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Coat of Arms of Kaiserslautern

This emblem is the Coat of Arms of the German town of Kaiserslautern, home town of the Commander of U-44, KrvKpt. Ludwig Mathes.

The fish in the middle is either a pike or a carp (here the legend differs).

The legend says that a pike or carp was caught in the 'Kaiserwoog'(Emperor's Lake) at Kaiserslautern in 1497 which weighed 350 pounds and was six metres long. The fish is supposed to have had a ring around his neck bearing the inscription: "I am the first of all the fish to be placed in this lake by Emperor Friedrich II on October the 5th 1230".

The version on U-451 was almost identical but had "Kaiserslautern" written at the top and the fish was more detailed.

Keywords: Coat of Arms, Fish, Shield

2 U-boats displayed this emblem
U-44 and U-451.

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