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Evarts class

66 ships

The destroyer escort USS Mitchell (DE 43) of the US Navy.

Technical information

TypeDestroyer Escort
Displacement1400 BRT 
Length283 feet 
Complement220 men 
Armament3 3" guns
various smaller guns
depth charge throwers 
Max speed29 knots
EnginesDiesels with electric drive 
Notes on classSeveral ships of this class were lend-leased to Britain during WWII to become the Captain class of the Royal Navy. Those ships are not listed on this page. 

All ships of the Evarts class

US Navy US Navy (more on US Navy)

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USS Evarts (DE 5)
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USS Harold C. Thomas (DE 21)
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USS Lovering (DE 39)
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USS Martin (DE 30)
USS Mitchell (DE 43)
USS O'Toole (DE 527)
USS Reynolds (DE 42)
USS Sanders (DE 40)
USS Sederstrom (DE 31)
USS Seid (DE 256)
USS Smartt (DE 257)
USS Steele (DE 8)
USS Tisdale (DE 33)
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USS Whitman (DE 24)
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USS William C. Miller (DE 259)
USS Wintle (DE 25)
USS Wyman (DE 38)
USS Austin (DE 15)
USS Connolly (DE 306)
USS Creamer (DE 308)
USS Delbert W. Halsey (DE 310)
USS Drury (DE 46)
USS Ely (DE 309)
USS Finnegan (DE 307)
USS Halloran (DE 305)
USS John J. Powers (DE 528)
USS John M. Bermingham (DE 530)
USS Keppler (DE 311)
USS Lake (DE 301)
USS Lloyd Thomas (DE 312)
USS Lyman (DE 302)
USS Mason (DE 529)
USS Rall (DE 304)
USS Stadtfeld (DE 29)
USS Willard Keith (DE 314)
USS William C. Lawe (DE 313)
USS Wyffels (DE 6)

66 Destroyer Escorts of the Evarts class.

Strikeout means that ship was cancelled (not finished) - not counted in class figures.

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