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The escort carrier HMS Trumpeter (D 09) of the Royal Navy.

Technical information

TypeEscort carrier
Displacement15646 BRT 
Length492.25 feet (oa) 
Complement646 men 
Armament2 5" DP guns. (2x1)
8 40mm AA (4x2)
20 20mm AA (10x2)
20 Aircraft 
Max speed18 knots
EnginesSteam turbines, 1 shaft 
Power8500 HP 
Notes on classThese ships were known as the Repeat Bogue class in the USN and the Ameer (or sometimes Ruler) class in the Royal Navy.  

Royal Navy Royal Navy ships of the Ameer class

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HMS Ameer (D 01) (ex. USS Baffins)
HMS Arbiter (D 31) (ex. USS St. Simon)
HMS Atheling (D 51) (ex. USS Glacier)
HMS Begum (D 38) (ex. USS Bolinas)
HMS Emperor (D 98) (ex. USS Pybus)
HMS Empress (D 42) (ex. USS Carnegie)
HMS Khedive (D 62) (ex. USS Cordova)
HMS Nabob (D 77) (ex. USS Edisto)
HMS Patroller (D 07) (ex. USS Keneenaw)
HMS Premier (D 23) (ex. USS Estero)
HMS Puncher (D 79) (ex. USS Willapa)
HMS Queen (D 19) (ex. USS St. Andrews)
HMS Rajah (D 10) (ex. USS Prince)
HMS Ranee (D 03) (ex. USS Niantic)
HMS Reaper (D 82) (ex. USS Winjah)
HMS Ruler (D 72) (ex. USS St. Joseph)
HMS Shah (D 21) (ex. USS Jamaica)
HMS Slinger (D 26) (ex. USS Chatham)
HMS Smiter (D 55) (ex. USS Vermillion)
HMS Speaker (D 90) (ex. USS Delgada)
HMS Thane (D 83) (ex. USS Sunset)
HMS Trouncer (D 85) (ex. USS Perdido)
HMS Trumpeter (D 09) (ex. USS Bastian)

23 Escort carriers of the Ameer class.

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Ameer class ships hit by U-boats (2)

22 Aug 1944HMS NabobTotal lossU-354
15 Jan 1945HMS ThaneTotal lossU-1172

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