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Technical information

TypeLight cruiser
Displacement7070 BRT 
Complement565 men 
Armament12 6"/45 guns (2x2, 8x1).
12 3"/50 guns (12x1).
4 7,62mm machineguns (4x1).
2 15" torpedo tubes.
150 mines. 
Max speed21 knots
Engines2 vertical triple expansion, reciprocating steam engines, 16 boilers, 2 shafts 
Power19500 HP 
Notes on classOrdered for Imperial Russia navy under 1895-1902 shipbuilding program. The Exact order was given in 1898 by Maritime Technical Committee (MTK) for cruisers for “the needs of Far East”. Several non-domestic contractors were involved, of which this particular project was developed by Vulcan, Stettin (later – Stettinger Maschinenbau AG). This yard built the first cruiser Bogatyr and 3 others were build in Russia (Petersburg and Nikolayev). The Bogatyr-class was designed to operate as scouting cruisers for heavy task forces and for joint operations together with torpedo boats. At that times this class was featured by rather high speed and optimal set of attacking and defence capabilities. Treated to be the best of mid-class protected cruisers in Russian navy as of 1900s. 

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1 Light cruiser of the Bogatyr class.

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