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DateU-boat Commander Name of shipType of shipTonsNat.
3 Oct 1918 UB 112Wilhelm Rhein A.E. Mc Kinstry (d.)Steamer1,960ca
15 Mar 1918 UC 67Karl Neumann ArmoniaSteamer5,226ca
25 Aug 1918 U 156Richard Feldt C. M. WaltersFishing vessel (sail)107ca
25 Aug 1918 U 156Richard Feldt Clayton W. WaltersFishing vessel (sail)116ca
2 Aug 1918 U 156Richard Feldt DornfonteinAuxiliary motor766ca
31 Jan 1917 U 55Wilhelm Werner DundeeSteamer2,290ca
25 Aug 1918 U 156Richard Feldt  E. B. WaltersFishing vessel (sail)126ca
5 Aug 1918 UC 25Karl Dönitz FreshfieldSteamer3,445ca
26 Aug 1918 U 156Richard Feldt GloamingFishing vessel (sail)130ca
28 Sep 1915 U 39Walter Forstmann H. C. HenryTanker4,219ca
20 Mar 1918 k.u.k. U40Johann Krsnjavi Lord Ormonde (d.)Steamer3,914ca
20 Aug 1918 U 156Richard Feldt Lucille M. SchnareFishing vessel (sail)121ca
5 Aug 1918 U 156Richard Feldt Luz BlancaTanker4,868ca
25 Aug 1918 U 156Richard Feldt Marion AdamsFishing vessel (sail)99ca
4 Aug 1915 U 28Georg-Günther von Forstner Midland QueenSteamer1,993ca
26 Aug 1917 U 93Helmut Gerlach Minas QueenSailing vessel492ca
22 Apr 1917 U 53Hans Rose NeepawahSteamer1,799ca
2 Dec 1916 UB 39Heinrich Küstner PalacineSteamer3,286ca
20 Aug 1918 U 156Richard Feldt PasadenaFishing vessel (sail)119ca
13 Aug 1915 UB 14Heino von Heimburg  Royal EdwardPassenger steamer11,117ca
10 Jun 1917 U 155Karl Meusel Scottish HeroSteamer2,205ca
13 Apr 1917 U 78Otto Dröscher StrathconaSteamer1,881ca
16 May 1918 U 55Wilhelm Werner TagonaSteamer2,004ca
20 Aug 1918 U 156Richard Feldt TriumphTrawler239ca
20 Aug 1918 U 156Richard Feldt Uda A. SaundersFishing vessel (sail)125ca
25 Aug 1918 U 156Richard Feldt Verna D. AdamsFishing vessel (sail)132ca
26 Aug 1917 UB 38Wilhelm Amberger W. H. DwyerSteamer1,770ca
7 Dec 1917 U 156Konrad Gansser W.c. Mc KaySailing vessel147ca
26 ships sunk (48,822 tons) and 2 ships damaged (5,874 tons).

(d.) means the ship was damaged.
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