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Caldwell class

4 ships

The destroyer USS Conway (i) (DD 70) of the US Navy.

Technical information

Displacement1.125 BRT 
Length316 feet 
Complement100 men 
Armament4 x 4inch
2 x 1pdr AA
12 x 21inch TT 
Max speed30 knots
EnginesGeared turbines 
Notes on class

Only three ships, out of six, were left in the reserve fleet at the outbreak of the Second World War. They were recommissioned in 1940 for transfer to Great Britain.

US Navy destroyer classes during WWII:
Sampson - Caldwell - Wickes - Clemson - Farragut - Porter - Mahan - Gridley - Bagley - Somers - Benham - Sims - Benson / Gleaves - Fletcher - Allen M. Sumner - Gearing


All ships of the Caldwell class

US Navy US Navy (more on US Navy)

USS Conner (i) (DD 72) (To Great Britain as HMS Leeds)
USS Conway (i) (DD 70) (To Great Britain as HMS Lewes)
USS Stockton (i) (DD 73) (To Great Britain as HMS Ludlow)

High speed transport

US Navy US Navy (more on US Navy)

USS Manley (APD 1)

4 Destroyers of the Caldwell class.

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