Ship losses by month

September 1939

This is the full listing of all ships hit during September 1939. You can click on any of the links for further information on either ship, U-boat, commander or convoy.

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
3 Sep 1939U-30Fritz-Julius Lemp Athenia13,581br
5 Sep 1939U-47Günther Prien Bosnia2,407br
5 Sep 1939U-48Herbert Schultze Royal Sceptre4,853br
6 Sep 1939U-38Heinrich Liebe Manaar7,242br
6 Sep 1939U-47Günther Prien Rio Claro4,086br
7 Sep 1939U-33Hans-Wilhelm von Dresky Olivegrove4,060br
7 Sep 1939U-34Wilhelm Rollmann Pukkastan5,809br
7 Sep 1939U-47Günther Prien Gartavon1,777br
8 Sep 1939U-29Otto Schuhart Regent Tiger10,176br
8 Sep 1939U-34Wilhelm Rollmann Kennebec5,548br
8 Sep 1939U-48Herbert Schultze Winkleigh5,055br
10 Sep 1939U-13Karl Daublebsky von Eichhain Magdapur [Mine]8,641br
10 Sep 1939U-15Heinz Buchholz Goodwood [Mine]2,796br
11 Sep 1939U-30Fritz-Julius Lemp Blairlogie4,425br
11 Sep 1939U-38Heinrich Liebe Inverliffey9,456br
11 Sep 1939U-48Herbert Schultze Firby4,869br
13 Sep 1939U-27Johannes Franz Davara291br
13 Sep 1939U-29Otto Schuhart Neptunia798br
14 Sep 1939U-17Heinz von Reiche Hawarden Castle [Mine]210br
14 Sep 1939U-28Günter Kuhnke Vancouver City4,955br
14 Sep 1939U-29Otto Schuhart British Influence8,431br
14 Sep 1939U-30Fritz-Julius Lemp Fanad Head5,200br
15 Sep 1939U-26Klaus Ewerth Alex van Opstal [Mine]5,965be
15 Sep 1939U-36Wilhelm Fröhlich Truro974br
15 Sep 1939U-53Ernst-Günter Heinicke Cheyenne8,825br
16 Sep 1939U-13Karl Daublebsky von Eichhain City of Paris (d.) [Mine]10,902br
16 Sep 1939U-27Johannes Franz Rudyard Kipling333br
16 Sep 1939U-31Johannes Habekost Aviemore4,060br
16 Sep 1939U-33Hans-Wilhelm von Dresky Arkleside1,567br
16 Sep 1939U-41Gustav-Adolf Mugler Suomen Poika (c.)1,099fi
16 Sep 1939U-41Gustav-Adolf Mugler Vega (c.)974fi
17 Sep 1939U-29Otto Schuhart HMS Courageous (50)22,500br
17 Sep 1939U-53Ernst-Günter Heinicke Kafiristan5,193br
18 Sep 1939U-32Paul Büchel Kensington Court4,863br
18 Sep 1939U-35Werner Lott Arlita326br
18 Sep 1939U-35Werner Lott Lord Minto295br
21 Sep 1939U-35Werner Lott Teakwood (d.)6,014brOA-7
22 Sep 1939U-4Harro von Klot-Heydenfeldt Martti-Ragnar2,262fi
22 Sep 1939U-7Werner Heidel Akenside2,694br
23 Sep 1939U-4Harro von Klot-Heydenfeldt Walma1,361fi
24 Sep 1939U-13Karl Daublebsky von Eichhain Phryné [Mine]2,660fr
24 Sep 1939U-31Johannes Habekost Hazelside4,646br
24 Sep 1939U-33Hans-Wilhelm von Dresky Caldew287br
24 Sep 1939U-34Wilhelm Rollmann Hanonia (c.)1,781es
24 Sep 1939U-4Harro von Klot-Heydenfeldt Gertrud Bratt1,510sw
25 Sep 1939U-36Wilhelm Fröhlich Silesia1,839sw
27 Sep 1939U-36Wilhelm Fröhlich Algeria (c.)1,617sw
28 Sep 1939U-16Hannes Weingaertner Nyland3,378sw
28 Sep 1939U-32Paul Büchel Jern875nw
29 Sep 1939U-7Werner Heidel Takstaas (t.)1,830nw
30 Sep 1939U-3Joachim Schepke Gun1,198sw
30 Sep 1939U-3Joachim Schepke Vendia1,150da

50 ships sunk (200,728 tons) and 2 ships damaged (16,916 tons).

We have a picture of this vessel.
(d.) means the ship was damaged.
(c.) means the ship was captured (included in ships & tonnage lost).
(t.) means the ship was a total loss (included in ships & tonnage lost).
[Mine] indicates the vessel was hit by a mine laid by said U-boat.

This map shows where Allied ships were hit during September 1939

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