Ships hit by U-boats

Crew lists from ships hit by U-boats


Dutch steam passenger ship

Photo courtesy of the Allen Collection

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Dutch steam passenger ship Volendam.

Aboard Volendam when hit on 31 Aug 1940

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NameAgeRankServed on
DutchAarsen, Pieter T., Merchant Navy23Fourth OfficerVolendam
DutchAbelskamp, Johannes R., Merchant Navy28Second OfficerVolendam
DutchAncher, M.A., Merchant Navy27StewardVolendam
DutchAntonisse, Christina J., Merchant Navy46StewardessVolendam
DutchAntonissen, Bernardus, Merchant Navy45PantrymanVolendam, Alderamin
DutchApon, Matheus Lambertus, Merchant Navy55Boatswain (Bosun)Volendam
DutchBak, Dirk, Merchant Navy23Third OfficerVolendam
DutchBarendregt, Gerrit P., Merchant Navy48Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchBaron, Rijk, Merchant Navy51PurserVolendam +
DutchBatenburg, Arie, Merchant Navy23StewardVolendam
DutchBeekhuizen, Gijsbertus, Merchant Navy51SailorVolendam
DutchBek, Gilles P., Merchant Navy26BakerVolendam
DutchBel, Aart J., Merchant Navy17Ordinary SeamanVolendam
DutchBent, Cornelis van der, Merchant Navy28CookVolendam
DutchBerg, Hendrik W. van de, Merchant Navy22Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchBerg, Jacob van den, Merchant Navy21Cook’s MateVolendam
DutchBerg, Johannes F. v.d., Merchant Navy58QuartermasterVolendam
DutchBerg, Nico v.d., Merchant Navy45StewardVolendam
DutchBergh, Pieter van den, Merchant Navy35BakerVolendam
DutchBeye, Jacobus, Merchant Navy16Boiler BoyVolendam
DutchBeyersbergen, Johannes M.F., Merchant Navy41SailorVolendam
DutchBijkerk, Mathijs L.W., Merchant Navy40CookVolendam
DutchBijl, Brand, Merchant Navy37FiremanVolendam, Maasdam
DutchBijl, Fransiscus, Merchant Navy23Fourth Engineer OfficerVolendam
DutchBlok, Jan, Merchant Navy47CookVolendam
DutchBode, Johannes, Merchant Navy37StewardVolendam
DutchBoer, Cornelis v.d., Merchant Navy60LinenkeeperVolendam
DutchBoer, Jan de, Merchant Navy39Male NurseVolendam
DutchBoer, Johannes, Merchant Navy20ElectricianVolendam
DutchBoer, Lambertus M. de, Merchant Navy16Pantry BoyVolendam
DutchBogerijen, Roelofvinus J. van, Merchant Navy28CookVolendam
DutchBogert, Job J. v.d., Merchant Navy34QuartermasterVolendam
DutchBoode, Johannes H., Merchant Navy31Baggage MasterVolendam
DutchBoom, Willem B. van den, Merchant Navy20Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchBouman, Wybren, Merchant Navy20StewardVolendam
DutchBout, Antonie, Merchant Navy44SailorVolendam
DutchBroek, Paul Ch. van den, Merchant Navy43Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchBrommet, Izienus G., Merchant Navy18StewardVolendam
DutchBruinsma, Fokke, Merchant Navy38BakerVolendam, Dempo
DutchBruns, Gerardus N., Merchant Navy40MusicianVolendam
DutchBuist, Steven, Merchant Navy42SailorVolendam
DutchBurghout, Adriaan, Merchant Navy17StewardVolendam
DutchCoenders, Dominicus M.C., Merchant Navy36Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchDalen, Gerardus W. van, Merchant Navy15Pantry BoyVolendam
DutchDalkman, Emile, Merchant Navy33StewardVolendam
DutchDam, Hermanus van, Merchant Navy23StewardVolendam
DutchDane, Nicolaas, Merchant Navy28StewardVolendam
DutchDessaur, Mozes, Merchant Navy50MusicianVolendam
DutchDiejie, Adrina van, Merchant Navy45StewardessVolendam
DutchDijkstra, Bindert, Merchant Navy17Bell BoyVolendam
DutchDonkersloot, Cornelis, Merchant Navy53GreaserVolendam
DutchDoon, Thomas, Merchant Navy40BakerVolendam
DutchDoorn, Dirk van, Merchant Navy19StewardVolendam
DutchDorp, Cornelis van, Merchant Navy38Third Engineer OfficerVolendam
