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Navy Cross

The Navy Cross is the highest medal that can be awarded by the Department of the US Navy and second only to the Medal of Honor. Normally only awarded to members of US Navy, Marine Corps or the Coast Guard it can be given to members of all branches and members of foreign military branches.

The Navy Cross was first awarded in 1917 and in August 1942 it was put as second to the Medal of honor (switching precedence with the Distinguished Service Medal).

Other sources
For full citation texts for Navy Cross winners see the Home of Heroes pages - one of our main sources for this listing.

CommanderDate  Command
USNRLt.Cdr. Abbott, Gordon, USNR6 Apr 1945  USS Defense (AM 317)
USNRLt.Cdr. Abel, Brent Maxwell, USNR6 Jun 1944  USS Buckley (DE 51)
USNLt.Cdr. Abele, Mannert Lincoln, USNMid 1942  USS Grunion (216)
USNT/Capt. Abercrombie, Laurence Allen, USN22 Oct 1942  
USNLt.Cdr. Abercrombie, Laurence Allen, USN24 Dec 1941  USS Drayton (DD 366)
USNT/Capt. Abercrombie, Laurence Allen, USN17 Feb 1943  
USNCdr. Abernethy, Elmer Paul, USN1 Mar 1942  USS Pecos (i) (AO 6)
USNT/Cdr. Adkins, James Alvin, USNAug 44  USS Cod (224)
USNLt.Cdr. Agnew, Dwight Merle, USNAug/Oct 42  USS Trever (DMS 16)
USNT/Cdr. Ailes, 3rd, John Williams, USN12 Apr 1945  USS Cassin Young (DD 793)
USNLt.Cdr. Alderman, John Clement, USNAug/Oct 42  USS McFarland (AVD 14)
USNT/Cdr. Aldrich, Charles Warren, USNMay/Jun 45  USS Massey (DD 778)
USNT/Capt. Alexander, Ralph Clonts, USNOct 1944  USS Reno (CL 96)
USNT/Cdr. Allen, Russell Bowes, USN14 Apr 1945  USS McKee (DD 575)
USNLt.Cdr. Anderson, William Lovett, USNEarly 42  USS Thresher (200)
USNT/Cdr. Andrews, Charles Herbert, USNJul 1943  USS Gurnard (254)
USNT/Cdr. Andrews, Charles Herbert, USNApr/Jun 44  USS Gurnard (254)
USNLt. Antrim, Richard Nott, USN1 Jan 1941  
USNT/Capt. Archer, Robert John, USN11 May 1945  USS Evans (ii) (DD 552)
USNT/Cdr. Armstrong, Jr., Henry Jacques, USN1 Nov 1943  USS Spence (DD 512)
USNT/Cdr. Armstrong, Jr., Henry Jacques, USN24 Nov 1943  USS Spence (DD 512)
USNT/Cdr. Ashley, Jr., James Henry, USNJun/Aug 45  USS Aspro (309)
USNT/Cdr. Ashley, Jr., James Henry, USNSep/Nov 44  USS Seadragon (194)
USNT/Cdr. Atkeson, John Connor, USN26 Mar 1943  USS Bailey (ii) (DD 492)
USNT/Cdr. Austin, Marshall Harlan, USNMar/May 44  USS Redfin (272)
USNLt.Cdr. Aylward, Theodore Charles, USN3 Feb 1942  USS Searaven (196)
USNT/Cdr. Azer, John Behling, USNJan/Feb 43  USS Whale (239)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Azer, John Behling, USNOct/Nov 42  USS Whale (239)

USNLt.Cdr. Bacon, Jr., Barton Elijah, USNEarly 42  USS Pickerel (i) (177)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Baer, Donald George, USNSep/Oct 44  USS Lapon (260)
USNT/Cdr. Banister, Alan Boyd, USNSep/Nov 44  USS Sawfish (276)
USNT/Cdr. Banister, Alan Boyd, USNJun/Aug 44  USS Sawfish (276)
USNT/Cdr. Barr, Jr., Eric Lloyd, USNSep/Nov 44  USS Bluegill (242)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Barr, Jr., Eric Lloyd, USNApr/Jun 44  USS Bluegill (242)
USNT/Cdr. Baskett, Thomas Slack, USNApr/May 44  USS Tautog (199)
USNT/Cdr. Baskett, Thomas Slack, USNMay/Jun 45  USS Tench (417)
USNT/Cdr. Bass, Raymond Henry, USNJan/Mar 44  USS Plunger (179)
USNT/Cdr. Bass, Raymond Henry, USNApr/May 43  USS Plunger (179)
USNLt.Cdr. Beach, Jr., Edward Latimer, USNMar/Apr 45  
USNT/R.Adm. Beatty, Jr., Frank Edmund, USNOct/Nov 43  USS Columbia (CL 56)
USNT/Cdr. Becker, Albert Lilly, USNJun/Aug 44  USS Cobia (245)
USNT/Cdr. Becton, Frederick Julian, USN16 Apr 1945  USS Laffey (ii) (DD 724)
USNT/Capt. Behrens, William Wohlsen, USN14 Oct 1944  USS Houston (ii) (CL 81)
USNBell, David Bonar, USNJan/Mar 45  USS Pargo (264)
USNBell, David Bonar, USNJul/Sep 45  USS Pargo (264)
USNT/Cdr. Bell, Frederick Jackson, USN24 Aug 1942  USS Grayson (DD 435)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Bennett, Carter Lowe, USNAug/Jun 44  USS Permit (178)
USNT/Cdr. Bennett, Carter Lowe, USNNov/Jan 45  USS Sea Owl (405)
USNLt.Cdr. Benson, Roy Stanley, USNDec/Jan 43  USS Trigger (237)
USNLt.Cdr. Benson, Roy Stanley, USNMay/Jun 43  USS Trigger (237)
USNLt.Cdr. Bergin, Charles Kniese, USN24 Oct 1944  USS Monssen (ii) (DD 798)
USNLt.Cdr. Bermingham, John Michael, USN19 Feb 1942  USS Peary (DD 226)
USNT/Cdr. Bertholf, Charles Marriner, USNMar/Jun 45  USS Callaghan (DD 792)
USNRLt.Cdr. Beyer, Jr., Aaron Frederick, USNR25 Oct 1944  USS Raymond (DE 341)
USNT/Cdr. Bjarnason, Paul Henrik, USN4 May 1945  USS Henry A. Wiley (DM 29)
USNT/Capt. Blair, Leon Nelson, USNMay/Jul 1944  
USNT/Cdr. Blakely, Edward Noe, USNMay/Jun 44  USS Shark (ii) (314)
USNLt.Cdr. Blanchard, James William, USNMay/Jul 44  USS Albacore (218)
USNT/R.Adm. Bledsoe, Albert MacQueen, USNOct 1944  USS Denver (CL 58)
USNT/Capt. Blick, Robert Edwin, USNOct 1944  USS Santee (CVE 29)
USNLt.Cdr. Blinn, Welford Charles, USN19 Feb 1942  USS Pope (i) (DD 225)
USNLt.Cdr. Blinn, Welford Charles, USN24 Jan 1942  USS Pope (i) (DD 225)
USNLt.Cdr. Blinn, Welford Charles, USN1 Mar 1942  USS Pope (i) (DD 225)
USNLt.Cdr. Bole, Jr., John Archibald, USNSep/Oct 42  USS Amberjack (i) (219)
USNT/Capt. Bolger, Joseph Francis, USNAug/Nov 44  USS Intrepid (CV 11)
USNT/Capt. Bolger, Joseph Francis, USN25 Nov 1944  USS Intrepid (CV 11)
USNLt.Cdr. Bowers, John Michael, USNJul/Aug 45  USS Pogy (266)
USNT/Capt. Bowley, Clarence Matheson, USN3 Apr 1945  USS Prichett (DD 561)
USNBoyd, Eugene Lorell, USNDec/Feb 42  USS Genesee (AT 55)
USNLt.Cdr. Boyer, Randolph Burton, USN26 Oct 1942  USS Morris (DD 417)
USNT/Cdr. Boyle, Francis Dennis, USNMar/May 45  USS Charr (328)
USNLt.Cdr. Braddy, Jr., Robert Edgar, USN8 Nov 1943  USS Stockton (ii) (DD 646)
RNZNVRLt.Cdr. Bridson, Gordon, DSO, DSC, RNZNVR29 Jun 1943  HMNZS Kiwi (T 102)
USNT/R.Adm. Briscoe, Robert Pearce, USNOct/Nov 43  USS Denver (CL 58)
USNLt.Cdr. Broach, John Cozine, USNDec/Feb 43  USS Hake (256)
USNLt.Cdr. Brockman, Jr., William Herman, USNJun/Jul 42  USS Nautilus (168)
USNLt.Cdr. Brockman, Jr., William Herman, USN4 Jun 1942  USS Nautilus (168)
USNLt.Cdr. Brockman, Jr., William Herman, USNDec/Jan 43  USS Nautilus (168)
USNLt.Cdr. Brodie, Jr., Robert, USN10 Nov 1942  USS Dallas (DD 199)
USNCdr. Brooke, George Magruder, USNEarly 42  USS Luzon (PR-7)
USNT/Capt. Browder, Maurice Eugene, USN25 Oct 1944  USS Sangamon (CVE 26)
USNLt.Cdr. Brown, Charles Donald, USNNov/Jan 45  USS Razorback (394)
USNT/Cdr. Brown, Jr., James Harvey, USNApr/May 45  USS Ammen (DD 527)
USNT/Cdr. Browne, George Henry, USNSep/Nov 44  USS Snook (279)
USNT/Cdr. Bruton, Henry Chester, USNSep/Nov 42  USS Greenling (213)
USNLt.Cdr. Bruton, Henry Chester, USNJul/Sep 42  USS Greenling (213)
USNT/Cdr. Bruton, Henry Chester, USNDec/Jan 43  USS Greenling (213)
USNT/Capt. Buracker, William Houck, USNSep/Oct 44  USS Princeton(i) (CVL 23)
USNLt.Cdr. Burford, William Page, USN7 Dec 1941  USS Monaghan (DD 354)
USNT/Cdr. Burke, Edward Joseph, USN24 Jan 1944  USS Plunkett (DD 431)
USNLt.Cdr. Burlingame, Creed Caldwell, USNJul/Sep 42  USS Silversides (236)
USNLt.Cdr. Burlingame, Creed Caldwell, USNApr/Jun 42  USS Silversides (236)
USNLt.Cdr. Burlingame, Creed Caldwell, USNDec/Jan 43  USS Silversides (236)
USNT/Cdr. Burns, Edward Stitt, USNApr 1945  USS Howorth (DD 592)
USNRLt. Burns, John Simeon, USNRJan 1945  USS Walke (ii) (DD 723)
USNT/Cdr. Burrows, Albert Collins, USNMay/Jun 43  USS Whale (239)

