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DateU-boat Commander Name of shipType of shipTonsNat.
10 Apr 1917 UC 20Franz Becker Abd RazikSailing vessel25tu
13 Sep 1917 UC 52Ludwig Karl Sahl ArlequinSailing vessel6tu
18 Sep 1917 UC 52Ludwig Karl Sahl CachalotSailing vessel17tu
13 Sep 1917 UC 52Ludwig Karl Sahl Chere RoseSailing vessel28tu
6 Aug 1917 UC 27Gerhard Schulz El Kaddra Nr. 5320tu
16 Jun 1917 UC 27Gerhard Schulz EmsliSailing vessel31tu
30 Jul 1916 U 35Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière Giuseppe MartaSailing vessel111tu
16 Jun 1917 UC 27Gerhard Schulz KamoumaSailing vessel18tu
16 Jun 1917 UC 27Gerhard Schulz Kibirasailing vessel8tu
16 Jun 1917 UC 27Gerhard Schulz LiberteSailing vessel12tu
16 Jun 1917 UC 27Gerhard Schulz MetlaoniSailing vessel30tu
13 Sep 1917 UC 52Ludwig Karl Sahl OrtigiaSailing vessel17tu
12 Jun 1918 UC 20Heinrich Kukat Poincaresailing vessel35tu
13 Sep 1917 UC 52Ludwig Karl Sahl VittoriaSailing vessel24tu
14 ships sunk (382 tons).

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