DutchDrooglever, Cornelis, Merchant Navy25Dining Room StewardVolendam
DutchDrulman, Elbertus J., Merchant Navy49Chief StewardVolendam
DutchDubbelman, Simon B., Merchant Navy32TrimmerVolendam
DutchDuinker, Jacoba, Merchant Navy49StewardessVolendam, Bodegraven
DutchDurivou, Johannes G., Merchant Navy31Dining Room StewardVolendam
DutchDuyn, Frederik J.C. van, Merchant Navy30StewardVolendam
DutchEik, Hendrik van, Merchant Navy23TrimmerVolendam
DutchEmmenes, Johannes L. van, Merchant Navy27StewardVolendam
DutchEnsink, Wilhelmus J.M., Merchant Navy30CookVolendam
DutchErmen, Jan P.A., Merchant Navy25Dining Room StewardVolendam
BritishEsler, Samuel, Civilian9PassengerVolendam
DutchEvers, Pieter, Merchant Navy46BoilermakerVolendam
DutchFabert, Jacobus J.M., Merchant Navy27Cook’s MateVolendam
DutchFarla, Mathilda Petronella Maria, Merchant Navy33StewardessVolendam
DutchFoort, Cornelis J., Merchant Navy21Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchFranck, Katriena C. G., Merchant Navy34StewardessVolendam
DutchFranken, Abraham, Merchant Navy55ForemanVolendam
DutchGameren, Willem D., Merchant Navy30StewardVolendam
DutchGeilenkirchen, Josef H., Merchant Navy28FireguardVolendam
DutchGeld, Johannes A. v.d., Merchant Navy28Pantry StewardVolendam
DutchGelens, Johannes, Merchant Navy45CoppersmithVolendam
DutchGelens, Roeland A.C., Merchant Navy33TrimmerVolendam
DutchGerlach, Gerardus Th., Merchant Navy22Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchGilden, Hendrikus A., Merchant Navy30Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchGoed, Cornelis, Merchant Navy18ElectricianVolendam
DutchGoey, H.F. de, Merchant Navy22CookVolendam
DutchGood, Herman, Merchant Navy55CarpenterVolendam
DutchGool, Jacobus van, Merchant Navy19Cook’s MateVolendam
DutchGraaf, Arie van der, Merchant Navy47Assistant Chief StewardVolendam
DutchGraaf, Cornelis de, Merchant Navy44Assistant PurserVolendam
DutchGraaf, Karel van der, Merchant Navy35FiremanVolendam
DutchGraaf, Pieter van der, Merchant Navy21ElectricianVolendam
DutchGramsma, Onno Laas, Merchant Navy49BakerVolendam
DutchGrandia, Pleuntje, Merchant Navy44StewardessVolendam
DutchGroen, Klaas, Merchant Navy29StewardVolendam
DutchGroenewegen, Wilhelmus G., Merchant Navy20Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchGroenhuisen, Maria P., Merchant Navy44StewardessVolendam
DutchGrootheest, Willem van, Merchant Navy38Radio OperatorVolendam
DutchHaan, Jan de, Merchant Navy48GreaserVolendam
DutchHagenaars, Adrianus A., Merchant Navy48CookVolendam
DutchHaksteeg, Willem, Merchant Navy19Pantry BoyVolendam
DutchHarkema, Karel A.M., Merchant Navy48Assistant Chief StewardVolendam
DutchHarpe, Andre C., Merchant Navy35Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchHart, Pieter, Merchant Navy38StewardVolendam
DutchHattem, Cornelis van, Merchant Navy39SailorVolendam
DutchHazebroek, Petrus W., Merchant Navy31PantrymanVolendam
DutchHegger, B.C.P., Merchant Navy25Dining Room StewardVolendam
DutchHennekes, Pieter, Merchant Navy41Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchHerweier, Dirk, Merchant Navy24Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchHest, Hendrik van, Merchant Navy33TrimmerVolendam
DutchHeuvel, Johanna van den, Merchant Navy39StewardessVolendam
DutchHeydt, Johannes M. van der, Merchant Navy53StewardVolendam
DutchHeydt, Lambert Ch. van der, Merchant Navy50Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchHilgers, Johannes C., Merchant Navy42Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchHoof, Wilhelmus F. van, Merchant Navy36Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchHoorn, Albert G., Merchant Navy42CookVolendam
