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Dutch steam merchant

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This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Dutch steam merchant Tapanoeli.

Aboard Tapanoeli when hit on 17 Mar 1941

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NameAgeRankServed on
DutchAlie, , Merchant NavyStewardTapanoeli
DutchBaggus, Nicolaas, Merchant Navy50MasterTapanoeli
DutchBerg, Cornelis van den, Merchant Navy21Ordinary SeamanTapanoeli
DutchBethume, Johannes Hendrik, Merchant Navy23Able SeamanTapanoeli
DutchBierschenk, Samuel, Merchant Navy25Ordinary SeamanTapanoeli
DutchBree, Johannes Christiaan Maria, Merchant Navy25CookTapanoeli
DutchBurken, Dirk van, Merchant Navy42Second OfficerTapanoeli
ChineseCheong Chak, , Merchant NavyFiremanTapanoeli
ChineseCheong Cheung, , Merchant NavyFiremanTapanoeli
ChineseCheong Chey, , Merchant NavyFiremanTapanoeli
ChineseCheong Fat, , Merchant NavyFiremanTapanoeli
ChineseCheong Fook, , Merchant NavyFiremanTapanoeli
ChineseCheong Ming, , Merchant NavyFitterTapanoeli
ChineseCheong Ngai, , Merchant NavyFiremanTapanoeli
ChineseCheong Sang, , Merchant NavyFiremanTapanoeli
ChineseCheong Sing, , Merchant NavyTrimmerTapanoeli
ChineseCheong Tak, , Merchant NavyTrimmerTapanoeli
ChineseCheong Tong, , Merchant NavyTrimmerTapanoeli
ChineseCheong Wai, , Merchant NavyFiremanTapanoeli
ChineseCheong Ying, , Merchant NavyFiremanTapanoeli
ChineseCheung Lam, , Merchant NavyTrimmerTapanoeli
ChineseCheung Muk, , Merchant NavyFiremanTapanoeli
ChineseChoy Kan, , Merchant NavyFiremanTapanoeli
ChineseChung Yung, , Merchant NavyFiremanTapanoeli
DutchDoerachman, , Merchant NavyStewardTapanoeli
ChineseDoo Chang, , Merchant NavyCook’s MateTapanoeli
DutchDrost, Jan, Merchant Navy38Second Engineer OfficerTapanoeli
DutchEst, Johannes Cornelis van der, Merchant Navy19BoyTapanoeli, Blitar +
DutchEverdingen, Rudolf van, Merchant Navy45Chief OfficerTapanoeli
DutchHorst, Albert ter, Merchant Navy26Able SeamanTapanoeli
DutchKasroen, , Merchant NavyStewardTapanoeli
DutchKleijn, Adolf, Merchant Navy42Able SeamanTapanoeli
DutchKleve, Jacob, Merchant Navy29Radio OperatorTapanoeli
DutchKrom, Jan, Merchant Navy34CarpenterTapanoeli
ChineseLam Chi, , Merchant NavyFiremanTapanoeli
ChineseLam Hing, , Merchant NavyFiremanTapanoeli
ChineseLam Kwai, , Merchant NavyFiremanTapanoeli
ChineseLee Hon, , Merchant NavyFiremanTapanoeli
ChineseLueng Cheun, , Merchant NavyFiremanTapanoeli
ChineseLueng Yik, , Merchant NavyFiremanTapanoeli
DutchMannetje, Krijn ‘t, Merchant Navy35Boatswain (Bosun)Tapanoeli
DutchMatsain, , Merchant NavyStewardTapanoeli
DutchMatsarie, , Merchant NavyLaundrymanTapanoeli
DutchMoeksimin, , Merchant NavyStewardTapanoeli
DutchNerrings, Adriaan, Merchant Navy52Lamp TrimmerTapanoeli
DutchNout, Gerard, Merchant Navy22Fourth OfficerTapanoeli
DutchQuint, Leendert Johannes, Merchant Navy16BoyTapanoeli, Garoet +
DutchRuhaak, Thomas Gerrit Hendrik, Merchant Navy26Third OfficerTapanoeli, Dempo
DutchSeelen, Hendrikus Antonius, Merchant Navy44StewardTapanoeli
DutchSemedie, , Merchant NavyStewardTapanoeli
DutchSlik, Maarten Jacob van der, Merchant Navy28Able SeamanTapanoeli, Dempo
DutchSmit, Johannes Jacobus, Merchant Navy44Chief Engineer OfficerTapanoeli
DutchSoeria, , Merchant NavyLaundrymanTapanoeli
DutchSuithoff, Abraham Jan, Merchant Navy31Third Engineer OfficerTapanoeli
ChineseTang Muk, , Merchant NavyFiremanTapanoeli
DutchTheuns, Lambertus Johannes, Merchant Navy25Fourth Engineer OfficerTapanoeli
DutchVerduin, Cornelis Antonius, Merchant Navy52Able SeamanTapanoeli
DutchVisser, Arie Adrianus, Merchant Navy18Ordinary SeamanTapanoeli, Garoet +
DutchVlokhoven, Pieter Antonius, Merchant Navy37Able SeamanTapanoeli
DutchWaardenburg, Hendrik, Merchant Navy32Engine DriverTapanoeli
DutchWalter, Johan Philip, Merchant Navy50Engine DriverTapanoeli
DutchWees, Albert van der, Merchant Navy38Able SeamanTapanoeli
ChineseWong Ling, , Merchant NavyCookTapanoeli
ChineseYip Foo, , Merchant NavyFiremanTapanoeli
ChineseYoon Lam, , Merchant NavyStorekeeperTapanoeli

65 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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