Ship losses by month

October 1940

This is the full listing of all ships hit during October 1940. You can click on any of the links for further information on either ship, U-boat, commander or convoy.

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
1 Oct 1940U-38Heinrich Liebe Highland Patriot14,172br
2 Oct 1940U-32Hans Jenisch Kayeson4,606br
6 Oct 1940U-103Viktor Schütze Nina Borthen6,123nwOB-222
6 Oct 1940U-123Karl-Heinz Moehle Benlawers5,943brOB-221
6 Oct 1940U-37Victor Oehrn British General6,989brOA-222
7 Oct 1940U-59Joachim Matz Touraine5,811nwOB-225
8 Oct 1940U-58Heinrich Schonder Confield4,956brHX-76
9 Oct 1940U-103Viktor Schütze Delphin3,816grSC-6
9 Oct 1940U-103Viktor Schütze Graigwen (d.)3,697brSC-6
9 Oct 1940U-103Viktor Schütze Zannes Gounaris4,407grSC-6
10 Oct 1940U-123Karl-Heinz Moehle Graigwen3,697brSC-6
11 Oct 1940U-48Heinrich Bleichrodt Brandanger4,624nwHX-77
11 Oct 1940U-48Heinrich Bleichrodt Port Gisborne8,390brHX-77
12 Oct 1940U-101Fritz Frauenheim Saint-Malô5,779caHX-77
12 Oct 1940U-48Heinrich Bleichrodt Davanger7,102nwHX-77
12 Oct 1940U-59Joachim Matz Pacific Ranger6,865brHX-77
13 Oct 1940U-103Viktor Schütze Nora1,186es
13 Oct 1940U-37Victor Oehrn Stangrant5,804brHX-77
14 Oct 1940U-137Herbert Wohlfarth HMS Cheshire (F 18) (d.)10,552br
15 Oct 1940U-103Viktor Schütze Thistlegarth4,747brOA-228
15 Oct 1940U-138Wolfgang Lüth Bonheur5,327brOB-228
15 Oct 1940U-138Wolfgang Lüth British Glory (d.)6,993brOB-228
15 Oct 1940U-93Claus Korth Hurunui9,331brOA-228
16 Oct 1940U-124Georg-Wilhelm Schulz Trevisa1,813caSC-7
17 Oct 1940U-38Heinrich Liebe Aenos3,554grSC-7
17 Oct 1940U-48Heinrich Bleichrodt Languedoc9,512brSC-7
17 Oct 1940U-48Heinrich Bleichrodt Scoresby3,843brSC-7
17 Oct 1940U-93Claus Korth Dokka1,168nwOB-228
17 Oct 1940U-93Claus Korth Uskbridge2,715brOB-228
18 Oct 1940U-100Joachim Schepke Boekelo (d.)2,118nlSC-7
18 Oct 1940U-100Joachim Schepke Shekatika (d.)5,458brSC-7
18 Oct 1940U-101Fritz Frauenheim Blairspey (d.)4,155brSC-7
18 Oct 1940U-101Fritz Frauenheim Creekirk3,917brSC-7
18 Oct 1940U-38Heinrich Liebe Carsbreck (d.)3,670brSC-7
18 Oct 1940U-46Engelbert Endrass Beatus4,885brSC-7
18 Oct 1940U-46Engelbert Endrass Convallaria1,996swSC-7
18 Oct 1940U-46Engelbert Endrass Gunborg1,572swSC-7
18 Oct 1940U-48Heinrich Bleichrodt Sandsend3,612brOB-228
18 Oct 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Empire Miniver6,055brSC-7
18 Oct 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Fiscus4,815brSC-7
18 Oct 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Niritos3,854grSC-7
19 Oct 1940U-100Joachim Schepke Blairspey (d.)4,155brSC-7
19 Oct 1940U-101Fritz Frauenheim Assyrian2,962brSC-7
19 Oct 1940U-101Fritz Frauenheim Soesterberg1,904nlSC-7
19 Oct 1940U-123Karl-Heinz Moehle Boekelo2,118nlSC-7
19 Oct 1940U-123Karl-Heinz Moehle Clintonia3,106brSC-7
19 Oct 1940U-123Karl-Heinz Moehle Sedgepool5,556brSC-7
19 Oct 1940U-123Karl-Heinz Moehle Shekatika5,458brSC-7
19 Oct 1940U-38Heinrich Liebe Bilderdijk6,856nlHX-79
19 Oct 1940U-38Heinrich Liebe Matheran7,653brHX-79
19 Oct 1940U-46Engelbert Endrass Ruperra4,548brHX-79
19 Oct 1940U-47Günther Prien Shirak (d.)6,023brHX-79
19 Oct 1940U-47Günther Prien Uganda4,966brHX-79
19 Oct 1940U-47Günther Prien Wandby4,947brHX-79
19 Oct 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Clintonia (d.)3,106brSC-7
19 Oct 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Empire Brigade5,154brSC-7
19 Oct 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Snefjeld1,643nwSC-7
19 Oct 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Thalia5,875grSC-7
20 Oct 1940U-100Joachim Schepke Caprella8,230brHX-79
20 Oct 1940U-100Joachim Schepke Loch Lomond5,452brHX-79
20 Oct 1940U-100Joachim Schepke Sitala6,218brHX-79
20 Oct 1940U-124Georg-Wilhelm Schulz Cubano5,810nwOB-229
20 Oct 1940U-124Georg-Wilhelm Schulz Sulaco5,389brOB-229
20 Oct 1940U-46Engelbert Endrass Janus9,965swHX-79
20 Oct 1940U-47Günther Prien Athelmonarch (d.)8,995brHX-79
20 Oct 1940U-47Günther Prien La Estancia5,185brHX-79
20 Oct 1940U-47Günther Prien Whitford Point5,026brHX-79
20 Oct 1940U-48Heinrich Bleichrodt Shirak6,023brHX-79
26 Oct 1940U-28Günter Kuhnke Matina (d.)5,389br
28 Oct 1940U-32Hans Jenisch Empress of Britain42,348br
29 Oct 1940U-31Wilfried Prellberg Matina5,389br
31 Oct 1940U-124Georg-Wilhelm Schulz Rutland1,437brHX-82

60 ships sunk (342,204 tons) and 12 ships damaged (64,311 tons).

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(d.) means the ship was damaged.

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