USNT/Cdr. Caldwell, Henry Howard, USNNov 1943  
USNT/Cdr. Caldwell, Jr., Robert Hugh, USNSep/Dec 44  USS Peto (265)
USNT/Cdr. Callahan, Joseph William, USNJun/Jul 43  USS Ralph Talbot (DD 390)
USNT/Capt. Campbell, Colin Clyde, USN5 Jul 1943  USS St. Louis (CL 49)
USNLt. Cassedy, Hiram, USN18 Apr 1942  USS Searaven (196)
USNT/Capt. Cavenagh, Robert William, USN1 Nov 1943  USS Stanly (DD 478)
USNCapt. Cecil, Charles Purcell, USN26 Oct 1942  
USNCapt. Cecil, Charles Purcell, USN6 Jul 1943  USS Helena (i) (CL 50)
USNLt.Cdr. Chappell, Lucius Henry, USN1942  USS Sculpin (191)
USNLt.Cdr. Chappell, Lucius Henry, USNFeb 1942  USS Sculpin (191)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Chapple, Wreford Goss, USNDec/Jan 42  USS Permit (178)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Chapple, Wreford Goss, USN1943  USS Permit (178)
USNT/Cdr. Chung-Hoon, Gordon Paiea, USN14 Apr 1945  USS Sigsbee (DD 502)
USNT/Cdr. Claggett, Bladen Dulany, USNSep/Nov 44  USS Dace (247)
USNT/Cdr. Clarey, Bernard Ambrose, USNJul/Sep 44  USS Pintado (387)
USNT/Cdr. Clarey, Bernard Ambrose, USNMay/Jul 44  USS Pintado (387)
USNT/Cdr. Clarey, Bernard Ambrose, USNOct/Jan 45  USS Pintado (387)
USNLt.Cdr. Clark, Jr., Charles Robert, USNJul/Aug 45  USS Sennet (408)
USNT/Cdr. Clementson, Merrill Kinsell, USN1944  USS Blueback (326)
USNLt. Coe, James Wiggins, USNDec/Mar 42  USS S-39 (144)
USNT/Cdr. Coffee, Doyle Murray, USN24 Oct 1944  USS Beale (DD 471)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Cole, Cyrus Churchill, USNFeb/Mar 44  USS Balao (285)
USNT/Cdr. Cole, William Marchant, USN12 Nov 1942  USS Fletcher (DD 445)
USNLt.Cdr. Coley, Lewis Elliott, USN27 Feb 1942  USS Alden (DD 211)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Conkey, George Lissant, USN29 May 1944  USS Eugene E. Elmore (DE 686)
USNT/Cdr. Cook, Lawrence Blanchard, USN24 Oct 1944  USS Newcomb (DD 586)
USNLt.Cdr. Cooper, Jacob Elliott, USN19 Feb 1942  USS John D. Ford (DD 228)
USNLt.Cdr. Cooper, Jacob Elliott, USN23 Jan 1942  USS John D. Ford (DD 228)
USNLt.Cdr. Cooper, Joshua Winfred, USN24 Oct 1944  USS Bennion (DD 662)
USNT/Cdr. Cooper, William Goodwin, USN11 Oct 1942  USS McCalla (ii) (DD 488)
USNRLt.Cdr. Copeland, Robert Witcher, USNR25 Oct 1944  USS Samuel B. Roberts (i) (DE 413)
USNT/Cdr. Corbus, John, USNJul/Sep 44  USS Bowfin (287)
USNCmdr Cordinier, Douglas Lee Lipscomb, USN14 Apr 1945  USS Dashiell (DD 659)
USNT/Cdr. Corey, Howard Grant, USN24 Oct 1944  USS Killen (DD 593)
USNT/Capt. Coward, Jesse Grant, USN24 Oct 1944  
USNCdr. Coward, Jesse Grant, USN12 Nov 1942  USS Sterett (DD 407)
USNT/Cdr. Cox, William Ruffin, USN24 Oct 1944  USS McGowan (DD 678)
USNT/Cdr. Coye, Jr., John Starr, USNApr/Jun 44  USS Silversides (236)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Coye, Jr., John Starr, USNDec/Jan 44  USS Silversides (236)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Coye, Jr., John Starr, USNOct/Nov 43  USS Silversides (236)
USNLt.Cdr. Craig, John Richard, USNOct/Jan 43  USS Grampus (i) (207)
USNT/Cdr. Craighill, Robert Rutherford, USNApr/Jun 45  USS Brown (DD 546)
USNT/Cdr. Crowley, John Daniel, USNMay/Jul 44  USS Flier (250)
USNT/Capt. Curts, Maurice Edwin, USNOct 1944  USS Columbia (CL 56)
USNT/Cdr. Cutter, Slade Deville, USNJul 1944  USS Seahorse (304)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Cutter, Slade Deville, USNOct/Des 43  USS Seahorse (304)
USNT/Cdr. Cutter, Slade Deville, USNMar/Apr 44  USS Seahorse (304)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Cutter, Slade Deville, USNFeb 1944  USS Seahorse (304)

