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Wickes class

79 ships

The destroyer USS Leary (i) (DD 158) of the US Navy. She was lost on 24 Dec 1943.

Technical information

Displacement1090 BRT 
Length314 feet 
Complement113 men 
Armament4 4" guns
2 3 pounders
12 21" torpedo tubes 
Max speed35 knots
Notes on class 

All ships of the Wickes class

US Navy US Navy (more on US Navy)

USS Abbot (i) (DD 184) (to Britain as HMS Charlestown (I 21))
USS Badger (DD 126)
USS Bagley (i) (DD 185) (to Britain as HMS St. Mary's (I 12))
USS Barney (DD 149)
USS Bernadou (DD 153)
USS Biddle (DD 151)
USS Breckinridge (DD 148)
USS Buchanan (i) (DD 131) (to Britain as HMS Campbeltown (I 42))
USS Chew (DD 106)
USS Claxton (i) (DD 140) (to Britain as HMS Salisbury (I 52))
USS Cole (DD 155)
USS Cowell (i) (DD 167) (to Britain as HMS Brighton (I 08))
USS Crane (DD 109)
USS Crosby (DD 164)
USS Crowninshield (DD 134) (to Britain as HMS Chelsea (I 35))
USS Dent (DD 116)
USS Du Pont (DD 152)
USS Ellis (DD 154)
USS Evans (i) (DD 78) (to Britain as HMS Mansfield (G 76))
USS Fairfax (DD 93) (to Britain as HMS Richmond (G 88))
USS Foote (i) (DD 169) (to Britain as HMS Roxborough (I 07))
USS Hale (i) (DD 133) (to Britain as HMS Caldwell (I 20))
USS Haraden (i) (DD 183) (to Canada as HMCS Columbia (I 49))
USS Herbert (DD 160)
USS Hopewell (i) (DD 181) (to Britain as HMS Bath (I 17))
USS J. Fred Talbott (DD 156)
USS Kennison (DD 138)
USS Kilty (DD 137)
USS Lea (DD 118)
USS MacKenzie (i) (DD 175) (to Canada as HMCS Annapolis (I 04))
USS Maddox (i) (DD 168) (to Britain as HMS Georgetown (I 40))
USS Philip (i) (DD 76) (to Britain as HMS Lancaster (G05))
USS Rathburne (DD 113)
USS Robinson (i) (DD 88) (to Britain as HMS Newmarket (G 47))
USS Roper (DD 147)
USS Schenck (DD 159)
USS Schley (DD 103)
USS Talbot (DD 114)
USS Tarbell (DD 142)
USS Thatcher (i) (DD 162) (to Canada as HMCS Niagara (I 57))
USS Thomas (i) (DD 182) (to Britain as HMS St Albans (I 15))
USS Tillman (i) (DD 135) (to Britain as HMS Wells (I 95))
USS Twiggs (i) (DD 127) (to Britain as HMS Leamington (G 19))
USS Upshur (DD 144)
USS Walker (i) (DD 163)
USS Ward (DD 139) Lost on 7 Dec 1944
USS Waters (DD 115)
USS Wickes (i) (DD 75) (to Britain as HMS Montgomery (G 95))
USS Yarnall (i) (DD 143) (to Britain as HMS Lincoln (G 42))
USS Aaron Ward (i) (DD 132) (to Britain as HMS Castleton (I 23))
USS Babbitt (DD 128)
USS Blakeley (DD 150)
USS Dickerson (DD 157) Lost on 4 Apr 1945
USS Greer (DD 145)
USS Jacob Jones (i) (DD 130) Lost on 28 Feb 1942
USS Kalk (i) (DD 170) (to Britain as HMS Hamilton (I 24))
USS Leary (i) (DD 158) Lost on 24 Dec 1943
USS Ringgold (i) (DD 89) (to Britain as HMS Newark (G 08))
USS Sigourney (i) (DD 81) (to Britain as HMS Newport (G 54))
USS Tattnall (DD 125)
USS Williams (DD 108) (to Canada as HMCS St Clair (I 65))

Destroyer minelayer

US Navy US Navy (more on US Navy)

USS Gamble (DM 15)
USS Ramsay (DM 16)
USS Breese (DM 18)
USS Montgomery (DM 17)

High speed minesweeper

US Navy US Navy (more on US Navy)

USS Boggs (DMS 3)
USS Dorsey (DMS 1) Lost on 9 Oct 1945
USS Elliot (DMS 4)
USS Hamilton (DMS 18)
USS Hogan (DMS 6)
USS Lamberton (DMS 2)
USS Palmer (DMS 5) Lost on 7 Jan 1945
USS Stansbury (DMS 8)
USS Howard (DMS 7)

High speed transport

US Navy US Navy (more on US Navy)

USS Stringham (APD 6)
USS Colhoun (i) (APD 2) Lost on 30 Aug 1942
USS Gregory (i) (APD 3) Lost on 5 Sep 1942
USS Little (i) (APD 4) Lost on 5 Sep 1942
USS McKean (i) (APD 5) Lost on 17 Nov 1943

79 Destroyers of the Wickes class. 10 of them were lost.

See all Destroyer classes.

Wickes class ships hit by U-boats (2)

28 Feb 1942USS Jacob Jones (i)SunkU-578
24 Dec 1943USS Leary (i)SunkU-275

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