Military Order of St. Henry (Saxony)

Militär-St. Heinrichs-Orden

Military Order of St. Henry (Saxony)

The Military Order of St. Henry (Militär-St. Heinrichs-Orden) was a military order of the Kingdom of Saxony. The order was the oldest military order of the states of the German Empire. It was founded on October 7, 1736 by Augustus III, King of Poland and Elector of Saxony. The order underwent several more revisions over the course of the 19th and early 20th centuries. It became obsolete with the fall of the Saxon monarchy in the wake of Germany's defeat in World War I.

The order came in four classes: Grand Cross (Großkreuz), Commander's Cross 1st Class (Kommandeurkreuz I. Klasse), Commander's Cross 2nd Class (Kommandeurkreuz II. Klasse) or sometimes just Commander, and Knight's Cross (Ritterkreuz). Generally, the rank of the recipient determined which grade he would receive - the Grand Cross went to monarchs and the highest field commanders, the Commander 1st Class to senior generals, the Commander 2nd Class to officers major and above (with a few exceptions) and the Knight's Cross to all officers. Again with few exceptions, one was required to have received a lower grade before receiving the next higher grade. During World War I, there were 12 awards of the Grand Cross, 14 awards of the Commander 1st Class, 153 awards of the Commander 2nd Class, and 2,728 awards of the Knight's Cross.

The list of U-boat commanders awarded the Military Order of St. Henry is believed to be complete and is based upon Georg Richter’s Der Königlich Sächsische Militär St. Heinrichs Orden 1736-1918: Ein Ehrenblatt der Sächsischen Armee.

CommanderDate  Command
Kptlt. Steinbrinck, Otto23 Sep 1917  UB 57

Oblt. Voigt, Ernst23 Sep 1917  

Kptlt. Weddigen, Otto28 Sep 1914  U 9

3 officers decorated with Military Order of St. Henry (Saxony) (Militär-St. Heinrichs-Orden) located.

Note: This listing is still being compiled and some recipients might be missing.

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