USNLt.Cdr. Daspit, Lawrence Randall, USN1943  USS Tinosa (283)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Davenport, Roy Milton, USNOct/Nov 43  USS Haddock (231)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Davenport, Roy Milton, USNJun/Aug 43  USS Haddock (231)
USNT/Cdr. Davenport, Roy Milton, USNNov/Dec 44  USS Trepang (412)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Davenport, Roy Milton, USNSep 1943  USS Haddock (231)
USNT/Cdr. Davenport, Roy Milton, USNSep/Oct 44  USS Trepang (412)
USNT/R.Adm. Davis, Arthur Cayley, USN24 Aug 1942  USS Enterprise (CV 6)
USNLt.Cdr. Davis, Frank Alfred, USNDec/Jan 42  
USNT/R.Adm. Davis, Glenn Benson, USN14 Nov 1942  USS Washington (BB 56)
USNT/Cdr. Davis, James White, USNMay/Jun 44  USS Raton (270)
USNLt. Davison, Thurlow Weed, USNDec/Apr 42  USS Finch (AM 9)
USNT/Cdr. Dealey, Samuel David, USNAug/Oct 43  USS Harder (257)
USNT/Cdr. Dealey, Samuel David, USNMar/Apr 44  USS Harder (257)
USNT/Cdr. Dealey, Samuel David, USNJun/Jul 43  USS Harder (257)
USNT/Cdr. Dealey, Samuel David, USNOct/Nov 43  USS Harder (257)
USNLt. Dempsey, James Charles, USNFeb 1942  USS S-37 (142)
USNT/Cdr. Dempsey, James Charles, USNMar/May 43  
USNLt.Cdr. DeTar, John Leslie, USNJan/Mar 42  USS Tuna (203)
USNLt. Dial, Nathaniel Minter, USNDec/Mar 42  USS Napa (AT 32)
USNT/Cdr. Donaho, Glynn Robert, USNJan/Feb 43  USS Flying Fish (229)
USNT/Cdr. Donaho, Glynn Robert, USNOct/Dec 42  USS Flying Fish (229)
USNT/Cdr. Donaho, Glynn Robert, USNJul/Oct 44  USS Picuda (382)
USNLt.Cdr. Donaho, Glynn Robert, USNAug/Sep 42  USS Flying Fish (229)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Dornin, Robert Edson, USN   USS Trigger (237)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Dornin, Robert Edson, USN   USS Trigger (237)
USNT/Capt. Doyle, Austin Kelvin, USNFeb/May 45  USS Hornet (ii) (CV 12)
USNT/Capt. Doyle, Austin Kelvin, USNAug/Oct 44  USS Hornet (ii) (CV 12)
USNT/Cdr. Dropp, Anthony Henry, USNMay/Jun 43  USS Saury (189)
USNT/R.Adm. Du Bose, Laurance Toombs, USN12 Nov 1942  USS Portland (CA 33)
USNT/R.Adm. Du Bose, Laurance Toombs, USN26 Oct 1942  USS Portland (CA 33)
USNT/R.Adm. Du Bose, Laurance Toombs, USNOct 1944  
USNT/R.Adm. Duncan, Jack Harlan, USN24 Oct 1944  USS Phoenix (CL 46)
USNLt.Cdr. Dwyer, Carl Redmond, USNDec/Jan 45  USS Puffer (268)
USNLt.Cdr. Dykers, Thomas Michael, USNJan/Mar 44  USS Jack (259)
USNLt.Cdr. Dykers, Thomas Michael, USNJun/Jul 43  USS Jack (259)

USNCapt. Early, Alexander Rieman, USNOct 1944  USS Canberra (CA 70)
USNT/Cdr. Ebert, Walter Gale, USNSep 1943  USS Scamp (277)
USNLt.Cdr. Eccles, Henry Effingham, USN19 Feb 1942  USS John D. Edwards (DD 216)
USNT/Cdr. Eddy, Ian Crawford, USNAug/Oct 44  USS Pargo (264)
USNT/Cdr. Edge, Lawrence Lott, USNMay/Jun 45  USS Bonefish (223)
USNT/Cdr. Edge, Lawrence Lott, USNApr/May 45  USS Bonefish (223)
USNT/Cdr. Edge, Lawrence Lott, USNSep/Nov 44  USS Bonefish (223)
USNT/Capt. Ekstrom, Clarence Eugene, USN25 Oct 1944  USS Savo Island (CVE 78)
USNLt.Cdr. Eller, Donald Temple, USN   USS Burns (DD 588)
USNEnglish, Jr., Robert Henry, USN1918  
USNT/Cdr. Enright, Sr., Joseph Francis, USNNov/Dec 44  USS Archerfish (311)
USNT/Cdr. Evans, Ernest Edwin, USN15 May 1944  USS Johnston (i) (DD 557)
USNT/Capt. Ewen, Edward Coyle, USNSep/Oct 44  USS Independence (CVL 22)

USNRLt. Cmdr. Fabian, Louis Martin, USNR14 May 1944  
RANRear-Admiral Farncomb, Harold Bruce, DSO, RAN2 Jan 1948  
USNT/Cdr. Fellows, Jr., John Benjamin, USN14 Nov 1942  USS Gwin (i) (DD 433)
USNLt.Cdr. Fenno, Jr., Frank Wesley, USNJan/Feb 42  USS Trout (202)
USNT/Cdr. Fenno, Jr., Frank Wesley, USNJan/Mar 43  USS Runner (i) (275)
USNLt.Cdr. Fenno, Jr., Frank Wesley, USNMar/May 42  USS Trout (202)
USNLt.Cdr. Ferrall, William Edward, USNDec/Feb 42  USS Seadragon (194)
USNLt.Cdr. Ferriter, Charles Arthur, USN10 Dec 1941  USS Whippoorwill (AM 35)
USNT/Cdr. Fiala, Reid Puryear, USN24 Oct 1944  USS Remey (DD 688)
USNT/Cdr. Fitts, William Wilson, USN27 May 1945  USS Braine (DD 630)
USNT/Capt. Fitz, Harold Carlton, USN19 Mar 1945  USS Santa Fe (CL 60)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Fitzgerald, John Allison, USN22 Apr 1943  USS Grenadier (i) (210)
USNT/Cdr. Fitzgerald, Phillip Henry, USN22 Oct 1942  USS Lamson (DD 367)
USNT/Cdr. Fluckey, Eugene Bennett, USNOct/Nov 44  USS Barb (220)
USNT/Cdr. Fluckey, Eugene Bennett, USNAug/Oct 44  USS Barb (220)
USNT/Cdr. Fluckey, Eugene Bennett, USNJun/Aug 45  USS Barb (220)
USNT/Cdr. Fluckey, Eugene Bennett, USNMay/Jul 44  USS Barb (220)
USNT/Cdr. Foley, Francis Joseph, USN30 Jun 1945  USS Gainard (DD 706)
USNLt.Cdr. Foley, Robert Joseph, USNFeb/Apr 44  USS Gato (212)
USNLt.Cdr. Foley, Robert Joseph, USNMar/Jan 44  USS Gato (212)
USNLt.Cdr. Foley, Robert Joseph, USNJan/Feb 43  USS Gato (212)
USNT/R.Adm. Fort, George Hudson, USN24 Aug 1942  USS North Carolina (BB 55)
USNLt.Cdr. Fox, Douglas Harold, USN13 Nov 1942  USS Barton (i) (DD 599)
USNLt.Cdr. Fox, Douglas Harold, USN26 Oct 1942  USS Barton (i) (DD 599)
USNT/Cdr. Fraser, Thomas Edward, USN14 Nov 1942  USS Walke (i) (DD 416)
USNT/Cdr. Fusselman, Raymond Dennis, USNApr/May 45  USS Wadsworth (DD 516)
USNT/Cdr. Fyfe, John Kerr, USNJan/Mar 45  USS Batfish (310)

USNT/Cdr. Galantin, Ignatius Joseph, USNOct/Dec 44  USS Halibut (232)
USNT/Cdr. Gallaher, Antone Renkl, USNJun/Jul 44  USS Bang (385)
USNT/Cdr. Gallaher, Antone Renkl, USNOct/Dec 44  USS Bang (385)
USNT/Cdr. Gallaher, Antone Renkl, USNMar/May 44  USS Bang (385)
USNT/Cdr. Gallaher, Antone Renkl, USNAug/Sep 44  USS Bang (385)
USNRLt. Gamble, Lester H., USNRDec/Jan 43  USS PT 45
USNT/Capt. Gano, Roy Alexander, USN24 Nov 1943  USS Dyson (DD 572)
USNT/Capt. Gano, Roy Alexander, USN1 Nov 1943  USS Dyson (DD 572)
USNT/Cdr. Garrison, Malcolm Everett, USNFeb/Apr 44  USS Sand Lance (381)
USNT/Cdr. Garrison, Malcolm Everett, USNApr/Jun 44  USS Sand Lance (381)
USNT/R.Adm. Gatch, Thomas Leigh, USN14 Nov 1942  USS South Dakota (BB 57)
USNT/R.Adm. Gatch, Thomas Leigh, USN26 Oct 1942  USS South Dakota (BB 57)
USNT/Capt. Gehres, Leslie Edward, USN19 Mar 1945  USS Franklin (CV 13)
USNT/Cdr. Germershausen, Jr., William Joseph, USNMay/Jul 45  USS Spadefish (411)
USNLt.Cdr. Gilmore, Howard Walter, USNJun/Jul 42  USS Growler (215)
USNLt.Cdr. Gilmore, Howard Walter, USNAug/Sep 42  USS Growler (215)
USNLt.Cdr. Ginder, John Kenneth Burkholder, USN7 May 1942  
USNT/Capt. Glover, Jr., Cato Douglass, USN20 Oct 1944  USS Enterprise (CV 6)
USNT/Cdr. Gould, Frank Gardner, USN6 Aug 1943  USS Sterett (DD 407)
USNLt. Grabowsky, Leon, USN6 Apr 1945  USS Leutze (DD 481)
USNCapt. Granat, William, USN24 Jul 1944  USS Colorado (BB 45)
USNLt. Grant, James Dorr, USN16 Apr 1942  USS R-1 (78)
USNT/Cdr. Grantham, Jr., Elonzo Bowden, USN24 Oct 1944  USS Robinson (ii) (DD 562)
USNT/Capt. Greber, Charles Frederick, USN25 Oct 1944  USS Marcus Island (CVE 77)
USNT/Cdr. Greer, Jr., Harry Holt, USNMar/Apr 45  USS Seahorse (304)
USNT/Cdr. Gregor, Orville Francis, USN12 Nov 1942  USS Aaron Ward (ii) (DD 483)
USNLt.Cdr. Grenfell, Elton Watters, USNDec/Jan 42  USS Gudgeon (211)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Grider, George William, USNNov/Jan 45  USS Flasher (249)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Griffith, Walter Thomas, USNNov/Dec 43  USS Bowfin (287)
USNT/Cdr. Griffith, Walter Thomas, USNFeb/Apr 44  USS Bowfin (287)
USNT/Cdr. Gross, Royce Lawrence, USNJan 1944  USS Seawolf (197)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Gruner, Jr., William Philip, USN16 Feb 1944  USS Skate (305)
USNT/Cdr. Gunn, Frederick Arthur, USNNov/Dec 44  USS Scabbardfish (397)