DutchHooykaas, Nicolaas J., Merchant Navy25Assistant PurserVolendam
DutchHulsinga, Jaap, Merchant Navy30StewardVolendam
DutchHulspas, Andreus Th. G., Merchant Navy48QuartermasterVolendam
DutchHuurneman, Johannes F., Merchant Navy20Ordinary SeamanVolendam
DutchIjsselstein, Wenmer R. van, Merchant Navy41BandmasterVolendam
DutchIjzendoorn, Dirk van, Merchant Navy55GreaserVolendam
DutchJansen, Jacobus, Merchant Navy23StewardVolendam
DutchJanssen, Marinus, Merchant Navy22StewardVolendam
DutchJanssen, Marinus J., Merchant Navy36Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchJaspers, Gerardus W.P., Merchant Navy35Assistant CookVolendam
DutchJonge, Maarten de, Merchant Navy19StewardVolendam
DutchJonker, Pieter, Merchant Navy26BakerVolendam
DutchJoziasse, Pieter, Merchant Navy31Purser’s ClerkVolendam
DutchKastelein, Job, Merchant Navy48TrimmerVolendam
DutchKerkmans, Pieter, Merchant Navy40ButcherVolendam
DutchKesteren, J.E. van, Merchant Navy23PantrymanVolendam
DutchKetels, H.J.J., Merchant Navy23Dining Room StewardVolendam
DutchKievit, Pieter de, Merchant Navy21Fourth OfficerVolendam
DutchKlaverdijk, Cornelis P.J., Merchant Navy39Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchKlerk, Johannes P. de, Merchant Navy50Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchKlomp, Albert, Merchant Navy58BarberVolendam
DutchKnol, Hans, Merchant Navy29Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchKnop, Willem, Merchant Navy20Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchKoens, Antoon W., Merchant Navy43BartenderVolendam
DutchKolk, Antonie v.d., Merchant Navy49StewardVolendam
DutchKoster, Antoon J., Merchant Navy18Cook’s MateVolendam
DutchKraan, F.J. van der, Merchant Navy19Dining Room StewardVolendam
DutchKuiper, Maarten, Merchant Navy61SailorVolendam
DutchLadenberg, Johannes L., Merchant Navy31SailorVolendam
DutchLafleur, Hendrikus H.J.A., Merchant Navy23Dining Room StewardVolendam
DutchLagendijk, Cornelis, Merchant Navy32BarberVolendam
DutchLahey, W.H.G., Merchant Navy19Dining Room StewardVolendam
DutchLand, Nicolaas van der, Merchant Navy54BartenderVolendam
DutchLauwrier, Hermanus, Merchant Navy45ElectricianVolendam
DutchLeeden, Jacobus van der, Merchant Navy15Pantry BoyVolendam
DutchLeurs, Jean F.M.L., Merchant Navy51GreaserVolendam
DutchLeyden, Barend van der, Merchant Navy36CookVolendam
BritishLindley, C.H., CivilianPassengerVolendam
DutchLoon, Johannes van, Merchant Navy46PrinterVolendam
DutchMaanen, Hendrik van, Merchant Navy33StewardVolendam
DutchMachielse, Servaas, Merchant Navy24Fourth Engineer OfficerVolendam
DutchMaissan, Albertus Theodorus Gerardus, Merchant Navy22CookVolendam, Abbekerk
DutchManen, Jan van, Merchant Navy19Dining Room StewardVolendam, Dempo
BritishMarsh, Bruce, RN22SignalmanVolendam
DutchMartinot, Jean P., Merchant Navy46CookVolendam
DutchMast, Arie, Merchant Navy32Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchMastenbroek, Jan, Merchant Navy19StewardVolendam
DutchMeer, Albert M. v.d., Merchant Navy18StewardVolendam
DutchMetzer, Franciscus A., Merchant Navy50StewardVolendam
DutchMeyer, Marinus F., Merchant Navy42StewardVolendam
DutchMink, Janna, Merchant Navy30StewardessVolendam
DutchMoesman, Hendrik, Merchant Navy16BoyVolendam
DutchMostert, Hendrik P., Merchant Navy20Boiler BoyVolendam
DutchMulder, Hendrik, Merchant Navy25CookVolendam
DutchMulders, Francisca M., Merchant Navy59StewardessVolendam
DutchMuller, J.A., Merchant Navy26Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchMunniks, Cornelis de, Merchant Navy59MotormanVolendam
DutchNederpel, Gerardus A., Merchant Navy23Office ClerkVolendam
DutchNieuwenhuijsen, Otto, Merchant Navy17Cook’s MateVolendam
