Ship losses by month

October 1939

This is the full listing of all ships hit during October 1939. You can click on any of the links for further information on either ship, U-boat, commander or convoy.

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
1 Oct 1939U-35Werner Lott Suzon2,239be
3 Oct 1939U-35Werner Lott Diamantis4,990gr
4 Oct 1939U-23Otto Kretschmer Glen Farg876br
5 Oct 1939U-32Paul Büchel Marwarri (d.) [Mine]8,063br
6 Oct 1939U-32Paul Büchel Lochgoil (d.) [Mine]9,462br
7 Oct 1939U-26Klaus Ewerth Binnendijk [Mine]6,873nl
8 Oct 1939U-37Werner Hartmann Vistula1,018sw
12 Oct 1939U-37Werner Hartmann Aris4,810gr
12 Oct 1939U-48Herbert Schultze Emile Miguet14,115frKJ-2
13 Oct 1939U-42Rolf Dau Stonepool (d.)4,803brOB-17
13 Oct 1939U-48Herbert Schultze Heronspool5,202brOB-17
13 Oct 1939U-48Herbert Schultze Louisiane6,903frOA-17
14 Oct 1939U-45Alexander Gelhaar Bretagne10,108frKJF-3
14 Oct 1939U-45Alexander Gelhaar Lochavon9,205brKJF-3
14 Oct 1939U-47Günther Prien HMS Royal Oak (08)29,150br
14 Oct 1939U-48Herbert Schultze Sneaton3,677br
15 Oct 1939U-37Werner Hartmann Vermont5,186fr
17 Oct 1939U-37Werner Hartmann Yorkshire10,183brHG-3
17 Oct 1939U-46Herbert Sohler City of Mandalay7,028brHG-3
17 Oct 1939U-48Herbert Schultze Clan Chisholm7,256brHG-3
20 Oct 1939U-34Wilhelm Rollmann Gustaf Adolf926sw
20 Oct 1939U-34Wilhelm Rollmann Sea Venture2,327br
21 Oct 1939U-15Heinz Buchholz Orsa [Mine]1,478br
21 Oct 1939U-19Hans Meckel Capitaine Edmond Laborie [Mine]3,087fr
21 Oct 1939U-19Hans Meckel Deodata [Mine]3,295nw
24 Oct 1939U-19Hans Meckel Konstantinos Hadjipateras [Mine]5,962gr
24 Oct 1939U-37Werner Hartmann Ledbury3,528br
24 Oct 1939U-37Werner Hartmann Menin Ridge2,474br
24 Oct 1939U-37Werner Hartmann Tafna4,413br
27 Oct 1939U-34Wilhelm Rollmann Bronte5,317brOB-25
28 Oct 1939U-59Harald Jürst Lynx II250br
28 Oct 1939U-59Harald Jürst St. Nidan565br
29 Oct 1939U-34Wilhelm Rollmann Malabar7,976brHX-5A
30 Oct 1939U-13Karl Daublebsky von Eichhain Cairnmona4,666brHX-5
30 Oct 1939U-37Werner Hartmann Thrasyvoulos3,693gr
30 Oct 1939U-59Harald Jürst HMS Northern Rover (4.58)655br
31 Oct 1939U-25Viktor Schütze Baoulé5,874fr20-K

34 ships sunk (185,305 tons) and 3 ships damaged (22,328 tons).

We have a picture of this vessel.
(d.) means the ship was damaged.
[Mine] indicates the vessel was hit by a mine laid by said U-boat.

This map shows where Allied ships were hit during October 1939

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