USNLt.Cdr. Habecker, Frederic Shrom, USN24 Oct 1944  USS Mayo (DD 422), USS Richard P. Leary (DD 664)
USNT/Capt. Hall, Grover Budd Hartley, USN20 Mar 1945  USS Enterprise (CV 6)
USNT/Capt. Hamberger, Dewitt Clinton Ellis, USN24 Nov 1943  USS Converse (DD 509)
USNT/Capt. Hamberger, Dewitt Clinton Ellis, USNNov 1943  USS Converse (DD 509)
USNLt.Cdr. Hank, William Edwin, USN11 Oct 1942  USS Laffey (i) (DD 459)
USNLt.Cdr. Hank, William Edwin, USN13 Nov 1942  USS Laffey (i) (DD 459)
USNT/Cdr. Hansen, James Richard, USN4 May 1945  USS Morrison (DD 560)
USNRLt.Cdr. Hansen, Sigurd, USNR25 Oct 1944  USS Dennis (DE 405)
USNCapt. Hardison, Osborne Bennett, USN26 Oct 1942  USS Enterprise (CV 6)
USNT/Cdr. Hardy, Robert James, USN24 Oct 1944  USS Halford (DD 480)
USNT/Cdr. Harlfinger, 2nd, Frederick Joseph, USNmar/May 44  USS Trigger (237)
USNT/Cdr. Harper, Jr., John Frank, USN4 May 1945  USS Ingraham (ii) (DD 694)
USNT/Cdr. Harral, Brooks Jared, USNApr/Jun 44  USS Ray (271)
USNLt. Hartman, Irvin Swander, USNAug/Sep 42  USS S-41 (146)
USNT/Cdr. Hartwig, Glenn Roy, USN26 Oct 1942  USS Russell (DD 414)
USNT/Cdr. Haskins, Enrique D`Hamel, USNJul/Sep 44  USS Guitarro (363)
USNT/Cdr. Haskins, Enrique D`Hamel, USNMay/Jun 44  USS Guitarro (363)
USNT/Cdr. Haskins, Enrique D`Hamel, USNOct/Nov 44  USS Guitarro (363)
USNT/Cdr. Hathaway, Amos Townsend, USN25 Oct 1944  USS Heermann (DD 532)
USNHawes, Richard Ellington, USN10 Dec 1941  USS Pigeon (ASR 6)
USNT/R.Adm. Hayler, Sr., Robert Ward, USN5 Jul 1943  USS Honolulu (CL 48)
USNCapt. Hayler, Sr., Robert Ward, USN30 Nov 1942  USS Honolulu (CL 48)
USNT/Cdr. Hazzard, William Hockett, USNFeb/Mar 45  USS Blenny (324)
USNT/Cdr. Henderson, Charles Mitchell, USNJul/Sep 44  USS Bluefish (222)
USNT/Capt. Hensel, Karl Goldsmith, USNDec/Feb 44  USS Swordfish (193)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Hess, John Borden, USNNov/Dec 44  USS Pomfret (391)
USNLt.Cdr. High, Paul Laverne, USN24 Oct 1944  USS Bryant (DD 665)
USNT/Cdr. Hill, Jr., Andrew Jewell, USN5 Jul 1943  USS Nicholas (DD 449)
USNT/Cdr. Hill, Jr., Andrew Jewell, USN17 Aug 1943  USS Nicholas (DD 449)
USNT/Cdr. Hogan, Jr., Thomas Wesley, USNJan/Mar 44  USS Bonefish (223)
USNT/Cdr. Hogan, Jr., Thomas Wesley, USNSep/Oct 43  USS Bonefish (223)
USNT/Cdr. Hogan, Jr., Thomas Wesley, USNApr/May 44  USS Bonefish (223)
USNT/Cdr. Holmes, Robert Henderson, USNApr/Jun 45  USS Bennion (DD 662)
USNRLt.Cdr. Holt, Phillip Christian, USNR27 May 1944  USS SC-699 (SC-699)
USNCapt. Hoover, Gilbert Corwin, USN12 Nov 1942  USS Helena (i) (CL 50)
USNT/Capt. Hoover, Gilbert Corwin, USN7 May 1942  
USNCapt. Hoover, Gilbert Corwin, USN11 Oct 1942  USS Helena (i) (CL 50)
USNT/Capt. Hoskins, John Madison, USN24 Oct 1944  
USNLt.Cdr. Hourihan, John Joseph, USN23 Jan 1942  USS Paul Jones (DD 230)
USNT/Cdr. House, Jr., Arthur Caswell, USNMay/Jul 45  USS Apogon (308)
USNLt.Cdr. Howe, Hamilton Wilcox, USN13 Apr 1942  USS Roper (DD 147)
USNLt. Hughes, John Nelson, USN19 Feb 1942  USS Parrott (DD 218)
USNT/Cdr. Hull, Harry, USN1943  USS Thresher (200)
USNT/Cdr. Hull, Jesse Lyle, USNSep/Nov 42  USS Finback (230)
USNRLt.Cdr. Hunnicutt, Jr., James Lightfoot, USNRJun/Aug 45  USS Carp (338)
USNT/Capt. Hunter, Robert Nisbet, USN25 Oct 1944  USS Kadashan Bay (CVE 76)
USNLt.Cdr. Hurd, Kenneth Charles, USN24 Feb 1942  USS Seal (183)
USNT/Capt. Hurt, Samuel Hansford, USN24 Oct 1944  USS Louisville (CA 28)
USNRLt Hutchins, Charles Harris, USNR1 Nov 1943  USS Borie (i) (DD 215)
USNT/Capt. Hutchinson, Edward Shilingford, USNSep/Nov 43  USS Rasher (269)
USNLt.Cdr. Hutchinson, Edward Shilingford, USNFeb/Apr 42  USS Grampus (i) (207)
USNT/Cdr. Hyde, John Milton, USNDec 1944  
USNT/Cdr. Hydeman, Earl Twining, USNMay/Jul 45  USS Sea Dog (401)
USNLt.Cdr. Hyman, Wilford Milton, USN7 May 1942  USS Sims (i) (DD 409)

USNT/Cdr. Icenhower, Joseph Bryan, USNOct/Dec 44  USS Jallao (368)
USNT/R.Adm. Ingersoll, Stuart Howe, USNAug/Oct 44  USS Monterey (CVL 26)
USNT/R.Adm. Inglis, Thomas Browning, USN24 Oct 1944  USS Birmingham (CL 62)
USNLt.Cdr. Irvin, William Davis, USNNov/Dec 43  USS Nautilus (168)
USNT/Cdr. Iverson, Clifton, USN6 Aug 1943  USS Dunlap (DD 384)

USNT/Cdr. Jarrett, Harry Bean, USN8 May 1942  USS Morris (DD 417)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Jarvis, Benjamin Campbell, USNApr/May 45  USS Baya (318)
USNCapt. Jenkins, Samuel Power, USN12 Nov 1942  USS Atlanta (i) (CL 51)
USNT/Cdr. Jennings, Carter Brooks, USN24 Oct 1944  USS McDermut (DD 677)
USNT/Capt. Johnson, Douglas Pollock, USN25 Oct 1944  USS Fanshaw Bay (CVE 70)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Johnson, Dwight Lyman, USN19 Mar 1945  USS Miller (DD 535)
USNT/Cdr. Johnson, Frank Lesher, USN6 Apr 1945  USS Purdy (DD 734)
USNT/Cdr. Johnson, Frank Lesher, USN12 Apr 1945  USS Purdy (DD 734)
USNT/Cdr. Johnson, Raymond Wilbur, USNOct/Nov 42  USS Herring (233)
USNT/Capt. Johnson, William David, USNOct 1944  USS Suwannee (CVE 27)
USNLcmdr Jolly, John Chapman, USN29 May 1945  USS Shubrick (ii) (DD 639)
USNT/Cdr. Jukes, Herbert Lollis, USN1 Jan 1944  USS Kingfish (234)

