewardDempo
DutchVergers, Hendrik, Merchant Navy36Assistant StorekeeperVolendam, Dempo
DutchVessem, Johanna Marina van, Merchant Navy56NurseDempo
DutchVieveen, Barend Albertus, Merchant Navy37Chief BarberDempo
DutchVliet, Willem Leonardus Jacob van, Merchant Navy27Able SeamanDempo
DutchVooijs, Cornelis, Merchant Navy35Able SeamanDempo
DutchVries, Willem Frederik de, Merchant Navy47ForemanDempo
BritishWalker, Alexander, Merchant NavyFiremanDempo
BritishWalker, Alfred J., Merchant Navy38StewardDempo
BritishWalker, Christopher, Merchant NavyAssistant PantrymanDempo
BritishWatson, Thomas H., Merchant NavyAssistant PantrymanDempo
DutchWesterwoud, Gerard A., Royal Dutch NavyGunnerDempo
DutchWilde, Johannes Cornelis de, Merchant Navy49Assistant PurserDempo
DutchWillems, Gerardus Louis Wilhelmus, Merchant Navy30Deck StewardDempo
DutchWinter, Simon Johannes Josephus, Merchant Navy27Third CookDempo
DutchWolfraad, Herman, Merchant Navy30Gunnery OfficerDempo
BritishWood, Frederick G., Merchant NavyAssistant PantrymanDempo
DutchZeh, Andreas Theodorus, Merchant Navy39StewardDempo
DutchZijleman, Johannes Gijsbertus, Merchant Navy58BakerVolendam, Dempo
DutchZijlstra, Hendrik Willem, Merchant Navy31QuartermasterDempo
DutchZuur, Jacobus Johannes, Merchant Navy31Fourth Engineer OfficerDempo
DutchZwan, Jochem J. van der, Royal Dutch Navy26GunnerDempo
DutchZwan, Maarten van der, Merchant Navy46QuartermasterDempo
DutchZwart, Johannes, Merchant Navy45Male NurseDempo

227 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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