DutchNieuwenhuis, Reindert Berend Jan, Merchant Navy26Radio OperatorVolendam, Mariso
DutchNijsen, Johannes G.M., Merchant Navy50Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchNoyons, Theodorus, Merchant Navy22Dining Room StewardVolendam
DutchOllefers, David H., Merchant Navy32Dining Room StewardVolendam
DutchOtter, Leendert den, Merchant Navy17Bell BoyVolendam
DutchOtter, M.H. den, Merchant Navy19Dining Room StewardVolendam
DutchOuter, Dirk L. den, Merchant Navy39BartenderVolendam
DutchOuter, Gilles P. den, Merchant Navy44Boatswain’s MateVolendam
DutchPaul, Johannes C., Merchant Navy33PantrymanVolendam
RomanianPetrescu, Thoma, Merchant Navy50SailorVolendam
DutchPfeiffer, Willem F., Merchant Navy19Dining Room StewardVolendam
DutchPhenning, Christiaan M., Merchant Navy30Provision MasterVolendam
DutchPlouvier, Eugène Auguste, Merchant Navy31Fourth Engineer OfficerVolendam, Maasdam, Zaandam +
DutchPluym, Jacobus P., Merchant Navy38StewardVolendam
DutchPoly, Michael, Merchant Navy46CookVolendam
DutchPoortvliet, Johannes J., Merchant Navy30Boatswain’s MateVolendam
DutchPoppe, Andries, Merchant Navy26Store ServantVolendam
DutchPost, Everardus, Merchant Navy19Cook’s MateVolendam
DutchPost, Johannes L., Merchant Navy18StewardVolendam
DutchPrins, Abraham, Merchant Navy22Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchPronk, Klaar, Merchant Navy30QuartermasterVolendam
DutchRaavens, L.P. van, Merchant Navy28CookVolendam
DutchRapati, Johannes C.A., Merchant Navy45Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchRieken, B.J., Merchant Navy22Dining Room StewardVolendam
DutchRiet, Leendert A. van der, Merchant Navy38Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchRoelofs, Hendrik R., Merchant Navy18Cook’s MateVolendam
BritishRogers, Patrick, Civilian9PassengerVolendam
DutchRoomer, Gerardus J., Merchant Navy46SailorVolendam
DutchRoos, Cornelis Th., Merchant Navy23Cook’s MateVolendam
DutchRoosa, Jasper J.A., Merchant Navy30StewardVolendam
DutchRooyen, Arie M. den, Merchant Navy47Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchRostang, Jean F., Merchant Navy15BoyVolendam
DutchRotermundt, Hermanus K.A., Merchant Navy57Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchRubbens, Frits, Merchant Navy18Dining Room StewardVolendam
DutchRuiter, Jacobus, Merchant Navy47Radio OperatorVolendam
DutchRuytenberg, Pleun, Merchant Navy36SailorVolendam
DutchRuÿgrok, Bernardus Ludovicus Josephus, Merchant Navy46Chief OfficerVolendam, Breedijk +
DutchSchaefer, Johan Lodewijk, Merchant Navy44CookVolendam, Dempo
DutchSchepens, Johan C., Merchant Navy24StewardVolendam
DutchSchmitz, Alberdina L.M., Merchant Navy24ManicureVolendam
DutchSchoo, Jan, Merchant Navy40Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchSchotte, Willem H., Merchant Navy55GreaserVolendam
DutchSchupper, Adolf, Merchant Navy51Assistant Chief StewardVolendam
DutchSchuurbiers, Coenraad, Merchant Navy31PrinterVolendam
DutchSevenhuijsen, Hermanus W., Merchant Navy28MusicianVolendam
DutchSinck, Gerardus Andreas, Merchant Navy25Store ServantVolendam
DutchSint Nicolaas, Cornelis, Merchant Navy18CookVolendam
DutchSleeuwenhoek, Barend, Merchant Navy48CookVolendam
DutchSlootjes, Adrianus, Merchant Navy21Assistant EngineerVolendam
DutchSmaalen, Helena van, Merchant Navy53StewardessVolendam
DutchSmid, Hendrik, Merchant Navy23CookVolendam
DutchSmit, Cornelis Johannes, Merchant Navy19Cook’s MateVolendam, Dempo
DutchSmit, Jan, Merchant Navy22CookVolendam
DutchSmits, J.P., Merchant Navy48Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchSoestermeer, Clarina H., Merchant Navy32StewardessVolendam