USNLt. Kabler, William Leverette, USN31 Dec 1941  USS Heron (AVP 2)
USNT/Capt. Kane, Joseph Lester, USNOct 1944  USS Petrof Bay (CVE 80)
USNLt.Cdr. Katz, Benjamin, USN17 Aug 1943  USS Taylor (DD 468)
USNT/Cdr. Keating, Jr., Robert Allen, USNJul/Aug 44  USS Barbel (316)
USNT/Cdr. Kefauver, Russell, USN1945  USS Springer (414)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Kefauver, Russell, USNJan 1944  USS Tambor (198)
USNT/Cdr. Keithly, Roger Myers, USNSep/Oct 44  USS Tilefish (307)
USNT/Cdr. Keithly, Roger Myers, USNNov/Jan 45  USS Tilefish (307)
USNT/Capt. Kernodle, Michael Holt, USN7 Aug 1942  
USNT/Capt. Kernodle, Michael Holt, USNMar/May 45  USS San Jacinto (CVL 30)
USNLt. Kinney, Sheldon Howard, USNFeb/Mar 44  USS Bronstein (DE 189)
USNT/Cdr. Kinsella, William Thomas, USNSep/Dec 44  USS Ray (271)
USNT/Cdr. Kinsella, William Thomas, USNJul/Aug 44  USS Ray (271)
USNT/Cdr. Kintberger, Leon Samuel, USN25 Oct 1944  USS Hoel (DD 533)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Kirk, Oliver Grafton, USN11 May 1942  USS S-42 (153)
USNLt. Kirkpatrick, Charles Cochran, USNApr/Jun 42  USS Triton (201)
USNT/Cdr. Kirkpatrick, Charles Cochran, USNDec/Jan 43  USS Triton (201)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Kirkpatrick, Charles Cochran, USNJun/Sep 42  USS Triton (201)
USNCapt. Kitts, 3rd, Willard Augustus, USN30 Nov 1942  USS Northampton (CA 26)
USNLt.Cdr. Klakring, Thomas Burton, USNJan/Feb 43  USS Guardfish (217)
USNLt.Cdr. Klakring, Thomas Burton, USNSep/Nov 42  USS Guardfish (217)
USNLt.Cdr. Klakring, Thomas Burton, USNAug/Sep 42  USS Guardfish (217)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Klein, Millard Jefferson, USN3 Aug 1943  USS Buck (DD 420)
USNT/Cdr. Kossler, Herman Joseph, USNMay/Aug 44  USS Cavalla (244)
USNLt. Kovar, Isadore Michael, USN24 Oct 1944  USS PT 137
USNT/Cdr. Krapf, Arthur Elmer, USNJun/Jul 44  USS Jack (259)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Kyes, James Ellsworth, USN23 Dec 1943  USS Leary (i) (DD 158)

USNLt.Cdr. Lampman, Leland Ralph, USN1 Nov 1943  USS Thatcher (ii) (DD 514)
USNT/Cdr. Laning, Caleb Barrett, USN24 Oct 1944  USS Hutchins (DD 476)
USNT/Cdr. Latham, Richard Clark, USNMay/Jul 45  USS Tinosa (283)
USNT/Cdr. Latta, Frank Devere, USN11 Mar 1944  USS Narwhal (167)
USNT/Cdr. Laughon, Willard Ross, USNApr/Jun 44  USS Rasher (269)
USNT/Cdr. Laughon, Willard Ross, USNFeb/Apr 44  USS Rasher (269)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Lautrup, Jr., George William, USNDeb/Feb 44  USS Gar (206)
USNT/Capt. Lee, Fitzhugh, USN5 Jan 1945  USS Manila Bay (CVE 61)
USNT/Capt. Lee, Fitzhugh, USN25 Oct 1944  USS Manila Bay (CVE 61)
USNT/Cdr. Lee, John Elwood, USNOct/Apr 43  USS Grayling (209)
USNT/Cdr. Lee, John Elwood, USNSep/Nov 44  USS Croaker (246)
USNT/Cdr. Lee, John Elwood, USNJul/Aug 44  USS Croaker (246)
USNLt.Cdr. Lent, Willis Ashford, USNJan/Mar 42  USS Triton (201)
USNLt.Cdr. Lent, Willis Ashford, USNApr/Jun 42  USS Grenadier (i) (210)
USNT/Cdr. Lewellen, Bafford Edward, USNFeb/Apr 44  USS Pollack (180)
USNT/Cdr. Lewellen, Bafford Edward, USNJul/Aug 45  USS Torsk (423)
USNRLt jg Locke, Chester Martin, USNR29 Apr 1945  USS Hazelwood (DD 531)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Loughlin, Charles Elliott, USNAug/Oct 44  USS Queenfish (393)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Loughlin, Charles Elliott, USNAug/Oct 44  USS Queenfish (393)
USNCapt. Lowe, Frank Loper, USN30 Nov 1942  USS Pensacola (CA 24)
USNLt. Lowrance, Vernon Long, USN1 Jan 1942  USS R-16 (93)
USNCapt. Lowry, Frank Jacob, USN7 May 1942  USS Minneapolis (CA 36)
USNLynch, Jr., Frank Curtis, USNMay/Jun 44  
USNLt.Cdr. Lynch, Jr., Frank Curtis, USNOct/Dec 44  USS Haddo (255)
USNLt.Cdr. Lynch, Jr., Frank Curtis, USNMay/Jul 45  USS Haddo (255)
USNT/Cdr. Lynch, Richard Barr, USNApr/Jul 45  USS Skate (305)

