Order of the Medjidie

Medschidie Orden

The Order of the Medjidie was established in 1851 by Sultan Abdülmecid I. Awards were in five classes, of which the first was the highest. The prewar awards to German officers that would go on to command U-boats during the war were all of the 4th class while the Austrian officers listed were all awarded the 5th class of the order.

CommanderDate  Command
Oblt. Becker, Franz8 Feb 1913  

Oblt. Dönitz, Karl13 Mar 1917  

Oblt. Edeling, Karl17 Jul 1910  

Oblt. Glasenapp, Alfred von13 Jun 1912  

LSL. Holub, Joseflikely prewar  
LSL. Hübner, Eduard Ritter vonlikely prewar  k.u.k. U3

Oblt. Kümpel, Otto1 Sep 1918  UC 37

LSL. Lerch, Egonlikely prewar  

Kptlt. Mohl, Hans vonprewar  

LSL. Nejebsy, Franzlikely prewar  

Kptlt. Rave, Ortwinprewar  
Oblt. Rose, Hans8 Feb 1913  

LSL. Schlosser, Friedrichlikely prewar  
Kptlt. Schmidt, Georgprewar  
LSL. Skopinic, Franzlikely prewar  
LSL. Strnad, Karllikely prewar  

LSL. Teufl von Fernland, Robertlikely prewar  

17 officers decorated with Order of the Medjidie (Medschidie Orden) located.

Note: This listing is still being compiled and some recipients might be missing.

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