DutchSolleveld, Antje, Merchant Navy36StewardessVolendam
DutchSon, Ary van, Merchant Navy60Chief Engineer OfficerVolendam
DutchSonneveldt, Adrianus, Merchant Navy31Assistant PurserVolendam
DutchSpee, Alida J., Merchant Navy48NurseVolendam
DutchSpeelman, Albert H., Merchant Navy25Dining Room StewardVolendam
DutchSpeelman, Robert, Merchant Navy18Cook’s MateVolendam
DutchSteenderen, Hermanus van, Merchant Navy43TrimmerVolendam
DutchStekelenburg, Cornelis J., Merchant Navy52Chief CookVolendam
DutchStel, Johannes P. van der, Merchant Navy29Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchStok, Cornelis, Merchant Navy24TrimmerVolendam
DutchStruijk, Arnoldus, Merchant Navy35Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchTeeuwen, Antonius J., Merchant Navy16Dining Room StewardVolendam
DutchTriel, Klaas, Merchant Navy39Lamp TrimmerVolendam
DutchTriet, Arie van, Merchant Navy32Cook’s MateVolendam
DutchUljee, Christoffel, Merchant Navy23PantrymanVolendam
DutchVeen, Uilke van der, Merchant Navy17Cook’s MateVolendam
DutchVerbeek, Aart, Merchant Navy35CarpenterVolendam
DutchVerbrugge, Servaas, Merchant Navy25FireguardVolendam
DutchVergers, Hendrik, Merchant Navy32StewardVolendam, Dempo
DutchVermeulen, Jacob, Merchant Navy23Cook’s MateVolendam
DutchVessem, Leendert E. van, Merchant Navy39Second Engineer OfficerVolendam
DutchVisser, Karel W., Merchant Navy22Fourth Engineer OfficerVolendam
DutchVliet, Daniel M. v.d., Merchant Navy56FireguardVolendam
DutchVliet, Jan van, Merchant Navy41QuartermasterVolendam
DutchVliet, Nicolaas van, Merchant Navy46GreaserVolendam
DutchVloed, Leendert van der, Merchant Navy37Assistant CookVolendam
DutchVolk, Bernardus, Merchant Navy44Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchVonk, Bartel A., Merchant Navy21Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchVreeburg, Cornelis W., Merchant Navy16Dining Room StewardVolendam
DutchVries, Frederik H. de, Merchant Navy16Bell BoyVolendam
DutchWaal Malefijt, Pieter de, Merchant Navy19NightwatchVolendam
DutchWageningen, Gerrit van, Merchant Navy32StewardVolendam
DutchWapenaar, Maarten P., Merchant Navy23FiremanVolendam, Saturnus
DutchWel, Hendrikus van, Merchant Navy24CookVolendam
DutchWende, Andries van der, Merchant Navy46PantrymanVolendam
DutchWepster, Jan Pieter, Merchant Navy54MasterVolendam, Zaandam +
DutchWetsteijn, Jan P., Merchant Navy25StewardVolendam, Lancing
DutchWijngaarden, Mari L. van, Merchant Navy29Third Engineer OfficerVolendam
DutchWils, Johannes A., Merchant Navy38Cabin StewardVolendam
DutchWitteboom, Aaron, Merchant Navy27PhysicianVolendam
DutchWoerkom, Gerrit Willem van, Merchant Navy16Pantry BoyVolendam, Bennekom
DutchWoltering, Johannes H.E., Merchant Navy42FiremanVolendam
DutchWout, Dirk van ’t, Merchant Navy24CookVolendam
DutchWouters, Christina, Merchant Navy29StewardessVolendam
DutchZanten, Hendrik van, Merchant Navy37Second Engineer OfficerVolendam
DutchZenderen, Gerardus van, Merchant Navy22Dining Room StewardVolendam
DutchZevenbergen, Arie, Merchant Navy62FireguardVolendam
DutchZijderveld, Pieter, Merchant Navy26StewardVolendam
DutchZijleman, Johannes Gijsbertus, Merchant Navy54BakerVolendam, Dempo
DutchZwaan, Gerard, Merchant Navy51StewardVolendam
DutchZwan, Arie van de, Merchant Navy31SailorVolendam
DutchZwiep, Johannes, Merchant Navy53Cabin StewardVolendam

276 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
If you wish to add a crewmember to the listing we would need most of this information: ship name, nationality, name, dob, place of birth, service (merchant marine, ...), rank or job on board. We have place for a photo as well if provided. You can e-mail us the information here.