USNT/Cdr. MacDonald, Donald John, USNJul 1943  USS O"Bannon (DD 450)
USNT/Cdr. MacDonald, Donald John, USN17 Aug 1943  USS O"Bannon (DD 450)
USNLt.Cdr. MacGregor, 3rd, Edgar John, USN   USS Shad (235)
USNT/Cdr. MacKenzie, Colin Jack, USN23 Dec 1944  USS Wilson (DD 408)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Mackenzie, Jr., George Kenneth, USNFeb 1943  
USNT/Capt. MacMillan, Duncan Calvin, USNJun/Jul 44  USS Thresher (200)
USNT/Capt. MacMillan, Duncan Calvin, USNDec/Feb 44  USS Thresher (200)
USNCapt. Maher, James Edward, USN26 Oct 1942  USS San Juan (CL 54)
USNT/Cdr. Manning, Joseph Ignatius, USN16 Apr 1945  USS Hobson (DD 464)
USNLt.Cdr. Marcy, Lincoln, USN17 Nov 1944  
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Marshall, Elliott Eugene, USNJul/Sep 42  USS Cuttlefish (171)
USNT/Cdr. Martin, John Croysdale, USNSep/Nov 44  USS Hammerhead (364)
USNT/R.Adm. Mason, Charles Perry, USN26 Oct 1942  USS Hornet (i) (CV 8)
USNT/Cdr. Maurer, John Howard, USNOct/Dec 44  USS Atule (403)
USNT/Cdr. McClintock, David Hayward, USNSep/Oct 44  USS Darter (227)
USNT/Cdr. McCrea, Victor Beucler, USNJan/Mar 44  USS Hoe (258)
USNLt.Cdr. McCrory, Woodrow Wilson, USN1944/1945  USS Parche (384)
USNT/Cdr. McDonald, Jr., Jasper Newton, USNApr 1945  USS Bennett (DD 473)
USNLt.Cdr. McFarland, Alan Roberts, USNApr/Jun 45  USS Bache (DD 470)
USNLt.Cdr. McGregor, Donald, USNFeb/Mar 42  USS Gar (206)
USNT/Cdr. McGregor, Jr., Louis Darby, USNJul/Oct 44  USS Redfish (395)
USNT/Cdr. McGregor, Jr., Louis Darby, USNOct/Jan 44  USS Redfish (395)
USNLt.Cdr. McIlhenny, Harry Haywood, USN   USS Charles S. Sperry (DD 697)
USNT/Capt. McKenna, Francis Joseph, USN25 Oct 1944  USS Midway (i) / St. Lo (CVE 63)
USNLt.Cdr. McKinney, Eugene Bradley, USNOct 1942  USS Skate (305)
USNLt.Cdr. McKinney, Eugene Bradley, USNMay/Jun 42  USS Salmon (182)
USNLt. McKinney, Eugene Bradley, USNNov/Feb 42  USS Salmon (182)
USNT/Capt. McLean, Jr., Ephraim Rankin, USNJul 1943  
USNT/Cdr. McMahon, Bernard Francis, USNMar/May 43  USS Drum (228)
USNT/Capt. McManes, Kenmore Mathew, USN24 Oct 1944  
USNT/Cdr. McMillian, Ira Ellis, USN6 Apr 1945  USS Newcomb (DD 586)
USNT/Cdr. Merrill, Sidney Douglas Buxton, USN21 Mar 1945  USS Halsey Powell (DD 686)
USNT/Cdr. Metcalf, Ralph Marion, USNApr/May 44  USS Pogy (266)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Metcalf, Ralph Marion, USNFeb/Mar 44  USS Pogy (266)
USNT/Capt. Michael, Stanley John, USN25 Nov 1944  USS Cabot (CVL 28)
USNT/Capt. Michael, Stanley John, USN24 Oct 1944  USS Cabot (CVL 28)
USNRT/Cdr. Michel, Jr., Edward Andrew, USNR8 Jun 1944  USS Rich (i) (DE 695)
USNT/Cdr. Miller, Edwin Swain, USNApr/Jun 45  USS Lowry (DD 770)
USNT/Cdr. Miller, Harry Fanker, USN5 Jul 1943  USS Jenkins (DD 447)
USNLt.Cdr. Millican, William John, USNJun/Jan 43  USS Thresher (200)
USNT/Cdr. Millican, William John, USNJan/Mar 43  USS Thresher (200)
USNRLt.Cdr. Mitchell, William French, USNR10 Jul 1943  USS SC-676 (SC-676)
USNT/Capt. Moncy, Peter Michael, USN28 Aug 1942  USS Laramie (AO 16)
USNT/Cdr. Moore, John Anderson, USNJan/Feb 44  USS Grayback (208)
USNT/Cdr. Moore, John Anderson, USNDec/Jan 44  USS Grayback (208)
USNT/Cdr. Moore, John Anderson, USNSep/Nov 43  USS Grayback (208)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Moore, John Richard, USNMay/Aug 42  USS S-44 (155)
USNCapt. Moran, Edward Joseph, USN11 Oct 1942  USS Boise (CL 47)
USNT/Capt. Morehouse, Albert Kellogg, USN25 Oct 1944  USS Natoma Bay (CVE 62)
USNLt.Cdr. Morrill, 2nd, John Henry, USN10 Dec 1941  USS Quail (i) (AM 15)
USNLt. Morrison, Jr., Julian Knox, USNDec 1939  USS Sealion (i) (195)
USNT/Cdr. Morton, Dudley Walker, USNFeb/Apr 43  USS Wahoo (238)
USNT/Cdr. Morton, Dudley Walker, USNSep/Oct 43  USS Wahoo (238)
USNT/Cdr. Morton, Dudley Walker, USNJan/Feb 43  USS Wahoo (238)
USNT/Cdr. Morton, Dudley Walker, USNApr/May 43  USS Wahoo (238)
USNT/Cdr. Morton, Robert Cameron, USN24 Oct 1944  USS Bache (DD 470)
USNLt.Cdr. Moseley, Stanley Page, USNDec/Jan 42  USS Pollack (180)
USNT/Capt. Mullaney, Baron Joseph, USN11 May 1945  USS Hugh W. Hadley (DD 774)
USNLt.Cdr. Mumma, Jr., Morton Claire, USN13 Dec 1941  USS Sailfish (192)
USNT/Cdr Munson, Henry Glass, USNDec/Feb 44  USS Crevalle (291)
USNT/Cdr Munson, Henry Glass, USNOct/Dec 43  USS Crevalle (291)
USNT/Cdr Munson, Henry Glass, USNJul/Sep 44  USS Rasher (269)
USNT/Cdr. Murphy, Charlton Lewis, USNApr/May 44  USS Sturgeon (187)
USNT/Cdr. Murphy, Charlton Lewis, USNDec/Feb 44  USS Sturgeon (187)
USNCapt. Murray, George Dominic, USN1 Feb 1942  USS Enterprise (CV 6)

USNT/Cdr. Nauman, Harley Kent, USNSep/Oct 44  USS Salmon (182)
USNT/Cdr. Newton, Roy Arthur, USN7 Aug 1943  USS Stack (DD 406)
USNT/Cdr. Nimitz, Jr., Chester William, USNAug/Oct 44  USS Haddo (255)
USNT/Cdr. Nisewaner, Terrell Andrew, USN24 Oct 1944  USS Albert W. Grant (DD 649)
USNT/Capt. Norgaard, Rollo Neil, USN6 Apr 1945  USS Hyman (DD 732)

USNT/Cdr. O'Kane, Richard Hetherington, USNJun/Jul 44  USS Tang (306)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. O'Kane, Richard Hetherington, USNJan/Feb 44  USS Tang (306)
USNT/Cdr. O'Kane, Richard Hetherington, USNJul/Sep 44  USS Tang (306)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. O'Neil, Jr., Guy Edward, USNOct/Dec 44  USS Gunnel (253)
USNT/Cdr. Oakley, Jr., Thomas Benjamin, USNAug/Sep 44  USS Growler (215)
USNLt. Orleck, Joseph, USN9 Sep 1943  USS Nauset (AT 89)
USNLt. Outerbridge, William Woodward, USN7 Dec 1941  USS Ward (DD 139)
USNT/Cdr. Owens, Seymour Dunlop, USN24 Jul 1944  USS Norman Scott (DD 690)

USNT/Cdr. Palmer, George Goldston, USN8 Nov 1942  USS Cole (DD 155)
USNT/Cdr. Parham, William Brownlee, USNMar/May 45  USS Gabilan (252)
USNT/Cdr. Parker, Alton Enoch, USN2 Apr 1945  USS Mannert L. Abele (DD 733)
USNLt.Cdr. Parker, Edward Nelson, USN23 Jan 1942  
USNT/Cdr. Parker, Edward Nelson, USN12 Nov 1942  USS Cushing (DD 376)
USNLt.Cdr. Parker, Edward Nelson, USN19 Feb 1942  
USNLt.Cdr. Parks, Lewis Smith, USNDec/Jan 42  USS Pompano (181)
USNT/Capt. Parks, Lewis Smith, USNApr/Aug 44  
USNLt.Cdr. Parks, Lewis Smith, USNApr/Jun 42  USS Pompano (181)
USNT/Cdr. Patrick, Goldsborough Serpell, USNMar/Jun 44  USS Preston (ii) (DD 795)
USNRLt. Paynter, William Kuen, USNR1 May 1942  USS PT 362
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Pendleton, Walton Barclay, USNMay 1944  USS England (DE 635)
USNT/Cdr. Petersen, Wallis Frederick, USN26 Oct 1942  USS Mustin (DD 413)
USNT/Cdr. Peterson, Richard Ward, USNJul/Sep 43  USS Sunfish (281)
USNT/Cdr. Philip, Jr., George, USNMar/Jun 45  USS Twiggs (ii) (DD 591)
USNRLt.Cdr. Phillips, George Lincoln, USNR10 Jul 1943  USS Sentinel (AM 113)
USNCdr. Phillips, John Spinning, USN7 Dec 1941  USS Neosho (i) (AO 23)
RNZNVRLt.Cdr. Phipps, Peter, DSC, RNZNVR 1943  HMNZS Moa (T 233)
USNT/Cdr. Pierce, George Ellis, USNMay/Jul 45  USS Tunny (282)
USNT/Cdr. Pierce, George Ellis, USN1 Jul 1945  USS Tunny (282)
USNLt.Cdr. Pierce, John Reeves, USN10 Jan 1943  USS Argonaut (i) (166)
USNT/Cdr. Pitts, Ray Maurer, USNMay 1945  USS Douglas H. Fox (DD 779)
USNT/Cdr. Porter, Jr., George Egbert, USNOct/Dec 43  USS Bluefish (222)
USNT/Cdr. Post, Jr., William Shuyler, USNApr/May 43  USS Gudgeon (211)
USNT/Cdr. Post, Jr., William Shuyler, USNMar/Apr 43  USS Gudgeon (211)
USNT/Cdr. Post, Jr., William Shuyler, USNDec/Jan 45  USS Spot (413)
USNLt.Cdr. Pound, Harold Clay, USN19 Feb 1942  USS Pillsbury (i) (DD 227)
USNT/Cdr. Pratt, Richard Rockwell, USNApr/May 45  USS Hudson (DD 475)
USNT/Cdr. Pratt, Richard Rockwell, USN4 May 1945  USS Hudson (DD 475)

