Ships hit by U-boats in WWII

Allied Auxiliary Warships hit by U-boats

The armed merchant cruiser HMS Forfar (F 30). She was hit by U-99 on 2 Dec 1940.

Listing of Allied auxiliary warships (see also warship listing) so marked in our databases.

Loss dateTypeName of shipTonsNat.U-boat
30 Oct 1939A/S trawlerHMS Northern Rover (4.58)655 U-59
21 Nov 1939M/S trawlerSte. Claire57 U-16
6 Dec 1939M/S trawlerHMS Washington209 U-59
23 Dec 1939M/S trawlerHMS Promotive78 U-31
23 Dec 1939M/S trawlerHMS Glen Albyn82 U-31
23 Dec 1939Repair shipHMS Dolphin3,099 U-22
25 Dec 1939M/S trawlerHMS Loch Doon (FY 127)534 U-22
28 Dec 1939A/S trawlerHMS Barbara Robertson325 U-30
26 Jan 1940Accommodation shipHMS Durham Castle8,240 U-57
1 Jun 1940Boom defence vesselHMS Astronomer8,401 U-58
6 Jun 1940Armed Merchant CruiserHMS Carinthia20,277 U-46
13 Jun 1940Armed Merchant CruiserHMS Scotstoun17,046 U-25
16 Jun 1940Armed Merchant CruiserHMS Andania13,950 UA
21 Jun 1940Special service vesselHMS Cape Howe (X 02)4,443 U-28
29 Jun 1940Special service vesselHMS Willamette Valley (X 39)4,724 U-51
10 Aug 1940Armed Merchant CruiserHMS Transylvania (F 56)16,923 U-56
27 Aug 1940Armed Merchant CruiserHMS Dunvegan Castle15,007 U-46
14 Oct 1940Armed Merchant CruiserHMS Cheshire (F 18) (d.)10,552 U-137
3 Nov 1940Armed Merchant CruiserHMS Laurentic (F 51)18,724 U-99
4 Nov 1940Armed Merchant CruiserHMS Patroclus11,314 U-99
2 Dec 1940Armed Merchant CruiserHMS Forfar (F 30)16,402 U-99
3 Feb 1941Ocean boarding vesselHMS Crispin5,051 U-107
23 Feb 1941Ocean boarding vesselHMS Manistee (F 104)5,360 U-107
3 Apr 1941Armed Merchant CruiserHMS Worcestershire (F 29) (d.)11,402 U-74
13 Apr 1941Armed Merchant CruiserHMS Rajputana (F 35)16,644 U-108
6 May 1941Ocean boarding vesselHMS Camito (F 77)6,833 U-97
13 May 1941Armed Merchant CruiserHMS Salopian (F 94)10,549 U-98
6 Aug 1941Despatch vesselPS-70558 U-652
25 Aug 1941M/S trawlerT-898 (No 44)553 U-752
26 Aug 1941Auxiliary minelayerHMS Southern Prince (M 47) (d.)10,917 U-652
26 Aug 1941Submarine depot shipMarija Uljanova (t.)3,870 U-571
27 Sep 1941Fighter catapult shipHMS Springbank5,155 U-201
18 Oct 1941A/S trawlerSKR-11 (No 70)557 U-132
21 Oct 1941Armed Merchant CruiserHMS Aurania (F 28) (d.)13,984 U-123
26 Oct 1941Fighter catapult shipHMS Ariguani (F 105) (d.)6,746 U-83
30 Oct 1941Fleet oilerUSS Salinas (AO 19) (d.)8,246 U-106
15 Nov 1941M/S trawlerT-889 (No 34)581 U-752
11 Dec 1941A/S trawlerHMS Lady Shirley477 U-374
11 Dec 1941Patrol yachtHMS Rosabelle515 U-374
19 Jan 1942M/S trawlerHMS Rosemonde364 U-581
29 Jan 1942M/S trawlerHMS Sotra313 U-431
8 Mar 1942A/S trawlerHMS Northern Princess (4.06)655 U-587
9 Mar 1942A/S trawlerHMS Notts County (FY 250)541 U-701
11 Mar 1942A/S trawlerHMS Stella Capella (FY 107)507 U-701
27 Mar 1942Q-shipUSS Atik (AK 101)3,209 U-123
16 Apr 1942A/S trawlerFFL Vikings (P 41)1,150 U-81
2 May 1942Patrol yachtUSS Cythera (PY 26)602 U-402
12 May 1942A/S trawlerHMS Bedfordshire (FY 141)913 U-558
13 Jun 1942Q-shipHMS Farouk96 U-83
