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The North Sands class ship Fort Chilcotin. She was hit by U-172 on 24 Jul 1943.

Information on the North Sands class:

The Fort ships were a class of 198 cargo ships built in Canada during World War II. They were for use by the United Kingdom under Lend-Lease system. All had the prefix "Fort" when built during 1941 and 1945. The ships were in service between 1942 and 1985.

The Fort ships were 424 feet 6 inches (129.39 m) long with a beam of 57 feet (17.37 m). They were assessed at 7,130 GRT. The ships were of three types, the North Sands type, which were of riveted construction, and the Canadian and Victory types, which were of welded construction. They were built by eighteen different Canadian shipyards (Wikipedia).

Below are the merchant vessels of the North Sands class:
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Loss dateName of shipTonsNat.U-boatCommander
2 Nov 1944Fort Thompson (d.)7,134 U-1223Albert Kneip
17 May 1942Fort Qu´Appelle7,127 U-135Friedrich-Hermann Praetorius
11 Jun 1942Fort Good Hope7,130 U-159Helmut Friedrich Witte
24 Jul 1943 Fort Chilcotin7,133 U-172Carl Emmermann
6 Jul 1943Jasper Park7,129 U-177Robert Gysae
16 Jul 1943Fort Franklin7,135 U-181Wolfgang Lüth
6 Aug 1943Fort Halkett7,133 U-185August Maus
20 Jan 1944Fort Buckingham7,122 U-188Siegfried Lüdden
25 Jan 1944Fort la Maune7,130 U-188Siegfried Lüdden
18 Apr 1943Fort Rampart7,134 U-226Rolf Borchers
23 Sep 1943Fort Jemseg7,134 U-238Horst Hepp
17 Mar 1943Fort Cedar Lake (d.)7,134 U-338Manfred Kinzel
6 Mar 1943Fort Battle River7,133 U-410Horst-Arno Fenski
6 Mar 1943 Fort Paskoyac (d.)7,134 U-410Horst-Arno Fenski
1 Oct 1943Fort Howe7,133 U-410Horst-Arno Fenski
18 May 1943Fort Anne (d.)7,134 U-414Walther Huth
19 May 1944 Fort Missanabie7,147 U-453Dierk Lührs
12 May 1943 Fort Concord7,138 U-456Max-Martin Teichert
23 Aug 1944Fort Yale7,134 U-480Hans-Joachim Förster
23 Feb 1945 Point Pleasant Park7,136 U-510Alfred Eick
19 Sep 1943Fort Longueuil7,128 U-532Ottoheinrich Junker
9 Mar 1943Fort Norman (d.)7,133 U-596Gunter Jahn
30 Mar 1943Fort a la Corne7,133 U-596Gunter Jahn
14 May 1944Fort Fidler (d.)7,127 U-616Siegfried Koitschka
17 Apr 1943Fort Rampart (d.)7,134 U-628Heinrich Hasenschar
17 Aug 1942Fort la Reine7,133 U-658Hans Senkel
17 Mar 1943Fort Cedar Lake7,134 U-665Hans-Jürgen Haupt

(d.) means the ship was damaged in the action.

27 instances of North Sands class ships hit by U-boats.

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