USNT/Lt.Cdr. Raborn, Albert, USNFeb/Apr 44  USS Picuda (382)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Ramage, Lawson Paterson, USNAug/Feb 43  USS Trout (202)
USNT/Cdr. Ramage, Lawson Paterson, USNMar/May 44  USS Parche (384)
USNLcmdr Ramsay, Donald James, USN26 Oct 1942  
USNT/R.Adm. Ramsey, DeWitt Clinton, USN24 Aug 1942  USS Saratoga (CV 3)
USNCdr. Reed, John Ward, USNMar/Apr 45  USS Sunfish (281)
USNT/Cdr. Reich, Eli Thomas, USNAug/Sep 44  USS Sealion (ii) (315)
USNT/Cdr. Reich, Eli Thomas, USNJun/Jul 44  USS Sealion (ii) (315)
USNT/Cdr. Reich, Eli Thomas, USNOct/Dec 44  USS Sealion (ii) (315)
USNT/Capt. Reynolds, Luther Kendrick, USN24 Nov 1943  USS Charles Ausburne (DD 570)
USNT/Capt. Reynolds, Luther Kendrick, USN1 Nov 1943  USS Charles Ausburne (DD 570)
USNT/Cdr. Rice, Robert Henry, USNSep/Nov 42  USS Drum (228)
USNLt.Cdr. Rice, Robert Henry, USNApr/Jun 42  USS Drum (228)
USNLt.Cdr. Rindskopf, Maurice Herbert, USNSep/Nov 44  USS Drum (228)
USNT/Cdr. Risser, Robert Dunlap, USNMay/Jul 45  USS Flying Fish (229)
USNT/Cdr. Robbins, Jr., Berton Aldrich, USN24 Oct 1944  USS Leutze (DD 481)
USNT/Cdr. Robbins, Orme Campbell, USNSep/Nov 44  USS Sterlet (392)
USNCapt. Roberts, John Summerfield, USN24 Oct 1944  USS Boise (CL 47)
USNCapt. Robinson, Arthur Granville, USN4 Feb 1942  USS Marblehead (CL 12)
USNT/R.Adm. Rodgers, Bertram Joseph, USN26 Mar 1943  USS Salt Lake City (CA 25)
USNT/Cdr. Romoser, William Kilian, USN4 Jul 1943  USS Radford (DD 446)
USNCapt. Roper, Clifford Harris, USN30 Nov 1942  USS New Orleans (CA 32)
USNT/R.Adm. Rosendahl, Charles Emery, USN30 Nov 1942  USS Minneapolis (CA 36)
USNLt.Cdr. Ross, Philip Harold, USN1 May 1944  USS Golet (361)
USNLt.Cdr. Ross, Philip Harold, USNNov/Jan 43  USS Halibut (232)
USNLt. Roth, Egbert Adolph, USNDec/Mar 42  USS Tanager (AM 5)

USNCdr. Sackett, Earl LeRoy, USNDec/Apr 42  USS Canopus (AS 9)
USNT/Cdr. Sanders, Jr., William Henry, USN3 May 1945  USS Aaron Ward (iii) (DM 34)
USNT/Cdr. Sands, Eugene Thomas, USNJun/Aug 43  USS Sawfish (276)
USNLt.Cdr. Sarsfield, Eugene Sylvester, USN10 Jul 1943  USS Maddox (ii) (DD 622)
USNLt.Cdr. Saunders, Willard Arthur, USNFeb/Apr 42  USS Grayback (208)
USNT/Cdr. Scanland, Jr., Francis Worth, USNNov/Jan 45  USS Hawkbill (366)
USNCapt. Scanland, Sr, Francis Worth, USNDec/Jun 42  USS Nevada (BB 36)
USNT/Cdr. Schmidt, Maximilian Gmelich, USN9 Apr 1943  USS S-32 (137)
USNT/Cdr. Schoeni, Walter Paul, USN1 Feb 1944  USS Apogon (308)
USNLt.Cdr. Scott, John Addison, USNJan/Sep 43  USS Tunny (282)
USNLt.Cdr. Scott, John Addison, USNFeb/Apr 44  USS Tunny (282)
USNT/Cdr. Seaward, Eugene Trefethen, USN11 Oct 1942  USS Farenholt (DD 491)
USNT/Cdr. Selby, Frank Gordon, USN5 Jul 1944  USS Puffer (268)
USNT/Cdr. Selby, Frank Gordon, USNApr/Jun 44  USS Puffer (268)
USNT/Cdr. Semmes, Jr., Benedict Joseph, USN18 May 1945  USS Picking (DD 685)
USNT/R.Adm. Settle, Thomas Greenhow Williams, USN24 Oct 1944  USS Portland (CA 33)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Shea, Maurice William, USNOct/Dec 44  USS Raton (270)
USNT/Cdr. Shelby, Edward Ellis, USNOct/Dec 44  USS Sunfish (281)
USNT/Cdr. Shelby, Edward Ellis, USNAug/Sep 44  USS Sunfish (281)
USNT/Cdr. Shelby, Edward Ellis, USNJun/Aug 44  USS Sunfish (281)
USNCapt. Shepard, Andrew Gilbert, USN30 Oct 1943  USS Cleveland (CL 55)
USNT/Cdr. Shepard, Evan Tyler, USN1945  USS Picuda (382)
USNT/Cdr. Shepard, Evan Tyler, USNOct/Dec 44  USS Picuda (382)
USNT/Capt. Sherman, Forrest Percival, USN   USS Wasp (CV 7)
USNT/Rear-Admiral Sherman, Frederick Carl, USN21 Feb 1944  
USNCapt. Sherman, Frederick Carl, USN20 Feb 1942  USS Lexington (CV 2)
USNT/Cdr. Sieglaff, William Bernard, USNMar 1944  USS Tautog (199)
USNT/Cdr. Sieglaff, William Bernard, USNDec/Apr 43  USS Tautog (199)
USNT/Cdr. Simpson, Rodger Whitten, USN22 Oct 1942  USS Mahan (DD 364)
USNT/Cdr. Simpson, Rodger Whitten, USN6 Aug 1943  
USNT/Capt. Sims, Gelzer Loyall, USN6 Aug 1943  USS Maury (DD 401)
USNT/Capt. Slocum, Harry Browning, USN24 Oct 1944  USS Minneapolis (CA 36)
USNCapt. Small, Ernest Gregor, USN11 Oct 1942  USS Salt Lake City (CA 25)
USNLt.Cdr. Smith, Chester Carl, USNDec/Mar 42  USS Swordfish (193)
USNLt.Cdr. Smith, Douglas Elwin, USNDec/Apr 42  USS Oahu (PR-6)
USNLt.Cdr. Smith, Harold Page, USN19 Feb 1942  USS Stewart (i) (DD 224)
USNT/Capt. Smith, Walton Wiley, USN6 Apr 1945  USS Cabot (CVL 28)
USNT/Cdr. Steinmetz, Everett Hartwell, USNMar/May 45  USS Crevalle (291)
USNT/Cdr. Steinmetz, Everett Hartwell, USNMay/Jul 45  USS Crevalle (291)
USNT/Cdr. Stephan, Charles Robert, USN13 Oct 1944  USS Woodworth (DD 460)
USNLt.Cdr. Stephan, Edward Clark, USN1942  USS Grayback (208)
USNT/Cdr. Stevens, Jr., Clyde Benjamin, USNJun/Jul 44  USS Plaice (390)
USNT/Cdr. Stevenson, Harry Clinton, USN15 Dec 1943  USS Aspro (309)
USNT/Cdr. Stevenson, William Alfred, USNJul/Aug 44  USS Aspro (309)
USNT/Cdr. Stevenson, William Alfred, USN1944  USS Aspro (309)
USNT/Cdr. Stiesberg, Frederick Max, USN7 Sep 1944  USS Hilary P. Jones (DD 427)
USNT/Cdr. Stimson, Paul Cecil, USNFeb/Apr 45  
USNLt.Cdr. Stone, Lowell Thornton, USNFeb/Apr 44  USS Lapon (260)
USNT/Cdr. Stormes, Max Clifford, USN14 Nov 1942  USS Preston (i) (DD 379)
USNT/Capt. Stout, Herald Franklin, USN1 Nov 1943  USS Claxton (ii) (DD 571)
USNT/Capt. Stout, Herald Franklin, USN1 Nov 1943  USS Claxton (ii) (DD 571)
USNLt.Cdr. Stovall, Jr., William Shirley, USNJul/Sep 42  USS Gudgeon (211)
USNLt.Cdr. Stovall, Jr., William Shirley, USNOct/Dec 42  USS Gudgeon (211)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Street, 3rd, George Levick, USNMay/Jul 45  USS Tirante (420)
USNT/Cdr. Styles, Ralph Emerson, USNNov/Jan 45  USS Sea Devil (400)
USNT/Cdr. Styles, Ralph Emerson, USNFeb/Apr 45  USS Sea Devil (400)
USNT/Capt. Sullivan, Dennis Joseph, USN25 Oct 1944  USS White Plains (CVE 66)
USNT/Cdr. Summers, Paul Edward, USNAug/Sep 44  USS Pampanito (383)
USNCapt. Swenson, Lyman Knute, USN12 Nov 1942  USS Juneau (CL 52)
USNT/Capt. Sykes, James Bennett, USNFeb/May 45  USS Bennington (CV 20)