15 Jun 1942A/S trawlerHMS Kingston Ceylonite (FY 214)448 U-701
19 Jun 1942A/S trawlerUSS YP-389170 U-701
30 Jun 1942Submarine tenderHMS Medway (F 25)14,650 U-372
25 Jul 1942M/S trawlerHMS Laertes (T 137)545 U-201
18 Aug 1942Armed Merchant CruiserHMS Cheshire (F 18) (d.)10,552 U-214
28 Aug 1942Fleet oilerUSS Laramie (AO 16) (d.)7,252 U-165
7 Sep 1942Armed YachtHMCS Raccoon358 U-165
9 Sep 1942Weather shipUSS Muskeget (WAG 48)1,827 U-755
19 Sep 1942A/S trawlerHMS Alouette (FY 101)520 U-552
11 Oct 1942A/S trawlerMusson (No 23)417 U-589
30 Oct 1942A/S trawlerHMS Northern Spray (FY 129) (d.)655 unknown
9 Nov 1942Troop transportUSS Leedstown (AP 73)9,135 U-331
11 Nov 1942Troop transportUSS Joseph Hewes (AP 50)9,359 U-173
11 Nov 1942Fleet oilerUSS Winooski (AO 38) (d.)10,172 U-173
12 Nov 1942Troop transportUSS Edward Rutledge (AP 52)9,360 U-130
12 Nov 1942Destroyer tenderHMS Hecla (F 20)10,850 U-515
12 Nov 1942Troop transportUSS Tasker H. Bliss (AP 42)12,568 U-130
12 Nov 1942Troop transportUSS Hugh L. Scott (AP 43)12,479 U-130
15 Nov 1942Cargo transportUSS Almaack (AK 27) (d.)6,736 U-155
15 Nov 1942Cargo transportUSS Electra (AK 21) (d.)8,113 U-173
28 Dec 1942Steam tugHMS St. Issey (W 25)810 U-617
30 Dec 1942Special service vesselHMS Fidelity (D 57)2,456 U-435
7 Jan 1943M/S trawlerHMS Jura (T 169)545 U-371
8 Feb 1943A/S trawlerHMS Bredon (T 223)750 U-521
26 Mar 1943A/S trawlerFFL Sergent Gouarne (P 43)1,147 U-755
25 Jul 1943M/S trawlerT-904 (No 58)557 U-625
30 Jul 1943M/S trawlerT-911 (No 65)559 U-703
25 Aug 1943Salvage vesselASO-1 Shkval572 U-625
29 Aug 1943M/S trawlerTSC-11 Dzhalita400 U-18
11 Sep 1943Fleet oilerUSS Rapidan (AO 18) (d.)8,246 U-107
1 Oct 1943M/S trawlerT-896 (No 42)611 U-960
15 Oct 1943M/S trawlerTSC-486 Sovetskaja Rossija (d.)1,005 U-23
21 Oct 1943M/S trawlerHMS Orfasy (T 204)545 U-68
14 Feb 1944Salvage vesselHMS Salviking1,440 U-168
27 Mar 1944M/S trawlerHMS Maaløy (J 136)249 U-510
14 Jun 1944A/S trawlerHMS Birdlip (T 218)750 U-547
5 Jul 1944M/S trawlerHMS Ganilly (T 367)545 U-390
6 Jul 1944Landing ship InfantryHMS Empire Halberd (F 160) (d.)7,177 U-218
20 Jul 1944Troop transportVital de Oliveira1,737 U-861
29 Jul 1944Landing Ship InfantryHMS Prince Leopold2,938 U-621
25 Aug 1944BargeVRD-96 Del´fin500 U-242
26 Aug 1944M/S trawlerT-45 Antikajnen (No 48)140 U-745
22 Sep 1944Stores shipUSS Yukon (AF 9) (d.)5,969 U-979
29 Dec 1944M/S trawlerT-883 (No 37)633 U-995
24 Feb 1945A/S trawlerHMS Ellesmere (FY 204)580 U-1203
3 Mar 1945A/S trawlerHMS Southern Flower (FY 332)328 U-1022
10 Mar 1945M/S trawlerHNoMS Nordhav II (FY 1906)425 U-714
2 May 1945M/S trawlerHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601)348 U-979
97 instances of allied auxiliary warships hit by U-boats.455,518

(t.) means the ship was declared a total loss.
(d.) means the ship was damaged in the action.

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According to this, 97 auxiliary warships were sunk or destroyed by German U-boats during WWII.

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