USNLt.Cdr. Tackney, Stephen Noel, USN29 Aug 1942  USS Gamble (DM 15)
USNLt. Tatro, Jr., Wilfred Benjamin, USN16 Sep 1944  USS PT 489
USNLt.Cdr. Taylor, Arthur Howard, USNOct/Dec 42  USS Haddock (231)
USNLt.Cdr. Taylor, Arthur Howard, USNJul/Sep 42  USS Haddock (231)
USNT/Cdr. Taylor, Edmund Battelle, USN11 Oct 1942  USS Duncan (i) (DD 485)
USNT/Capt. Taylor, Jr., Herbert Watson, USNAug/Oct 44  USS Cowpens (CVL 25)
USNT/Cdr. Taylor, John Barrett, USN14 Nov 1942  USS Benham (i) (DD 397)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Tennent, 3rd, John Gardner, USN10 Nov 1942  USS Southard (DMS 10)
USNT/Cdr. Thayer, William Rudolph, USN28 Jan 1942  USS Jarvis (i) (DD 393)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Thomas, Willis Manning, USNJul/Sep 42  USS Pompano (181)
USNT/Cdr. Thompson, Jr., William Calhoun, USNSep/Oct 44  USS Cabrilla (288)
USNT/Cdr. Thompson, Jr., William Calhoun, USNJul/Aug 44  USS Cabrilla (288)
USNT/Cdr. Tiedeman, Carl, USNApr/May 44  USS Guavina (362)
USNCapt. Tobin, Robert Gibson, USN12 Nov 1942  
USNCapt. Tobin, Robert Gibson, USN11 Oct 1942  
USNCapt. Tobin, Robert Gibson, USNOct/Nov 43  USS Montpelier (CL 57)
USNT/Cdr. Tolman, Charles Edward, USNJan/Feb 43  USS De Haven (i) (DD 469)
USNT/Capt. Tomlinson, William Gosnell, USN10 Jan 1944  
USNLt.Cdr. Triebel, Charles Otto, USNJan/Mar 44  USS Snook (279)
USNLt.Cdr. Triebel, Charles Otto, USN1943  USS Snook (279)
USNLt.Cdr. Triebel, Charles Otto, USNApr/May 43  USS Snook (279)
USNCdr. True, Arnold Ellsworth, USN8 May 1942  USS Hammann (i) (DD 412)
USNT/Cdr. Turner, John Henderson, USNAug/Sep 44  USS Seal (183)
USNT/Cdr. Tyree, Alexander Kelly, USNApr/May 45  USS Bowfin (287)
USNT/Cdr. Tyree, Alexander Kelly, USNMay/Jul 45  USS Bowfin (287)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Tyree, Jr., John Augustine, USNJul/Sep 43  USS Finback (230)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Tyree, Jr., John Augustine, USNMay/Jun 43  USS Finback (230)

USNT/Cdr. Underwood, Gordon Waite, USNJan/Feb 45  USS Spadefish (411)
USNT/Cdr. Underwood, Gordon Waite, USNOct/Dec 44  USS Spadefish (411)
USNT/Cdr. Underwood, Gordon Waite, USNJul/Sep 44  USS Spadefish (411)

USNT/Cdr. Van Arsdall, Jr., Clyde James, USNMay 1945  USS Anthony (DD 515)
USNLt.Cdr. Veeder, William Schuetze, USN28 Jan 1942  
USNT/Capt. Vieweg, Walter Victor Rudolph, USN25 Oct 1944  USS Gambier Bay (CVE 73)
USNLt.Cdr. Visser, Richard Gerben, USN24 Oct 1944  USS Daly (DD 519)
USNLt.Cdr. Voge, Richard George, USNFeb/Mar 42  USS Sailfish (192)

USNT/Cdr. Walker, Jr., Francis David, USNJun/Aug 44  USS Crevalle (291)
USNT/Cdr. Walker, Jr., Francis David, USNApr/May 44  USS Crevalle (291)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Ward, Norvell Gardiner, USNJun/Jul 43  USS Guardfish (217)
USNT/Cdr. Ward, Robert Elwin Mccraner, USNJul/Sep 44  USS Sailfish (192)
USNT/Cdr. Ward, Robert Elwin Mccraner, USNNov/Jan 44  USS Sailfish (192)
USNT/Cdr. Warder, Frederick Burdett, USNOct/Dec 42  USS Seawolf (197)
USNLt.Cdr. Warder, Frederick Burdett, USNFeb/Apr 42  USS Seawolf (197)
USNT/Capt. Washburn, George Arthur Tappan, USN2 Apr 1945  USS Lunga Point (CVE 94)
USNT/Cdr. Weiss, Donald Frederick, USNMar/May 44  USS Tinosa (283)
USNT/Cdr. Weiss, Donald Frederick, USNJan/Mar 44  USS Tinosa (283)
USNT/Capt. Weller, Oscar Arthur, USN19 Mar 1945  USS Wasp (ii) (CV 18)
USNT/Capt. Weller, Oscar Arthur, USNAug/Oct 44  USS Wasp (ii) (CV 18)
USNT/Cdr. Wellings, Joseph Harold, USN4 Jul 1943  USS Strong (i) (DD 467)
USNT/Cdr. Westholm, Rollin Everton, USN6 Apr 1945  USS Bush (DD 529)
USNT/Cdr. Whitaker, Reuben Thornton, USNJun/Aug 44  USS Flasher (249)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Whitaker, Reuben Thornton, USNJan/Feb 44  USS Flasher (249)
USNT/Cdr. Whitaker, Reuben Thornton, USNAug/Oct 44  USS Flasher (249)
USNLt.Cdr. White, David Charles, USNJun/Jul 42  USS Plunger (179)
USNLt.Cdr. White, David Charles, USNDec/Feb 42  USS Plunger (179)
USNT/Capt. Whitney, John Perry, USN25 Oct 1944  USS Kitkun Bay (CVE 71)
USNT/Capt. Wieber, Carlos Wilhelm, USN24 Oct 1944  USS Essex (CV 9)
USNCapt. Wiley, Herbert Victor, USN24 Oct 1944  USS West Virginia (BB 48)
USNT/Cdr. Wilfong, John Lester, USN6 Aug 1943  USS Lang (DD 399)
USNLt.Cdr. Wilkins, Charles Warren, USNJul/Aug 42  USS Narwhal (167)
USNLt.Cdr. Wilkins, Charles Warren, USNFeb/Mar 42  USS Narwhal (167)
USNT/Cdr. Wilkinson, Edwin Richard, USN12 Nov 1942  USS O"Bannon (DD 450)
USNT/Cdr. Williams, Jr., Joseph Warford, USNJan/Feb 44  USS Spearfish (190)
USNT/Cdr. Williamson, Francis Thomas, USN6 Aug 1943  USS Craven (DD 382)
USNT/Capt. Williamson, Thomas Binney, USN25 Oct 1944  USS Kalinin Bay (CVE 68)
USNT/Capt. Willingham, Jr., Joseph Harris, USNAug/Oct 43  USS Bowfin (287)
USNLt.Cdr. Willingham, Jr., Joseph Harris, USNApr/Jun 42  USS Tautog (199)
USNLt.Cdr. Willingham, Jr., Joseph Harris, USN1 Jan 1942  USS Tautog (199)
USNT/Cdr. Wilson, George Rees, USN17 Aug 1943  USS Chevalier (i) (DD 451)
USNT/Cdr. Wilson, Ralph Ensign, USN11 Oct 1942  USS Buchanan (ii) (DD 484)
USNT/Capt. Wiltsie, Irving Day, USN24 Nov 1943  USS Liscome Bay (CVE 56)
USNEnsign Wingo, Peroneau Brown, USNMar/Apr 42  USS Napa (AT 32)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Wirtz, Peyton Louis, USNAug 1942  USS Zane (DMS 14)
USNT/Cdr. Wogan, Thomas Lincoln, USNJan/Feb 43  USS Tarpon (175)
USNT/Cdr. Wood, Jr., Hunter, USN26 Oct 1942  USS Smith (DD 378)
USNT/Lt.Cdr. Worthington, Robert Kemble Rittenhouse, USNFeb/Mar 45  
USNLt.Cdr. Wright, William Leslie, USNDec/Feb 42  USS Sturgeon (187)
USNT/Cdr. Wylie, William Naylor, USNApr/May 45  USS Stormes (DD 780)

USNT/Capt. Young, Howard Leyland, USN25 Oct 1944  USS Ommaney Bay (CVE 79)

647 commanders listed with this decoration.

Note: This listing is still being compiled and some recipients might be missing.

For US officers the date listed is usually the date of the action worthy of the award - not the award date itself.

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